Holla Forums waifu

Holla Forums waifu.

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too old.

Are you angry about Based Jim?

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I would destroy her ass

You are.
>>>Holla Forums7854370

im not. there are more imageboards besides this shithole, you know..

some tanned up shitskin whore is Holla Forums's waifu?

try again


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you called?

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Great taste in waifu tbqhwyf ;)

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She's not good looking.

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Is KyleeAsakura the new queen of Holla Forums?


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they're both looking at the camera with their mouths open. other than that, there's zero resemblance

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women everybody

Stop posting this ugly whore mutt, this must be the fifth thread you've made about her but nobody cares because she's just another throwaway degenerate instagram thot, who's probably been prostituted Saudi Arabian princes to fuck dogs and eat their shit, definitely not waifu material.


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because Queen Bliss said so

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Bliss is not the queen of Holla Forums.

that's where you're wrong, kiddo

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cuck fetish?

Only 37 votes…

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New queen of Holla Forums!


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Best dogs.

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It's still funny

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seems like it'd be easier to just put them in a box and fill it with monoxide or something

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that costs money, easier to just throw them at the ground.

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You have no heart.

Bliss confirmed not the queen of Holla Forums.
We need a new strawpoll!

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I have absolutely no idea who that is.

Are you new? Be honest.

Am i supposed to know the name of every random meatbag that gets to be Holla Forums "queen" of the week?
I'd fuck her bareback, sure, but i have no idea who this cumbucket is.

her pics and social medias have been posted on halfchan Holla Forums for like 10 years. any oldfag would know who she is.


I have no idea who she is either, you guys are all a bunch of unironic retards who post whos

Too old for my tastes.

you're the only retard in this thread honestly.

I confirm.