ITT draw a scene from a movie

ITT draw a scene from a movie

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Kek'd hard at this.

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I just repost my drawings from the last bread. Nobody ever figured them out. This is all one movie.

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The Seventh Seal?

Pacific Rim 2

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Deepstar Six

Saved, you're truly a talented artist. Soywars

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Luke was happy to drink

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I drew this a year ago

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Pretty good user were you in charge?

I guess nobody will ever figure it out.

The Omega Man


drew this for a similar thread last fall. I don't think anyone got it back then

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The Sweet Hereafter

damn son, you nailed it. what's your secret?

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I know every movie ever made.

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Easy one.

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Tomb raider, the Angelina Jolie one, where she actually has tits.

Rick and Morty.

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not a movie tho pickle rick

lol no

what about this

Well, I guess your moms home videos are technically movies.

But I only have videos of your mom…

Jokes on you, I'm an AI. I only have a father.

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LotR. Ent thing carrying a hobbit into a river of lava.

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I felt in charge…
But as it turns out, paying someone a small fortune to do your dirtywork doesn't exactly give you power over them.

nope lol

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Bram Stokers Dracula

sinbad something something

no sorry

Mortal Kombat?

This is correct. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

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is it that shitty australian horror movie?

The Babadook?


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lol, yes that garbage

No one? Really?

Is it Alone in the Dark?


No, it's fucking Zardoz you plebs.


come on bros, anyone?

Rush Hour

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Give us a clue, user.


No one will ever guess this

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Easy, regular show

John Wayne's Blood River?


someone must get it lol

That's not Signs is it?

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At least we tried it ;-;


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YES! you got it, it's totally Flash Gordon

that scene freaked me the fuck out when I first saw Signs. Think I kinda tuned it out.

Whole movie would have been better if that's all they showed of the aliens

Damn you got me. why couldn't you pick the wedding dress scene man?

What I want to know is why the fuck you gonna invade a planet with more than 70% of the surface covered in what is essentially a corrosive acid to your species?

Because what a tweest

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The water only became a problem when the priest regained his faith. The aliens were actually demons. When Father Mel forgave his neighbor and started to believe again, the water became holy.

That's a very nice drawing but I have no idea what it's from.

Red Dragon Manhunter was better


The artwork is very abstract, and yet I know exactly what it is.

You should have drawn a hand on a head

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Anyone would like to take a guess?

I think this won't take too long for someone to get.

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it's Scream

Clockwork Orange

nope, it's older tbh

Yep, knew that wouldn't take long. next time I'm using stick figures.

>next time I'm using stick figures.
No fuck you I like the drawings that have at least a little bit of effort put into them, yours is quite nice tbh

I want to believe this

Next you're going to tell me that the crop circles were actually sigils for demonic summoning.

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Why the fuck do I know this

Because it was spammed everywhere

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I don't get it :(

no one will ever get this one

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Might as well tell you, it's The Salton Sea, features very good acting by Val Kino and Vin d'Onofrio, but also has a rubbish ending

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no one will ever get this one

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Is it this?

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Twilight Zone
Eraser Head

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This thing where Sarah Silverman is naked in the shower?

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#1 is Kick-Ass
#2 is Inspector Gadget

My Girl. Why did you make Macaulay a nigger?

Suicide Squad
Some TGWTG movie


queen did who wants to live forever you nigger


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matrix 1

He's gonna get you!

still would tbh


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