What the fuck kind of movie is this? A moralistic drunkard becomes a nipking?

What the fuck kind of movie is this? A moralistic drunkard becomes a nipking?

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It's based off a Frenchman who lived something similar but they made him a burger because


Brunet took a very active role in the Boshin War. Brunet and Captain André Cazeneuve were present at the Battle of Toba–Fushimi (27–31 January 1868), near Osaka. After that Imperial victory, Brunet, Cazeneuve, and the Shogun's Admiral, Enomoto Takeaki, fled to Edo (now Tokyo) on the warship Fujisan.

When Edo also fell to the Imperial forces, Enomoto and Brunet fled to the northern island of Hokkaidō, where they proclaimed the Ezo Republic, with Enomoto as President. Brunet helped organize the Ezo army, under hybrid Franco-Japanese leadership. Otori Keisuke was Commander-in-chief, and Brunet was second in command. Each of the four brigades were commanded by a French officer (Fortant, Marlin, Cazeneuve, and Bouffier), with Japanese officers commanding each half-brigade. The final stand of the Shogun/Ezo forces was the Battle of Hakodate. The Ezo forces, numbering 3,000, were defeated by 7,000 Imperial troops.

In an interesting postscript to his involvement in the Boshin War, Brunet spoke highly of Shinsengumi vice-commander Hijikata Toshizō in his memoirs. Praising Hijikata's ability as a leader, he said that if the man had been in Europe, he most certainly would have been a general.

I'm sorry brown people never do cool shit like join a band of rebel samurai

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Because no likes the french tbh

You sound like a butthurt weeb.

This sounds interesting. Too bad they made a Tom Cruise training montage of it.

Republics are always a bad idea and Imperial forces had every right to take back that Island.


It's a lovely movie, stop being an autistic fag.

The imperial forces forgave him after and gave him medals with a note that said. "Jules Verne is a pretty cool guy he fight the samurai and doesn't afraid of anything"

*Brunet god nabbit dammit

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what's wrong with dances with gooks?

gooks are korean
nips are japs

everyone knows that koreans and japs are the same exact people due to interbreeding

All different kinds of slanteyes are the same to me.

chink jap gook, ain't no difference they all get the nuke

It is about modernity destroying tradition.
A modern man goes to a traditional (natural) society and realizes that he lived a wrong life and decides to protect that world.
One of my favourite movies of all time.

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lol weeb

You're right, it's a very beautiful movie.

Why have westerners always been so enamored with the Japanese? Ever since the Portuguese first made contact with them in the 16th century, Europe and the Anglosphere have had a constant hard on for Japan.

I wonder if Golden Kamuy has done this guy yet.

It's a stock-standard "dances with" movie with all the noble savage wank and romanticization that comes with the format.
Anyone with any interest in samurai or the Satsuma rebellion will hate it, hell anyone with an IQ above 70 will hate it.

There's a scene where a guy cuts a gun barrel in half with a sword.
Who would defend that kind of cartoonish stuff?

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Anime fans.