How do you go from this?

How do you go from this?

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To this

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to this…

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to this

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to this..

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to thisss

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to this….

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to this……

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to THIS?

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Years of corporate greed and appealing to new influences along with better technology.

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nice soundless garbage. maybe go back to where you got them

This is vaguely familiar. What's it from?

The prequel fights were too cool looking. Everyone HATED them. Fight scenes should be boring to watch.

IV has the worst lightsaber duel in the series.

But dude they are supposed to be EMOTIONAL!!!1 even if we knew nothing about Obi Wan and Darth Vader in the first Star Wars movie.

After the film came out, everyone fixated on laser sword battles, so they became a focus of the series that got bigger and better each time as that's what audiences wanted.

I honestly like the clumsy heavy saber fights in the nu-Star Wars movies. It's probably one of the few things they get right.

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Honest answer: because they went from a 'guys having fun with swords' philosophy, to a serious business 'wuxia tier swordfighting'.

Just like in spaghetti western, what matters is what people like to believe when they're playing cowboys. Not what an actual gunfight was like.

I like both the light and graceful fights and the heavy and raw fights.
I think the light swords works better for duels and the heavy swords works better on groups or non-lightsaber users as you can work something into the fight, whereas a quick lightsaber would just shred through a non-user. But, you can't really explain why a lightsaber user would swap the density of their blade, so you have to pick one or the other for each jedi.

Okay, to be fair though
Original trilogy - inexperienced kid, old man, old crippled man
Prequel trilogy - properly trained Jedi and Sith at peak performance
Sequel trilogy - inexperienced kids, and guy who shot up his Jedi school before graduating

As is goes on and on, Jedi forget how to use their lightsabers terribly well and just resolve to flailing them around without composure in the general direction of the enemy?

Bravo, Lucas.

It's not that the Jedi forget. There is no real Jedi order post PT. Luke and his students were just LARPing.

I think a really big problem in the universe is amnesia.
Somehow within 40-50 years, every single entity seems to forget the spectacular Jedi conquest they all witnessed.

Order 66 and Galactic Senate, Death Star 1 and 2 + Fall of Empire, all forgotten. So the next trilogy will have everyone forget about Star Killer and milk drinking.

It's such a stupid gimmick that annoys me. I understand why OT doesn't reference the PT, because the trilogies came out in reverse order, but the Disney Trilogy just ignores everything beyond the most superficial characters and technologies.

JJ did a good job and so did Rian…

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