Post actress you hate

Post actress you hate.

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jessica chastain


amy adams
jennifer lawrence
saoirse ronan

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What's wrong with Amy Adams?

she's so boring and wooden

Don't need to explain why I hate Maisie and really starting to have a total aversion to Bliss.

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The woman is about 41 now. She lived like 30 years of her life out of the spotlight, and then she was pushed into everyone's face because of that dumb "muh Bin Laden' movie. After that, she got pushed even more. I can't think of a single movie, where she is one of the main cast, has an important role and is good. She is also labelled some kind of pinnacle of beauty, where there's nothing interesting in her. I personally don't find her attractive at all.

That's a very small Maisie you've got there.

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If you discount that she pushes the feminazi agenda and she haven't been in any good film since like I don't know, what's there to hate? She is pretty. Or you hate her because certain people post her everywhere on this board?

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I think she used to be very pretty, but her personality, acting, fandom etc really sour the deal.

Watson is great.

OP said actress not horse.


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Muslim spotted and reported

Small for you.

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Can't believe Eva Lovia has 1million followers on Instagram.

You were triggered because the film was about a jihadist.
We have been monitoring your Posts all over the weekend, and your nationality is Algerian.

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The film in this case is not that important. The important fact is that she was used as a propaganda tool, and since that, she is getting pushed by (((someone))). Actresses with true talent usually are discovered way before their 30's, and I think she doesn't even look that good. So why was she everywhere at a time and why is she keep getting roles nowadays?


Shes fucking based

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Everyone gets bad haircuts now and then.

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She is not even in the cast.

i dont think that user is talking about the movie but real life

Salty Muslim spotted.

oh OK


You got any other recent (last few months or so) pictures, in colour instead of the same old black & white ones?


That's the point. If she looks good in anyone's opinion, that doesn't fit the narrative

It may not be funny but it is true.
My Jewdar and Muslimdar are 90 to 95% accurate, it is like a gift.


I dont know why people try to be contrarian, and then the hot narrative when met with "contrarism" is somehow faggotry.

Girl on the right looks "terrible"

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Not terrible, but she sure gives me the creeps in that pic.

All im saying is watsons haircut sure may look bad and need to grow but she doesnt look that bad at all

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Have to disappoint you then, I am neither of those, just disliking propaganda of any kind.

Imagine it like this: Someone states something, then one other person finds it funny or thinks it will trigger some faggots. So he repeats it. The original poster of the something sees this and repeats it again. Then people start to think "oh, this is a new meme" or something like this, nobody finds it funny or amusing, but they have to repeat it now, because others do it as well. And then newfags see it everywhere, they want to blend in, they repeat it. And it was shit in the first place, but they push it further, because it's "muh current fresh meme". During this time, if you don't like it and say you don't like it, you are a faggot. In 2 months or so, every else will say it's dead, it was never good, etc.

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But that's only because Frog Woman is way older

Memes were a mistake

I'm pretty sure she is only 1 year older at most

If you have your head so far up her ass you can't even admit that she looks like shit in these pic, there is no hope for you.

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You want me to post some pictures from the last couple years too fam?

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If this is hideous than everyone in hollywood is much worse

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These are from 2018, and if you think she looks "hella cute" making that grimace you are lying to us and to yourself.

Are they gonna be airbrushed fashion/magazine photos in black & white? If so, then no thanks.

You posted one or two from 2015
these are from 2018

I bet this Watson hater is actually fucking ugly irl


Eva is kino, thicc short asian. She is getting a little old though.

I bet this Watson apologist is really handsome, well-equipped, and an all round nice guy irl bth

I posted a picture from the same event you did. Admit that you only post bad pictures.

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Yfw you get a haircut highlighting your receding hairline.

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her hairline is the same though

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No Daisy Ridley?
I am disappoint, son.

The more she ages, the more she looks like a dyke.

she looks eerie similar to how she used to when she was younger

like a boy

oh fuck what is this

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Make up your damn mind

Chrissy Metz and you better call her brave and beautiful you bigot.

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Every time you post to Holla Forums you support pedophiles


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Wrong thread.


They don't even have enough computer for that

Imagine being so vain you sit there and watch video of yourself eating and tilting your head back and forth and making faces and shit just because you're that impressed with yourself.
Letting normies learn how to internet has ruined civilization.

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The internet was a mistake in general tbh, or at least social media was. Youtube started it I guess

how could you hate such a lovely girl?

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you a member of the gay community?

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You hate her too?

very funny, wiseguy

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