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/sp/ finds a way

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Is getball kino?


i liek cricjet

this just proves than most of you are pathetic tbh

whatchu kno about 2am baseball?

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Told you I was going to make a special project of Holla Forums

Wrestling is a sport and John Cena is the greatest athlete of all time.

/sp/ is dead but the scripts still work and will likely claim digits when all anons are gone

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bruv the script just tells us when the gets are coming. actually the bot almost stole one of your own a few months back

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I haven't seen you around Bonzichan, there's only 2 or 3 fellas there
Are you on the End or did you cuck back to the 4?

endchan shit's been kinda slow since the superb owl and the olympics but that's normal

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what happened to

the original admin got sick of running it, sold it for a buck or two to this other guy named Megamilk, and it died. How exactly it's hard to say. The domain people killed it and he just gave up I think was his official explanation but he started two different chans in the next six months, chanpink and mewch respectively and shilled each of them quite hard so I don't know what the fucking deal is but he's an attention whoring faggot for sure. pic related

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I see. You should come home. It will be like in the bible with the lost son

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no budy

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/sp/ was betrayed like a dog, they are right about not returning as long as the pigmen is the boss

I cri evrytim

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well done, faggot

If the jews can forgive Hitler for the alleged holocaust, /sp/ should be able to forgive Jim for a small mishap.

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I don't think we are connecting with the scale and intentions, mate

Jim doesnt have enough computer for that

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slovborg plz



Yes, why do you think our site, including the slow as hell InfiniteChan, were failing all the time?