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What is this expression trying to convey?

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Will gahoole shave it all off?


Every goddamn time!

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He's suffering, but he will rise from the ashes of his old self and become stronger than ever before.

I believe in GaHoole2.

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So what's the deal here - is he gonna ban all waifuposting if/once he defeats Blissfag?

I hope so

Why does anyone think that he can do that?

He is G-d on this board, user. He rules this place with an iron fist.

He's getting better tbh

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Says who?

Patrick Nelson is an animefag

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Moi, mon chéri.

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Who's this qt?

Cringe af tbh

Saying cringe is cringe

Not when this video is cringe


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Spoken like a professional cyberbully.

We know damn well that contacting mods and the BO doesn't do anything. The complaints made in threads are pretty consistent. Get rid of the waifu spam, get rid of the anime, curb the repetitive shitposting (endless Star Wars/capeshit/Harry Potter threads).
And I still think Patrick is the Blissfag.
That 3D printed gun is pretty kino.

how about you make threads that arent instagram and youtube tier

t. waifu spammer/anime/Star Wars/capeshit/Harry Potter poster


Why isn't it against the rules for avatarfags to highjack threads?

To entertain a high IQ analogy, Patrick Nelson is Holla Forums's Harry Potter, he's destined to ban Him-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

He's the jennyfag.

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Patrick Nelson is a fat Neville Longbottom

what does youtube mean by this?

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I gotta check out that ayurveda massage vid

Who is this man?

Where is he from?

he actually does live in a basement lol


kek he does look like a Gamorean guard

I actually like this guy pretty well. I hope he follows through on his promise to BTFO waifu spammers.


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Because your threads are shit, and by hijacking their qualities rise

t. cringeman

t. waifu spammer/anime/Star Wars/capeshit/Harry Potter poster


It means it has a benis

i'm very happy for him

didn‘t i read this shit before? are you that roleplaying schizo faggot?

t. waifu spammer/anime/Star Wars/capeshit/Harry Potter poster

That sounds like she's anti-waifu

You get recs based on your viewing history, obviously.

Not quite, i got it too

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it's based on patrick's viewing history

That just means we've got two anons here who can't get it up, and are searching YT for some miracle curse to their shortcomings.
You should stop drinking the tap water and get a waterfilter tbh.

miracle cure

Nice diversion, Patrick

t. impotent user

Bone Broth is great for ED and also makes your penis bigger.

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Did it work for you? Would you recommend it to other anons who can't get it up?

I'm starting to cheer for the blissfag
Also is it May 13th or 30th? i don't speak drunk bomber

Zach did nothing wrong. Pro tip: I'm Zach

Absolutely. Not even memeing, expect serious gains without even exercising and a 2” to 3” increase in penis size. Use promo code FLORALIFE on www.infowars/ to get 20% this week only.

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So, is this gonna be a full contact naked oil wrestling match?
Keep your lotion within arm's length, lads!

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Can't wait to see blissfag's face. The degenerate waifufag trifecta will finally be complete.

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He looks so much like his dad.