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Clean cut Danny, no way.


Sources are starting to come in


does anyone have that creepy Jennette McCurdy video where she says "look what you did to me Dan"?
i wish she would jump on this and spearhead the pedo investigation

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post yfw

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Please help

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pedos continually getting btfo
whos next?

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At least he has good taste, feet are patrician.

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2018 is kill

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Donald Drumpf and his hillbilly nazi supporters

Armpits > feet

all me


He's hurting me

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What's his name?

Diddling Scheinderstein

Only if the armpits are hairy

in what context is sitting on a grown man's lap (other than santa) appropriate?

I wanna go home

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Your dad
A decent uncle
A decent grandpa
A family doctor known for a long time
A decent family friend who has lived through a lot with said family

Dan “The Man” Schneider
Dan "The Biter" Schneider
Dan "The Spider" Schneider
Dan "The Defiler" Schneider
Dan "The Plunger" Schneider
Dan "The Bladder" Schneider
Dan "Teen Bedder" Schneider
Dan “Rough Ryder” Schneider
Dan "No Lube Required" Schneider
Dan "The Despoiler" Schneider
Dan "Get in The Van" Schneider
Dan "Cunny Hoarder" Schneider
Dan "I've Had Tighter" Schneider
Dan "The Fart Inhaler" Schneider
Dan “Deep Inside Her” Schneider
Dan "The Overnighter" Schneider
Dan "Came Inside Her" Schneider
"Please Mister, Slower" Schneider
Dan "The Rough Rider" Schneider
Dan "The Diaper Slider" Schneider
Dan “The Cheek Divider” Schneider
Dan "The Virginity Taker" Schneider
Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider
Dan "The Cervix Wrecker" Schneider
Dan "This One's a Bleeder" Schneider
Dan “The Hymen Collider” Schneider
Dan "The Demolition Man" Schneider
Dan "The Pussy Annihilator" Schneider
Dan "The Starlet Sodomizer" Schneider
Dan "The Junior High Insider" Schneider
Dan "Already Creampied Her" Schneider
Dan "Goes Wild with your Child" Scheider
Dan "But I Poop From There, Mister" Schneider
Dan "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" Schneider
Dan "We Got Ourselves A Screamer" Schneider
Best Man Dan "The Warmth Provider" Schneider
Dan "Say Goodbye To Your Brown Eye" Schneider
Dan “Hold her tighter, she’s a Fighter” Schneider
Dan "Gimme That Cunny if You Want the Money" Schneider
Dan "The Man With The Plan To Get Kids In His Van" Schneider?

I sense something weird afoot here, you don't just bring a guy like Dan schneider to heel so easily, that's no mean feet. As the sole perpetrator of these crimes, Schneider really knows how to toe the line. It's good they are trying to sock it to him but i'm just not seeing the ankle they're going for here.

Attached: Emma Roberts Dan Schneider TCA Tour Cable K3BFHPzNBmfl.jpg (594x450, 145.79K)

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You cheeky bastard..

Dan Under a cloud of suspicion over the treatment of some young stars Schneider
Dan Well documented temper issues for years Schneider

When said grown man would make you stick your toes in his butthole if you don't sit on his lap.


They're never gonna be able to pin anything on good old Danny boy. He's clean from top to bottom and has covered his tracks with the expertise of a true pioneer of his craft.

git out

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Is this that fucker with the foot fetish? If so good riddance.


Dirty Dan "The Rough Rider, Pile Driver, Hymen Divider, Cum Inside Her" Schneider

wtf i love 2018 now


he already got away with it and he's worth 20 million

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This is going to be a good year

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Dubs or trips say Dan gets raped in prison


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And there's another Ferguson brewing right now hopefully. Shit's about to get comfy.


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Don't drop the soap Danny boy

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if dubs it's BBC
if singles it's lil' white dick

Oh shit tell me more

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Oy vey rape jokes are never funny

dubs says he dies of aids

Some nigger, who of course dindu nuffin, got guddified by a group of cops in front of his mamas house. Just look up "Sacramento shooting" and it's everywhere.

