Retardo Admits He Wasn't In School During the Shooting


at 4:20 in this video

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4:20 dude lol


He's directly contradicting himself, in other interviews he says he was in AP Environmentalism, which sounds fake as shit.

Does this mean it's another Trump false flag like when he killed his own supporters in order to ban bumpstocks and later semi-autos? >>>Holla Forums11416035

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He says 'on the day of the shooting', not 'at the time of the shooting'. If I were to take his words at face value, it sounds like he returned to the school later in the day after the initial incident, because he's an opportunistic little shit who wants to walk over his dead schoolmates to get fame.

He's 24 years old.


Most transparent psy op ever. You don't have YT banning people for even mentioning that this dude is a fake en masse and not cause people to think the whole thing is BS.

yeah that's not a real thing

That, and…

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He is still a survivor per kike jurisprudence, and his children will be survivors too.


I was killed by the florida school shooter AMA

Uuuh. Okay.

Were you in the school when it happened?

Please repond.

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*guttural laugh*

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It says environmental science and it was in my high school more than 10 years ago. I dropped out of the fast science track my junior year cause I didn't want to take chem and physics, the basic track to finish your third science credit was astronomy and environmental science, they were really just physics and bio for retards. Oddly enough, it was easier than the actual bio class I already had to take so it was a total waste of time.

Okay last question.

Was it a surprise attack or just a regular attack?

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It was a regular attack because everyone made fun of his goblin appearance

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I would have walked out of class before the shooting, instead of after. That's what army guys do. It's called receiving intelligence. Some people receive more than others.

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Wait what the fuck, I remember just seeing a video he supposedly took inside the school during the shooting that has his fucking voice over it.
I can't even search it up, what the hell?

Sucky, sucky please?

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Ask her to lunch first

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if muslims with beards can be 12 years old why can't he

White privilege


Fuck off Holla Forums


obviously it is, but it doesnt matter because he'll be impeached soon

Of course he will, sugarplum.

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Could Hogg make it any more obvious that he was the shooter?

This guy is a bad actor. Confirmed not kino.

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