Phil and Chris are good directors, but they weren’t prepared for ‘Star Wars,’” the anonymous actor said...

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It looks like Kathleen is pushing another narrative.

user, I…

She can push all the bullshit she wants, divine intervention is the only thing that can save the Han Solo movie now.

Whose great idea was it to shit out a Star Wars movie every year?


It's gonna bomb

It's working out wonderfully for them. Those (((merchants))) sure know how to make a shekel! They finally proved to the dumb goyim that you can make Star Wars unprofitable, something Lucas wasn't able to accomplish in more than 40 years.

TLJ pissed everyone off, the toys aren't selling, Rebels got canceled but still managed to fuck up the lore, no games are actually being made. Man, the kikes really are dumb fucking rats.

You goyim will like what we tell you to like.

What the fuck are they gonna do in the last of the new trilogy?

If they were good directors then they would be able to handle making sci fi genre trash. It isn't high art.

The big bad is already did and there seems to be no mystery left to explore, so they'll likely throw in a few Yo Mama jokes at the ginger goblin and make audiences suffer more Rey, maybe they'll rape Fisher's corpse for good measure.

Making a good movie isn't the same as making a feminist movie.

Since when is Kennedy a jewish name.

This is what conservatives believe

anyone who Holla Forums doesn't like is jewish

She’s a shabbos goy, you dense motherfucker

Please don't respond to goons.

go back to Holla Forums or kill yourself
if you are this obsessed you should seek help or kill yourself and end it

I wonder who could be behind this post.

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You betrayed the left a long time ago, now youre just a servant of the kikes

will you fuck off back to Holla Forums already you tumblrina equivalent

Hey Zach.

But I'm Zach

The Holla Forums posters have become so autistic that any German is also now Jewish

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Lord and Miller were so bad, they gave them executive producer credits! Those monsters deserve everything that title holds. Hopefully, Ron Howard will turn Solo into certified kino.

Since she started fucking kikes, idiot.

Welcome to 8ch, now fuck off back to reddit kike

Dude you are arguming with a right wing SJW. Anything that doesn't fit their narative that the jews did literally everything doesn't exist or is a jewish lie to them.

They are mentally ill.


George Lucas'

I know I love shitposting at them and making them squeal. They are fucking pathetic.

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no shit user hollywood has been jewish since it's inception

why don't you off yourself

and the media

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They brag about it in US and Israeli new papers the writers of the articles are jews.

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So let me get this straight then, they control an entire industry, and they purposefully set up a giant target on their backs … merely because of ego? It's almost like someone is offering you a scapegoat, and you all take it for what it is and don't question anything. But hey, I might be a kike so what do I know right?

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I see the leftist tards have arrived to shill for this stillborn dumpster fire , just like their ideology.

Pot meet kettle

I know it's hard to read when you have a diseased mind Zach but surely even you can actually use that phrase correctly.

Ego sure ,self promotion as civil rights advocates, and it is also well known jews run Hollywood and did so from the beginning (pic related). Reminder Whoopie Goldberg changed her name to Goldberg to get more roles.

However the main reason there are comments on jewish power in hollywood is an attempt to control the narrative(s):
1. It's anti-semitic & not true (for normal fags that don't notice)
2. It's true but its a good thing (for people that notice/work in the industry). The brag in the US outlets is very sporadic and framed in how the jews are good for progress.

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The First Order is still alive.

Rey kills Kylo. duh

If I'm in control of an industry, why get my hands dirty, why risk having someone associate me with the negativity said industry brings, why make information that would prove association easily available? If these people have been plotting this for over a century, like many people claim, wouldn't they have found a way to remain hidden behind the curtains? Wouldn't they completely avoid the risk of being unveiled? It's not like these tactics were only found about recently, they've been around for hundreds of years, if not several millennia. They outsmarted many people into their positions of power, yet they have no strategy? They let themselves be ruled by ego? I believe this is an incredibly naive view on the subject.

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Led by Kylo and the ginger goblin. They couldn't be less threatening if they tried.

They work in their own interests as a people by default ( that is their strength) not every jew has a meeting to discuss how to mess with the goyim as a result there are mistakes but they are usually covered up by other jews in power.

jews have been unveiled and kicked out of practically every country in existence at one time or another I think the most recent was a Guatemalan villiage in 2014(?).
It's not a question of outsmarting at least in recent days it's more that they were successful in using tribalism/pity to conquer nations from with in and used their power to control the information to stop tribalism in their host nations population….. you don't want to be a nazi holocauster do you? (inset a religious figure) would help the down trodden….etc.

Are you available to write the script and possibly direct Star Wars Episode IX?

Everyone here is a nazi who knows you inside out, schlomo

You're aware that we read you guys' twitter feeds daily and all your oh-so-secret meetings get recorded, right? Don't try to pretend, just skip to the chutzpah and go on the attack like the cornered rat you are

She may not be. But she's still a woman. I think.

top kek

I'm aware that you're afraid of having your worldview questioned, yes.

''5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary
'attack the messenger' ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach.
Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as 'kooks', 'right-wing', 'liberal', 'left-wing',
'terrorists', 'conspiracy buffs', 'radicals', 'militia', 'racists', 'religious fanatics', 'sexual deviates', and so forth.
This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.''

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All they have to do is fire Kathleen Kennedy blame her for everything (not everything is her fault, disney executives have to approve whatever Lucas arts does).
Get a good director, great story writing team, hire good looking actors/actress that can act, dump sjw politics into the trash and produce a new film unconnected with OT or PT then profit.

That is an ugly nigger.

It's just a normal nigger tbh, most of them look like this

No one cares about rehearsing this shit play for you, kike: there's no outer public reading this, like on reddit. We're fully aware of what's going on and laugh at your desperate misdirections.

Next time if you don't want to get called out instantly, control your chutzpah. You're too eager to get something from the goy, who is fully expecting you.

1. Pay respects to the assfucked community by resurrecting the EU and at least animate some fan favorite like the vong. 2 hours of 2D animation are a cheap investment to gain lot of trust back.

2. Rewrite 7 and 8 into a tv series with lots of Mark Hamill with EU Luke. Never ever

Oh, now it's Reddit, not Twitter? You surely got me user, you're gonna gas me, and whatever else you fantasize about; now I gotta leave Holla Forums because I don't feel safe anymore.

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Well I'd like to see a Imperial sided war movie but disney would probably still fuck that up.


Females are the jews of gender.