Won't happen, the media at the moment are busy with anti-gun protests and that other whore.


mfw sacrementofag
shit boys I don't even own a gun

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Why the fuck not?


pretty normal

What was against Schneider, the complaints or the behavior?



Right here

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that is such an obvious cry for help holy shit

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Isn't Jim a footfag?

No, he made something mocking footfags.
He is a ricemixer, though.


Her eyes have a watery sheen to them that makes it look like she's tearing up and only holding back from crying for some reason.

gee I wonder


Dan "Dirty Dan" Schneider
Dan "The Cunny Man" Schneider
Dan "Get in the Van" Schneider
Dan "Casting Couch is the Plan" Schneider
Dan "Little Girl, Take my Hand" Schneider

Miranda is a qt, do you think she made it out ok, lads?

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Poast yfw he finally WON’T keep getting away with it

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Look carefully at the expression on Dan's face in that picture then look at hers, and tell me what you think

it's more than that. taking a step back you can see that he has this devious/diabolical, delighted look on his face, and she has this tensed/frozen (in fear) look on her face.

Ano, you magnificent bastard!

Is it too early to press F for ol’ Dan?

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Fuck you

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I think the expression on his face is saying "I fucking own you, and you know it."

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Paul is such a good actor but he wastes it on shitty commercials.


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That's correct, soyime poster

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Have you seen him in that show about the cult? All he does is sigh and talk under his breath for 60 mins.

That's enough, Austin

What's he thinking, Holla Forums?

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"The Manchester Bombing is gonna be the second most traumatic night of her life…"

Hurley is top-tier mommy material

What brilliant new and wholesome entertainment series for children we will develop next, of course.

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Well he's probably set for life from Breaking Bad so he wings everything now.

Attached: 1295750791166.gif (235x240, 1.93M)

Maybe but it is more likely he is only really suited for one or very few types of roles. Scumbag kid and the like.

he will probably get the same muh based Trump deal they're all getting
just resign, go retire with millions/billions and fukn nothing else will happen
before you mention sealed indictments, remember there was a reason they were sealed, to stop you from knowing


docudrama material tbh

So all he did was lose his temper at some members of the staff and they finally had enough of it?

It's more likely they were planning on getting rid of him for a while now and just recently found the perfect excuse that wasn't too controversial.

The latest victim of the "Metoo" scam.
His fun for the whole family shows will be missed.

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He's still getting away with it. Everyone knows he diddled the kids, but all they could possibly do to him is get rid of him for being rude a few times. Dan is truly untouchable. He must be the smartest man in Hollywood.

well he is jewish

how can you tell?


dual dubs. raped in prison by bbc

Oy vey! How dare these goyim get rid of Dan "The Horny Hebrew" Schneider?!




his last name is literally (((SCHNEIDER)))


Putting parentheses around his surname is literally not an argument.

Schneider is a pretty common German surname is it not? I'm gonna need some more compelling evidence than that before sending him to get deloused.


Well he works in hollywood so if he wasn't jewish before he is now

lets be honest user we both know he has some jewish in him

You can't become a jew by converting. Jews don't consider you one of them and never will unless you are a jew by birth. Judaism is passed down through the mother.

not being able to tell when something's a joke is a sign of autism

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We meme magicked it into reality, boys. The price we had to pay was the complete kikefication of Blonald Blumpf, but we broght Brendan back AND struck Dan "Cummies In Their Tummies" Schneider down for good. It's all worth in the end.

Attached: lightning_bolt.jpg (700x243, 43.16K)

/a/ fags know that in order to summon Dan 'Dark' Schnieder, you have to sacrifice the chastity of a young girl and he will appear from inside a young boy.

Not being able to tell funny jokes and still thinking you're comedic is a sign of autism.

What did he mean by this


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Fuck off faggot.

Attached: 1516798165.gif (1221x768, 698.63K)

God I can't wait to openly kill commies like you in the streets on day of the rope.

yeah yeah cry more wh*te boi

Calm down, folks, it's all just a (((coincidence))), nothing to see here!

