You can't even deny that Blade Runner 2049 is dishonest now

You can't even deny that Blade Runner 2049 is dishonest now.

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Why do people suck Blade Runner's dick so much? I saw it and I thought it was good and interesting, but some people act like it's one of the greatest, deepest films ever put to video.

Your mom is dishonest. BR2049 is kino.

2049 is better, you're just old and in love with your own nostalgia.

All make believe stories are dishonest tbh

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I don't care about your meme definition of dishonest tbh

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Dishonest is an honest meme.

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It's because it is a staple of scifi

People say that about Star Wars too, and that's shit.

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star wars isn't scifi though. people who say it's scifi dont even get what star wars is

which is a samurai western fantasy comedy space opera

That's dishonest as fuck.

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No, it's a marketing vehicle.

nigga you posted a picture that isn't even a frame from the actual movie

you arent honest

It's trash for children and manchildren.

Actually it is. But it got cut.

therefore it isn't in the movie

It's literally a frame from the film.


It's a cropped image of the frame.

the frame that wasn't even in the movie senpai you can do better

Dishonest Filmmaking:

(Tarantino, Alejandro Gonz√°lez I?√°rritu, Wes Anderson, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Alex Garland, Paul Thomas Anderson, Nicholas Refn, Tom Hooper, Tyler Perry, Gaspar Noe, The Coen Brothers, Noah Baumbach, Denis Vilenueve, James Franco, Damien Chazelle) are intellectually bankrupt moral whores and charlatans; their films appeal to the modern phenomenon of the 'Pretend Epic' or Pseudo Cinema, often tied to the criticism that "It was a movie that thought it was a film" they have no ideas of their own and are filmed purely to have fancy essays made about them. They obfuscate their lack of insight under a smug impenetrable irony and often contain scenes with disingenuous attempts at depth with characters spouting platitudes that the director takes VERY seriously.

This directly panders to the IMDb reddit sensibility of quote circlejerking since these hacks are masters of the fools wit, "Quipping" (Not to be confused with the marvel co-opting of the word) , it sounds smart, cool and worldly but in reality there's nothing of substance, the Revenant's attempt at spiritualism was cheap and laughable and whilst someone like Malick has considered his philosophy, Inaurritu wears his introspection on his sleeve to give his film a false sense of depth with pathetic sermonising.

THIS is Dishonest Filmmaking.

They leech the greater works that preceded them; like The Enemy being a rip off Eraserhead, but they have nothing else to say.They act under the guise of deconstruction with surface layer obvious 'social commentary' and a quirky forgettable score praised as 'innovative'. They are all inauthentic sycophants that rely on oscar buzz and post 9/11 detachment for relevance.

These directors are hacks and will be forgotten to time. Some notably earnest filmmakers include, but are not limited to:

I only watched Blade Runner for the first time about 2 years ago and I fully agree with the descriptions on the right panel

I enjoyed Blade Runner 2049 for what it was, but the OP is completely correct that it pales in comparison to the original so much so that it's kind of sad how far it's been praised by numale shitskins

Dishonest post tbh

As far as Sci Fi goes it is GOAT tier.

Kino if you like the kind of movies that are engineered to bore you to death.

I watched it for the first time just before watching 2049 when it was in theaters. The experience was emotionally comparable to driving from a rich neighborhood into the slums.

You mean BR2049 was the slums?


get a load of this tryhard

Nigga those of us with functioning eyes have always preferred the original.

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Lurk and learn, don't burden people with your useless questions

It can be inferior to the original and still above 99% of current year cinema.

Denis sucks at visuals and Deakins is overrated

Where the fuck is the director's cut for the movie? The least they could have done is release the deleted scene on the blu ray. Fuck sakes, I just want pic related to be in the film.

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It was even better than the original, but brainlets hate it.

I really want the full cut now.

t. Hipster

Pls go back to reddit

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of course