Gets on stage

american """"comedy"""""

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Is he right?

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Carlin was the stereotypical boomer fuck wit

goverment is bad though

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Why does carlin make soyboys so mad?

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he isn't wrong



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No, he's wrong. Average is a figure representing what everyone would look like if you put everyone's stupidity in a big bowl and then redistributed it evenly among everyone; it doesn't necessarily represent a midpoint. The correct word would be "median".

Leftypol trying to mimick a normal person's behaviour is eye opening: everything outside of their group is a strawman, they can't understand normal men. 'Why can't they discuss all day that niggers and sodomites are better???'

Now he is.

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You see, the thing Carlin missed is that the average person isn't stupid per se, but instead is extremely apathetic to the world they inhabit.

Also intelligence doesn't work like that anyway.


This guy was so fucking far up his own ass, why was he so popular?

He was born before WW2 even started, so he's not a boomer.

Why is the space slightly wider at nigger?


He was the first comedian to focus on making half-baked political rants instead of telling jokes. Groundbreaking stuff.

I have a friend who is a die-hard stand up comedy fan. Always watching this shit on youtube. Always telling me how funny so-and-so was on their podcast today. Always asking me to go to shows with him. I told him I fucking hate stand up, it's my least favorite form of entertainment behind musicals.
I sat there for almost an hour and didn't even crack a smile. Complete dog shit from top to bottom. It was like an orated version of a 55 year old divorcee's Facebook posts.


Stand up comedy is the most plebeian thing in existence, only women and betas like it. The best live comedy is humorous stage plays