Attached: coincidence.jpg (243x337, 15.9K)

Hi Patrick. Imitating ecelebrities to the point you;re made fun of for it regularly is also a sign of autism.

literally 90% of Holla Forums is autistic

So any proof or are all you anti-semites just jumping on the chance to accuse an innocent Chosen?

Just try Drumpf cuck. The cholesterol clogging your artery's will kill you before youl touch any of my comrades.

Attached: 9eb24435dee4f03744ef854102975e01.png (420x420, 134.49K)

how the fuck did he sneak this in?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (736x552, 366.04K)

its interesting how all of these supposed harassers and rapists are jewish people…. also interesting how the same russian bots that pushed for antisemitic pepe the frog memes and gamergate are supporting these witch hunts……. this is LITERALLY how the persecution of jews started in nazi germany.

Does Dan "scream and your career is over" Schneider also have a mommy fetish?

Cavemom's 2 sounds kino
I just realized that reads as cavemom is 2… What a creep.

Ain't it right, Shlomo Jr.?

Attached: schlomo-and-son.png (964x660, 1.27M)


That Dan Schnieder is a real Bastard!

Friendly reminder to MEME RESPONSIBLY otherwise you might get an innocent man convicted on molestation charges.

Post rare Dans.

Attached: dan-the-whoremaker-schneider.jpg (3000x1996 7.44 KB, 3.34M)

i'll 2 ur mom's cave nerd

Cavemom's 2 testicles

go away Dan's lawyer.

Dan the motherfuckin man, slaying that prime loli and teen pussy before Chad even gets a chance

Dan "Sloppy seconds for Chad" Schneider

It's a word game, it's Dan's way to mock you and the child's mothers. Cave as in "cave in to Dan to get in" :^). Same shit with "Dan's pizza".

Attached: 89b1508b851cf0360ccbffaf9e36173b90eee97efda50bf43fd56c86d00ae8be.png (439x443, 131.57K)

/ourkike/ Dan only hires the best.

Attached: jewish-lawyers-2.jpg (600x231, 92.27K)

Attached: dan -you'll never find her- schneider.gif (500x350, 5.93M)

Why are you all encouraging this slander against a wholesome and hardworking man?

The Shneider shit is like Pizzagate, it's a fucking LARP and everyone knows it. I'll be shocked if actual allegations surface. I could be wrong, but I'm not buying it because I know the source of most of the accusations are shitposters trying to meme it into reality.

Fat, virgin, MRA, neckbeareded retards don't have anything better to do. A bit pathetic really.

So its real?

ironic shitposting is still shitposting
I bet you're a sweetie poster as well


Literally orwellian fuck off fascist prick.

Attached: 1522111656292.jpg (1860x1575, 831.38K)

*damage control intensifies*

t. fat, virgin, MRA, neckbeareded retard

Attached: 9c4bb43964d89f9592faacac14df2af7f2446015723af13cb8eb9a11fff6a3e6.jpg (378x506, 55.62K)

Case closed then. Pack it up fellas.

He can keep getting away with this.

Yeah. Pizzagate was always real but by the time the Clinton emails were disseminated fully, it was already too late. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it had been too late for a long time. The clean up was probably months ago and the trail was already cold by the time we all reached a very grim reality.

We all knew that there was something there but our noses were out in the cold for too long.


any guesses who she could mean?

Attached: sole witness.png (726x88, 44.17K)

She's lying or she doesn't exist. Hollywood Reporter probably would like to keep this particular story hush hush because of the implications.

If Dan goes down, he'll name names and he'll squeal on everybody. Guy is a fat disgusting pig who wouldn't last a second in jail and would throw everybody under the bus if it benefits him.


Attached: Dan mugshot.jpg (500x575, 197.37K)

Attached: 5b56f86b36f7690f6b5ccb018069ce0c21b2c1b3872dd93d377faaa61823688a.gif (275x200, 115.77K)

This isn't Holla Forums this is tv pls go

cry harder, your idol is done

Attached: (You) with gusto.png (542x675, 517.35K)

It wasn't. I was in the original threads. People who think it's real were down stream and don't get that people were mainly trying to meme magic something to incendiary to throw at the Clinton camp. It's why Holla Forums doesn't talk about it anymore, there's real leads because the thing was a phantom based on weird coincidences that actually don't have the meaning they were implied to have.

