Netflix making Carmen Sandiego Movie

From where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Mexico? Asia? Africa? You will never know. Its a mystery meat.

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If they don't bring back Rockapella to do the music, I'm boycotting.

Given her appearance and ways, she looks like an American with mexican ancestry. Blue eyes in spaniards are rarer than nordics, but do exist.

What you talking about? She doesn't have blue eyes.

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I have met a bunch of mexicans and other from central and south america but none of then with blue eyes. I have met some Spanish from Spain with blue eyes.


They're about twenty years too late on that.

what will these niggers think of next?

The hero we deserve.

First: Fuck Netflix.
Second: Why the fuck are they making a movie? Carmen Sandiego works as interactive edutainment, like game shows and vidya. What is the point of a movie? Its an obvious attempt to exploit intellectual property an nostalgia.


She's brown as hell, might as well be some berber or iranian girl

did anyone even care about Carmen Sandiago when she was current?

what an ugly cunt

They're cashing in on all of the people in their late 20s who have disposable income and possibly young kids will watch it for nostalgia. I'm sure that half of the people I grew up with go and watch it. Not too different than rebooting Jumanji when they did.


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Pretty sure they always depicted her with her hat covering her eyes up until they decided to make a cartoon.

Are you one of those fangled 56% fellows anons keep posting about?

Carmen Sandiego was always lame. Johnny Quest, the X-Men, Iron Man and Spider-Man cartoons is where it was at. That and Gargoyles. Highlander was cool too, if only because of the post-apocalyptic aspect.

Yes just like Hitlers top command wasn't white enough by your standards.

Pretty sure Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, Rommel and Hess were white skinned and very pale

Pretty sure they had dark hair just like the picture posted and no more pale than him.

I agree, but the thing is that the posted picture, along with all those i mentioned, are not like Carmen Sandiego
Said woman is brown skinned/extremely tanned but with very fine and angular facial traits, maybe you can pick a moorish spaniard with clear eyes to bring the role, maybe some amerimutt with heavy caucasian traits, hell maybe even one of those Azores chicks, or a high caste latin american

But certainly not a mulatto or flip gril

pretty sure they were half jewish

are casting directors just absolute dogshit nowadays or is it just that hard to cast a brown girl with blue eyes?

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I concede that you are right but in my defense the OP picture she does not look very/extremely brown skinned. I do not know who Carmen Sandiego is apart from that catchy theme song I have heard.

The entire Nazi party was Jewish tbh, Israel should start paying reparations to the entire world and become more diverse.

The cartoon one, dumbass.

Fuck yeah, the 92 cartoon remains the best adaptation. It had nice colorful visuals that were faithful to the comics, just the right balance between adventure and drama, and that insanely catchy theme song.

fuck yeah

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