Ariel winter

Is she a hypocrit?

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I wouldn't mind critting her hips lmao

why would you post some irrelevant pig

Because she's a hypocrit pig.

stop stealing my clips!

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Well, she's definitely a liar

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Big foot.

This is why japanese killed chinesse.

what did she mean by this?

America nuked the wrong asians.

They treated them the same way the Chinese treat dogs, if you believe Unit 731 existed.


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For you.

Is Unit 731 a fake?

She could have been oppai-chan but she chose the path of the fridge. Sad.

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I miss her.

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Ariel is like a real life Shadman/Incase drawing. Hyperbimbo tier with no shame. In 75% of her candids she's flaunting cleavage and asscheek, and the rest are skintight leggings and crop tops. These are all day to day wear, no fancy dress or anything, the yellow ears picture is from her trip to Disneyland. She really is like something out of a corruption themed H-Game. I don't care at all because it's great jerk material

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Who is this slut and why should I care?

Shes only a few months older than me but shes infinitely more successful god damn, I havent even done anything with my life yet.
At least I have nothing to do with Hollyjew and havent sold my soul and privacy to their entertainment industry.

I would do horrible things to those wonderful asscheeks of hers.


You have been spamming ads for this vapid cunt for years now. Now you flat out link to her instagram? She's the most disgustingly repellant woman in Hollywood, and she's barely in it. She killed her career the second she lopped off her tits. You can't put out pictures and videos trying to appeal to men while at the same time calling them sexist misogynists. All you've done is make everyone hate you.

There are better options out there. Women who didn't lop off their tits, don't hate men and aren't part of Hollywood's machine. You have no appeal. You're aging like bread. You killed your career. Go marry some fat, rich old Jew, dress like a child, tongue his balls and take loads on your feet for the next sixty years and die.

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Ghetto Booty should be outlawed.

The first two are perfect.

The second two are disgusting titcows who should be euthanized.

Why do you soyboys always feel compelled to out yourselves as low-t genetic failure faggots?

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This is a stickup! Give me the biggest ass you have.

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is this the mythical beast they call 'braphog'?

Too small hoglit at best

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Can someone give me a website to archive something on


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Okay, just don't shoot.

2D girls have pretty amazing asses.

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I can't believe this made me hard.

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barps are suppose to do that

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I just can't believe she is asian, its unreal

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thanks man nice dubs

No, woman are superior to men and therefore more moral.

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Giv mor butts.

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Big enough?

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I want to cum deep inside her ass

Get that disgusting shit out of here.

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You're doing God's work, user. Post some more asses, if thou hast any to spare.

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Asians actually have some of the biggest asses in the world.

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This is a fuckup! Give me the biggest titties you have.

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I got plenty more

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shes fat and has a huge nigger ass. no thanks

Delete this degeneracy, this is a christian forum

The only thing we worship here, is ass.

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Source on Velma? she looks familiar.

Huh? I don't see any humans in your pic.

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I know that feel.

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Did KYM say they arn't allowed to use words?

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How about kys?

Interesting, I learned moon runes for nip, but that top Chinese sentence makes literal sense to me.
"dog dog crazy scream no stop"


Fucking disgusting. It's one thing if you want to dress like a whore with your mutant tits on display, it's quite another if you do it around innocent children on a family trip. Muslims were right.

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Humans all used to be naked. She is being modest by being dressed at all. It's not her fault she has a 10/10 body, she can't do anything to hide it without looking like a slob.

Take that Boomer morality to your private nudist beach and away from everyone else, cunt.


what is anatomy the manga

Pleb taste Do you have the one where she's dressed up with pink shorts?

what kind of shitposting is this


Well, she looked good a while back…

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*HAD Fixed. You're welcome ;)

t. worthless nigger


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Volleyball girls always have the best asses.

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is that the girl from icarly?