*no real leads

Holla Forums is always ri-

? This board is about television not pedofiles

ght about nothing

trips confir-

Holla Forums is a family board

Tons of CP in workers' profiles and fetish dungeons in the pizza place is not proof?

oy gevalt, nothing to see here goy! It's all slander, libel,conspiracy! :^)

Attached: e6197aff528e76f3370ebefef8aa0eef8ff440fd9b95e194e7bec1359a636ad1.jpg (706x673, 53.88K)

Pedophiles create television.

Don't worry, we will get it right this time around.

Attached: pepriest.jpg (298x298, 64.42K)

Attached: 44.jpg (470x722, 43.5K)


Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 14.26K)

Cunny Man Dan

Attached: Lenin WTF.jpg (372x527, 41.48K)

Yeah, the christians have a great track record of that. Your next post is a reply with the jews expelled 666 times only to never have the realization that the christians let them back in 667 times.

and it only took this long


Attached: DZQEvwAUMAAYPZI.jpeg (1200x1158, 110.17K)

Attached: CUTE.jpg (1440x810, 238.34K)

Attached: top kekerino.webm (854x478, 6.13M)

If you had studied History you would have known by now that they were brought back by the monarchs and the nobility, NOT BY THE LOCAL PEOPLE.
The motives were purely financial and economic.

Reported for slander and defamation

Oh, well that settles it. Nothing more to see.

Prom Mom sounds like a crappy made for TV Hallmark movie.

kind of like how the cosmopolitain elites' ravenous greed has them implementing mass immigration against the locals' wishes

What did they mean by this?

That was my feeling too. That one initial pizza pic was spammed in such a way that I could tell something wasn't natural. I decided to let it go rather than be shouted down because I know if anons put their minds to finding pedo cover ups, they would.
I also assumed it was a bit of a wild goose chase to get anons to stop looking into the Clinton Foundation and those leaked emails so thoroughly

Attached: 100percentforrealproofs.jpg (1080x1920, 163.2K)

Attached: carlos ascends.jpg (350x350, 16.73K)

Attached: killy.jpg (500x504, 55.39K)

Did Holla Forums fabricate the Franklin Scandal too?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (761x447, 81.63K)

They only fabricated Dutroux affair

Attached: 57a6402543d05b8531ad8ca551494debb7a95bb5a03266caa66a8969c5c30291.jpg (376x671, 83.91K)

Attached: b4474cd8840007d8e368793e77475d63c0ae01ec6d7801cfdbac5a32f787f1ff.jpg (640x441, 37.27K)

Attached: 11887d328622b9ee2f7b959d74b06bdcb5b2f92588256ca03802073eecc64475.jpg (210x202, 9.59K)


He'll never top BrBa so he doesn't bother. Instead he just cashes in when he wants to buy a new car or whatever. Can't really blame him tbh.

This is literally how power works. Power and people with skeletons are like chocolate and peanut butter. The power helps you hide the skeletons, and other people's skeletons make them open to manipulation by you. Being a homo used to be unspeakable enough but that's normal now so they have to get crazier with pedophilia and shit.

I used to be on Dan's side until I learned he's a Jew.
That means, not only is he confirmed pedo, he also DESERVE to go down for it.

Just search up "hotdog", "pizza", "cheese", etc. on WikiLeaks and there's tons of suspicious shit (ex: Obama flying in $35k worth of "hotdogs" from Chicago for a 100 person event). They're circumstantial leads, but leads nonetheless.

the leads are weak

Attached: leadsareweak.jpg (500x373, 23.34K)

You don't have brass balls.


Attached: Alec-Baldwin-Glengarry-Glen-Ross.jpg (500x354, 44.52K)

Pretty much.

Have we started the fire?

not gonna lie this is a reddichan thread

Dan "the man with the plan and a van" Schneider!

no im patrick dipshit not him

It's begin.



