Who will play him?

who will play him?

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Zachary K. Hasbrouck - it is about time hapas were better represented in the media tbh.

Patrick did nothing wrong

He will save us, even if we dont deserve to be saved.

Hi Gahoole. Shouldn't you be talking to your autistic efriends right now?

Everyone says he looks like a mutt, but to me he just looks like you're average Finn. Not sure if there's much of a difference, though.

Haha Gahoole is the BOOley fag


I liked some of his waifufag roasts. Of course autists have ruined the fun since then.


Post rare Patricks

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I don't know anything about Minecraft, but there is apparently a Minecraft skin called Gahoole2.

Previous thread archive.is/gtzSu


hope he starts a twitch stream big fan

t. patrick

So is he the Dr. Jekyll to our Mr. Hyde?

Zach did nothing wrong

quad quads of truth

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He should do a DNA test and show the results, I know he gets mad at the 56% meme.

He is afraid. Ourguy Gahoole is probably extremely dangerous.

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Lord Commander of Maisie's Watch aka Gifmaker aka The Maisieposter here. That guy you were talking with is my new recruit. Notice the filenames and the uncropped style of the pictures. Somehow you have a great talent in confusing people with each other.

There are only 2 guys who have a real problem with Gahoole: margfag and Zach. So you are either one of them, and it triggers you that there are some individuals around here who doesn't hate on Mr. ModMan.

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Say that again but this time do it coherently.

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I am The Maisieposter, and that guy in the archive is not me. The archived posts belong to my associate, who posts Maisie with me. The person who archived the threads is obviously hating on Gahoole, which means he is either Zach or the margfag. If he is the latter, he posted "screencaps" saying they prove his point which are not made by the person he claims made them again.
Is this better?

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Yes. Good job.

He's still a maisiefag even if he isn't you. Nothing you said really nullifies anything.

chris farley if he was still alive feelsbadman

Maybe I am not the rebellious type, and that's why it's hard to grasp for me, but could you tell me, what is your goal in this ongoing war?

You are like a guy who walks into a library, wants to read all the books, but meanwhile you want to throw out other readers, tell the people who can stay according to you, what to read, and kick out the librarians too. Why not start your own board, like the Robertsfags did? There you can enforce your rules, make all the board logs visible, sentence everyone who'd you like and spam your Margaret everywhere.

Is it because nobody would care and post there? If tehre are so many Margfags, you could fill up a board, no?

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Did you just assume my waifu?

Good morning, Ser Maisiefag!
I think we are the victim of a falseflag shitposting operation here.

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Could be Emma Watson

Hello! The real case here is: Gahoole said, that I (now we) am not breaking any rule, so I'm (we) am okay. Zach and Margfag broke the rules, and none of them understands this. The latter is jelly of us being able to Maisie here all day long, while his eceleb nobody is not welcome. He just fails to understand that it is his own fault, and blames ourguy for it.

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I'm just like Gahoole in that I don't have a waifu. Try to come up with a less shit argument.

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Is this your post?

Hear, hear! Once their metathreads complaining about the moderation get deleted, they see Gahoole everywhere.
Also, I think he prefers to be called Margecuck btw.

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just want you to know that yes you aren't breaking any rules…. but after may 30th when I physically annihilate blissfag you will be breaking the rules and I'm gonna ban all your ilk

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Who the fuck cares? I'm here for 3 years now and the mods never did anything that bothered me. If you have a problem with them, you were obviously banned. If you were banned, you broke the rules. It's this simple. Or it should be like this.

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If you really are Gahoole, could you upload a clip as proof? We know you like to make videos on YT talking about Holla Forums drama, so why not humour us?

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Hello Mr. Mod! Will 2D girls be okay after May 30th? I have an eye on one of them to replace Maisie.

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if you have a problem with the way I moderate email me or something idk. Also I am willing to forgive and pardon any past infractions if you can defeat me in combat.

nah all women are whores even the flat ones

I'm not surprised to see such arbitrariness from an equally dishonest and conniving scoundrel.


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I'm a pirate! ARRR!

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Are you talking about small-busted women, or Nip drawings?

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So, you're a homo then?

aight uploading one now its shit though

nah I just can only hatefuck women.

I have a dejá vu. I knew it's you without a video

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he literally looks like the 56% meme and he's a disgusting looking mongrel, of course he gets mad

Whiter than you, Muhammad.

r u okay dude

ASL my man?


im not a good amerimutt, im not a bad amerimutt im THE amerimutt


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Nobody cared who he was, till he put on the videos.

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You're a big shitposter.

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>The real reason you're a big guy

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Is he the most look at me faggot ever?

t. Margecuck

fuck shit my bad. that was an accident

wait a fucking minute i recognize that ip fuck you zach you coward bitch

This is getting good…

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i hate his guts so fucking mutch I wish he would just face me like a man but he's too busy jerkin it to the extended cut of noah on blu ray

OMG I was right!

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Go fuck yourself gahoole

I'm Zach and I don't participate in archiving autism.

BAN HIM! Blood for the blood god!

Also, is he the same fag who made a series of Potter threads yesterday? And the one talking smack about The Thing and Event Horizon? I thought it was too good to be a (((coincidence))) tbh.

who s that guy



But this is your post:

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No it isn't

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It is. Fight me Zach, you cowardly hapa bitch.

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It's a dogshit movie by the director of other dogshit movies

Come, come, now. We all know it is the cinematographer who really makes the film.

nah I don't ban people unless they break the rules

fuck you zach

Alright. But it was clearly made by some asshole

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t. brainlet

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Just looked it up and the cinematographer also did Aliens. Which had shit cinematography.

here's the vid fuk you zach I hate you and your stupid wiafu faggot

You are a mean meanie person!

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But you recently made a video on YT saying you banned Zach, and yet here he is shitting up the place. Isn't avoiding a ban by changing your IP against the rules?

Can you stop crying?

I don't know why you think anyone should take you seriously when you say pants on head retarded things all the time.

Alien and Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection had better cinematography. Get some taste.

I'll cry tears of joy when you are permabanned and even mentioning the Potter films is outlawed.

Gahoole is a good boy

I bet you will since you have no life

Oh snap! Shots fired! You are spitting fire today, Zachary.


it was a short ban because he broke a minor rule. I hate the guy but I'm not gonna permaban him because I don't like him

Zach I'm gonna put you in a bear hug and snap your ribcage when I catch you on the streets

Sooooo if you win, from that time, if I stop posting Maisies, I'll be banned anyway? Or can I post, just no Maisies?

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I dont fight fatties, I'm sorry

I would've sent him straight to the showers for some serious delousing tbh.

if you stop posting maisie you will lose your identity as the maisie fag and just become another poster which means you will not be banned.

bitch I'm 56% muscle. I could kill you without breaking a sweat

you would need to lose about fifty pounds at least in order to fight me

are you afraid of him?

nigger I weigh 190 if I lost 50 pounds I would probably die. Besides I'm on a permabulk to build up max muscle density.

are you like 5 feet tall?

You've stated numerous times there is only one poster.
Are you now claiming that someone has your entire collection of images and is posting them in the same format as you in the past week or two since I last asked you if you were the only poster in a Maisie thread?

I weight 160 so you better lose some fucking weight bro

Not really since I'm definitely quicker than him and taller

I'm not you but here's some evidence to help your case.

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