what did you guys think?

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Because it was so shit?

The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars since Empire as long as you separate the film from pop culture. People who hate it force their own perspective of time and cultural vantage point, but from a purely narrative and franchise-insular point of view, it is leagues better than the prequels and TFA. 18 year olds, however, rarely have the capability to separate their egocentric worldview from a piece of art, so I can't really blame you for it. Your brain just doesn't have the proper wiring yet.

Stop making new shitty threads every 2 minutes you complete cunt, you're wiping out some good thread discussions, I hope the Masie mod and others ban you.

If I were a mod, I would.

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benis haha

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You've already admitted that "if" you were a mod you'd turn it into your own personal autism subreddit like Ghoul.

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As much as I think Masie is an El Goblino I think you're an ok guy so I'd vote for you to be a mod if Holla Forums were a Democracy.

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In what way is he an "ok guy?"

I resent that comment on multiple levels

Thanks, user!

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In the way he's responding to his own post


Why is there a creepy little boy hiding behind Boyega?

Not true.

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Prove it

Prove that I am.

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You are wholly unlikable as a person.

What an awful attitude you have.

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He's not responding to his own posts, I like him around as there's something familiar and comfy about his posting even if I think Masie is La Creatura, it's just nice to have familiar faces around.

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Was it autism?

Well, I am a brainlet.

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I enjoy these misshapen Pepes

Checks out


damn that's hot

Post more.