Attached: it down.jpg (1034x899 169.67 KB, 296.89K)

hello autism my old friend


Why is this happening?

Attached: ESSVPkonYLCIc6oZdJxRPvhI_iGee9WJRUhKIoPdHJw.jpg (576x768, 77.38K)

They do, but there's been no new material for months. But you've only heard about this from ebin debunkers who you never doubt like a good goy

fucking hell

Attached: hahaha.webm (1280x720, 113.92K)

They wouldn't fire him over nothing after years of turning a blind eye to his escapades. They know something's up and are trying to distance themselves ahead of time so they can claim plausible deniability.


What a joke.

Attached: b4b736c6d51ba8c9614f9864647cb3ec94787b6e89134c15ba4dd0b1af34ce0b.png (1154x650 1.31 MB, 3M)


cumskins are the most inferior race in history

Attached: oyvey.jpeg (300x462, 42.57K)

Dan "preteen invader" schneider
Dan "pitchless player" schneider
Dan "shutup goy while I fiddle your boy" schneider
Dan "beats his meat to underage feet" schneider

Those dubs do not lie

The Schneider rises!

Dan "I sucked your toes, and now i'm on a death row" Schnider

Fuck off, Dan.

Attached: hebs out!.webm (496x360, 164.15K)

Dan 'The man in the van' Schneider


Dan "Spread her Wider" Schneider
Dan "Hymen Divider" Schneider
Dan "I'm Going Inside Her" Schneider

What if he's actually completely innocent and we've been attributing horrible crimes to a gentle giant with an innocent love of children and children's entertainment?

If he's innocent, he's still weird as fuck for a whole bunch of reasons that should be looked into. He totally had to play unethically to get into the position he did.

That said, that would suck a bit if he was innocent on the pedo side. Mostly because of the undeserved ass reaming in prison he'd get in such a case.

>Dan "The Horny Hebrew" (((Schneider)))
When even Jewgle turns down on your kikery, it's time to inhale the Zyklon.

Attached: dan-schneider-by-google.png (639x136, 12.46K)

Dan "I'll rub your feet" Schneider

Attached: dan-schneider-innocent-tweet.jpg (640x386, 55.19K)

Dan "I have plenty of pics" Schneider

Attached: dan-schneider-innocent-facebook.png (1618x982, 1.12M)

Dan "Ketchup All Over Her Feet" Schneider.

Notice how it is the clip #92 - which means that Danny Boy here has at least 91 other similar clips ready

Attached: dan-schneider-innocent-tweet-2.jpg (301x168, 9.21K)

None of these rhyme.

They don't rhyme, but those are words he actually wrote himself.

More proof that foot fetishism is the worst fetish.

Dan "take my dick to get on nick" Schneider
Dan "let me squirt a load in to get on Nickelodeon" Schneider

Attached: Screenshot_20180327-162322~2.png (1312x1649, 2.47M)

Dan "Nickelodian is my Van" Schneider

Dan "Van Spider" Schneider

Dan "Drug her, tie her, slip inside her, backwards forwards, don't hold back just let loose in her womb and paint it white like an interior decorator on his generous base layer, wait 9 months and pay off the family" Schneider

That is best vary funny I not semfag thenk yew

Let's decode Schneider's sick twisted mind.

Clearly the most coveted of lolita cunny (the empress) didn't appreciate Schneider's advances, but he proceeded anyway. Schneider is subliminally communicating this.
Cavemom's two what? Obviously he's talking about her daughters, which he doubtlessly had his way with. Maybe the dirty setting of a cave appeals to his foot fetish.
No doubt referring to the dreaded pubic hair that grows once a girl starts to become too old for Dan Schneider
Teen pregnancy. Need I say more? Also, fancy prom shoes, for his footfaggotry.
The aftermath of Schneider's usual escapades
Pretty hot and tempting camp. No doubt Schneider's sick fantasies about having complete control over girls at a summer camp.

Dan "get in the van" Schneider.

What does that mean?

everyone's talking about Dan Schneider, but can we get some love for the superior Dan?

Attached: Bb10-dan1[1].jpg (700x1000, 143.17K)