Why did Loopers have to kill themselves again? They say some bullshit that they need to "close the loop...

Why did Loopers have to kill themselves again? They say some bullshit that they need to "close the loop." What does that mean? Why couldn't another looper do it? Would the answer just be some meaningless time mumbo jumbo to try and look smart?
Its like this film was written by a 13 year old who thought their concepts was super edgy and cool without actually thinking through the logistics at all that it doesn't make sense once you think about it for more than two seconds.

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any film that he stars in is irreversibly ruined

The time travel in Looper was pissweak, and where was time-cop during all of this shit?

Hesher, and 3rd Rock from the Sun are the only things he's done that I liked.

Brick was great

Brick>>>>The Last Jedi>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Looper


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If it's impossible to murder people in the future, how did the guys in black get away with killing Bruce's Japanese wife? By setting the house on fire afterwards? Why don't they just burn every murder victim then?

Oh…that's right. There's that scene in the diner where Willis tells his younger self not to worry about all that shit.
Guess we shouldn't question the logic of a movie when a character in the movie tells us not to.

Really was a precursor to Tiny Johnson's meta-commentary bullshit and general carelessness with story and character logic demonstrated in TLJ.

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Yes he ruined the post credits flick that followed the Plane Scene feature presentation.

Because it's a terrible movie

they have to suck each other off before they kill each other to close the loop 2

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I barely recognized him with all that Bruce Willis makeup on.

The brother's bloom is an even worse movie

It's pretty obvious that the mob has no idea how their "time travel" works. It's also obvious that they aren't traveling in the same timeline when they use the machine. They are almost certainly hopping between different timelines and everyone only thinks they are in the same stream because apparently Time in that world resolves paradox by just syncing up duplicates.

They most likely didn't. It just didn't matter to the movie once he left that time period.

what about that one where he gets molested?

This movie is shit.

Then why do they have guns and killed Bruce Willis' wife in the future?

At one point one of the characters even asks how the time travel stuff is supposed to work and the other character tells him not to think about it. This is the writer telling the audience he doesn't know what the fuck he's writing.

Pretty much.

Because Rian Johnson is a fucking idiot who thinks he's a brilliant writer.

Then why were they even walking around with guns? They'd be better off only using tasers so they don't get charged for murder.

Because they were going after a dangerous drug addict career criminal who would be expecting them and had nothing to lose using lethal force. Prison sucks but getting killed sucks more.

one of the worst movies I've ever seen

minority report
and twelve monkeys

which literally removes the reason for loopers to exist as well as throws rest of the story into the trash

why zombieland? all zombiecrap is made of pure shit by hacks who didn't want to put an effort for retarded audience

realistic equals boring, that's your problem?