Asexual character

Why can’t western writers be this subtle?

Japan SJW free

He's asexual because he doesn't have any genitals

Nigga are you gay? He's got the Hots for Gohan why do you think he keeps sacrificing himself for the Twink? Even his special move, Special beam cannon is with his finger, the one he uses to finger kid and teen gohan in the butt.

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sjw trash
this is why I only watch political youtube channels, the modern equivalent of yesterday's television

Namekians are all males. They evolved beyond the need for females, as advanced species eventually will.

Goes on /a/ mah boy

Yes, he reproduces asexually. That's what that word actually means. Tumblr just stole it so they could be retards with it.


Because they want to make sexual identity an issue, whereas nobody but creepy fanfic writers give a shit about whether or not Piccolo is fucking anyone.

also oblig

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yeah, that's not tired and played out at all

Purple and green never goes out of style.

Why is Piccolo fucking Vegeta? Vegeta should be fucking Piccolo if anything, he's far stronger and he's the Alpha.

Digits confirm, Holla Forums needs its daily dose!

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gross cartoon

You need pussy to advance the human species.

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Not in the year 2540 AD my dude

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Tbh it was kind of gross first time I saw that way back, now I've seen it enough times to want a big green dick pistoning in and out of my ass.

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You won't be around then and if you don't fuck a pussy now, your genes won't either.

cuz they're gay


Then we can become manmanity and the only sex we'll have is gay. Beta bois will become the new women and alpha chads will always get to do anal.

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With their biological utility lost, women are merely sex objects.

Vegeta fucked Bulma though, hence Trunks.

FTFY, you rural or suburban retard.

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thanks doc


Nigger you serious?

How does this happen?


t. Vegeta

Miles of nigger dick

He isn't wrong, Piccolo is a little bitch.

fuck off

thanks doc

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By being an alpha female.

because nips just want to have their comics filled with karate, explosions and lolis.
in the west being a writer of some sort or a journalist means mostly being a propaganda agent.
entertainment or truth are secondary, when not unwelcome.