Now that the dust has settled, did the Prometheus man do anything wrong?

Now that the dust has settled, did the Prometheus man do anything wrong?

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I fucking hated this movie.


Yes. Humans never deserved to know about fire.

Why did the Engineers even bother to make humanity and give them star maps if they were just going to kill them? What was the point of any of it?

same reason whites uplifted whites and now look where we are

huwites uplifted nogs

Can't believe I'm defending this piece of crap. The engineer got mad because in their eyes, life is precious and humans made an android, which he doesn't aprove of

But aren't they basically doing the same thing they did?
That's the same reasoning that Muslims use for why you shouldn't draw living things.

He was disgusted by the poor workmanship on that android.
Humans are to him as Chinks are to us.

yes, he didn't take Shaw for breeding purposes

He didn't take the time to assess the strength of the human presence.

Foreskin eating parasites such as yourself have no room to talk.

Would have made this kino a 10/10.

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Prometheus was garbage and the worst installment of the alien franchise.

why didn't he just destroy it and tell them to destroy all androids because they're a bastardization of living beings
aren't high IQ beings meant to be extremely rational and logical, why would he resort to throwing a fit of tard rage like that

Yes, look at how advanced Africa is. THEY WILL INTO S-P-A-C-E this decade.

that's pretty hot

It was the second most kino film in the Alien series tbh.

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he killed daneel

(((high iq beings))) are violent actually they just do so clandestinely. also angry/hateful =/= stupid/outofcontrol

prometheus with deleted scenes edited back in is a 7/10

Low effort