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fucking n*rmies

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Cardcaptor Sakura was pretty meh.

Give me your idea of a better anime in the same genre or else I will disregard your opinion entirely

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I honestly liked it

Nanoha is better. At least it has fanservice.

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Can't you dumb shitposters actually utter an original sentence once in a while?

Deal with it.

← I give you BEST magical girl anime.

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Spoken like a true plebian. Fanservice is, at best, an unnecessary distraction. Instead of letting your unfulfilled sexual desires dictate what anime you enjoy, just watch actual hentai and get it over with.

Fanservice is the main draw of anime. Only a limp wristed fagboy thinks otherwise.

It's pretty good, pretty damn good. Man I wish I had that kopipe from back in the day.

You're no better than the idiotic masses listening to modern pop music because of the soft-core music videos that goes along with it. Face it, if you need constant sexualization to be engaged with a narrative then you're probably a low IQ subhuman.

I'm sorry that you like penis.

no u

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We're not greedy like you, merchant. Christians despise your filthy urges, why don't you get sodomized by your brothers


that's why you're all so poor then

Add that to how much it made on home video, and it clearly made a profit.

You're either a homo or a cunt, either way, you belong in Tumblr, so stop talking and leave.