Is it nostalgia?

Is it nostalgia?

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It's boring but at least it makes sense. I like the podrace and the last 15 minutes.

Lets be honest here, audience scores on RT mean nothing just like the critic scores for any film made this decade.

The darth maul/jedi fights in the desert and at the end were the best part of TPM the rest was filler although tpm is still far superior than the rancid garbage fanfiction disney puts out.

It was the biggest film ever…

Liam Neeson should have been Obi-wan Kenobi, and Ewan McGregor be Anakin.

Spoken as someone who left his star wars passion on the floor of The Phantom Menace premiere, the movie with those cast reversal would have been a better insight in future developments than the whole War of the Clones affair.

The jedi should have been brought down because of corruption, by honest Anakin and Sheev. Only later, the burden of all the galaxies dirt would have made them realize they had been turned into villains in the eyes of the peons.

Don't change Sheev's character you fuck he was the very best part of the prequels. Apart from Natalie Portman's midriff You can't just make him a Machiavellian ruler otherwise it ruins his entire character. I mean I'll be the first that as soon as he shows himself as a Sith he just becomes great. There is such a simple joy to get from a man who is so happy to just be evil.

That's material for a sequel, I'm strictly talking about TPM. If the celebrations on Naboo were shocked by terrorist attacks and Sheev was pulled out, struggling to believe the good Republic had this kind of rot inside, I think it would have laid down his future path better.

Afterwards in a sequel, you can focus on his progressive loss of contact with normalfag morality. It would have been reciprocal, relating to the growing resentment against the Republic. Anakin and Sheev would evolve into villains independently and with different milestones, signaled by their decaying appearance.

No, it's the best Star Wars film and the best fantasy/science fiction kino too.

If I'm ever feeling nostalgic for the moment my enthusiasm for Star Wars was killed, I'm sure I will make a beeline for The Phantom Menace.

III was the best prequel by far

Obi-Wan should've been a clone tbqh

Only the space battle above coruscant was decent. As soon as the coughing robot with 8 lightsabers showed up, we went straight back to jar jar levels of idiocy. By the time the movie ended, it was a complete farce.

I don't think Neeson would have made as good an Obi-wan.

That's because you are a pleb

McGregor looks more like a young Alec Guiness. Can Neeson even break that Northern Irish accent?

Here's how you actually improve the prequels:
That's all the trilogy really needed. Things like less CGI would have been nice, but not a deal breaker.

It's not a very good movie and Jar Jar is annoying as shit and was annoying as shit the first time I saw it too.

t. some fag that's never seen the gay and kike review of it you spergs like obsessing over

So another angry manchild who caused the mess we’re in.

Is George Lucas in the thread, user?

No, it's Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace

This, also I am not sure we should follow Anakin. He is an interesting character but I think to keep the PT from spoiling the OT (Vader is Luke's father) Anakin should be a supporting character who is seemingly killed by a hooded and masked (mask could be explained later as needed to survive volcanic fumes/ash) Darth Vader in the last PT movie.
The main character should have been Obi-wan and the film should be mainly from his point of view. Also when Obi-wan’s master is killed Darth Maul should have escaped giving Obi-wan further incentive to find his master’s killer.
Count Dooku/Christopher Lee was underutilized he should have been the “emperor” (big bad guy) of the PT until it is revealed that he is in fact Palpatine’s apprentice. With Dooku you could have explored the grey area making Dooku seem like he was opposing corruption of the jedi rather than being evil….. until later that is.
She was unnecessary to the movie and did not even need lines or an actress. If you absolutely need to have her character, her role should have been a small one. Every time she has lines or appears on screen it should be for a purpose other than because “we needed a girl due to diversity” or the OT had one.
The love affair should between Anakin and Padme should have been really subtle otherwise the jedi would have done something about it.

Less jarring CGI and I suppose a bit more continuity with the OT/OT EU:
New ships should have been blocky or at least blockier than they currently are, MODELS rather than CGI should have been used for ships, EU ships should also have been used (Victory Class SD,Republic Tie fighter, Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser,etc.),No Jar jar or Goon-gans, build sets, make them similar to OT look ( ie don’t make everything curves or circles),No unnecessary CGI (Yoda hovering chair thing, weird wheel craft,etc.),less reliance on small studio blue screens more on location stuff, robots should have looked better ( and been more effective),etc.

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I don't agree. The sleek, curvy designs indicate a gentler time, before the empire. The empire makes everything stark, brutalist, lacking in artistry.
Jar Jar could maybe be toned down, but I like the Goon-gans as a race. Their city and tech was very cool looking.

Its too late for that the Republic was in a decline hence why the empire happened therefore technology and look should have been more similar than it was depicted.

The technology looks more and more like that of the original trilogy as the PT goes on.

It's not good enough for me might be over use of CGI with the ship models although I'll admit I really like the Venator-class Star Destroyer

They were gross clown aliens money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Non sequitur. Curvy colored design does not make a starship look older, only exotic.

It must be hard that no one founds prequelposting funny and they immediately jump you like you're a retard

Not without his beard in the first movie. And he lacks the grand presence for a general, he's just a small guy like Robin for batman.

No, for you .


the only nostalgia I feel is for the battle droids and the lego

The movie is terrible. TERRIBLE.
Attack of the Clones is bad, but at least it isn't BORING AS SHIT

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No, it's just the better movie compared to everything that came out after it.

Take your meds