So I guess I like to drink me some coffee in the morning you know

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It's like they tried to drown him out with forced laughter.

You can tell Ricky gets legitimately mad in that video. He gets upset whenever his blind status quo worshipping bullshit is shown to be idiotic.

Just like you do when someone dares to say that Harry Potter is for children and you need to grow the fuck up you fucking manchild, innit?

Swing and a miss faggot
LotR > Harry Potter fagshit

talk shit about coffee one more time and see what happens

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What gets me is that Ricky gets that mad just a few minutes after he told them about the breadboard laptop and the shitvase toilet.

Please take your meds you cuckchan autist

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That's more or less every episode though tbh

That's right. Soy is the only permissible breverage in this day and age.

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Everything has to be about Ricky. That's why he stopped being a "friend" to Karl once he got his own show.

Shame he got pressured in to doing more, the only episodes that even held a candle to that kino first season were the S2 premiere and finale.

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the series he did on his own, the Moaning of life, was quite good too. Really put into perspective that Karl doesn't need to be shat on, mocked or forced to do things he doesn't want to to be funny. In fact one of the best moments on it was simply Karl overjoyed and excited to be given fake hair.

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Then what should be done?

Let them starve. Realistically they are an infinitely multiplying menace that could eat all the food in the world.

Going to have to learn to farm some fucking food someday

Was this the show that ended them working together?

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Leave them alone
All the free food is destroying their domestic farmers and basically teaching them not to work

They should be fucking taught infrastructure. If people in Iceland and Finland can survive, so can niggers. It's not my fault they're all too dense to dig near greenery for water. It's not my fault their latest innovation is a pointy stick. It's not my fault they think magic should be taught instead of science. White people survived basically inhospitable climates because when something didn't work, we tried another solution instead of sitting in our own shit expecting eternal handouts.

Why is Carl's proposal of people just moving not viable in their opinion? Moving to where there is water is a pretty basic notion. What keeps the starving Ethiopians in the desert?

Yup, Carl is weird but not bad weird.

come on. all was planned by Gervais.

Why do random strangers on the other side of the world need an endless supply of handouts again?

Coffee is shit, and so are the captains that drink it.

Picard would never into coffee.

Does Ricky even get that the discussion is essentially "give a man a fish" vs. "teach a man to fish" and that he's advocating for the "give a man a fish" solution?

Only part that made me laugh is when he went to Japan and was disappointing that everything wasn't futuristic.

Honda was really proud of their Asimo robot, they expected him to marvel at the fact that it could walk but instead he just looked and simply said "He walks like he shit imself!"


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This is an abomination made to cater to Austrians and their coffee-centric culture.
This sort of shit happens all the time on television

Gervais is advocating for the "can you believe this mong!?" position, he's not really thinking beyond "how can I pants Pilkington?". His whole thing was mocking whatever Karl said for not being a sociopathic starfucker like Ricky was and is.

Ricky Gervais really is a cunt.

An aspect of knowledge definitely lies in being able to grasp ideas and express your extrapolations of those ideas that one might not be able to, because of a narrow grasp of a specific language. Karl is a smart person with a dumb person's vocabulary. Ricky is just a faggot.

And at the same time, Ricky said he'd bring a tabletop book of art and a vat of fucking Novocaine. Karl is certainly smarter than he's built up to be.

he did make this bit of cringe kino though

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Technically, moving isn't necessary. Remember that South Africa was inhospitable entirely by niggers until the white man colonized it and turned it into prosperous land.

Ricky really did learn well from his time with the Cuck King

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Karl is ironically smarter. He's not the most eloquent or well read guy, but he has common sense, and he knows bullshit when he sees it.
Ricky is the kind of person who thinks being able to name some dead philosopher, and not believing in ghosts makes him smart. And I bet he hasn't even read Loki.

It would be extremely on the spectrum.

Karl is pragmatic, Ricky is idealistic (or at least pretends to be).
Pragmatism is more useful than idealism by definition.


Ricky likes the idea of being idealistic. It's just social signaling.

Bugs me that they just completely ignore the point he was making that indefinite free handouts are not helping 3rd worlds in the long run.

He doesn't give a shit. Here's how people like Ricky think:

It really was like giving a sociopath a series of emotional strings to pull ineptly.
Ricky's acting on the show also swings about wildly, there's times where he's just clearly forgetting to do his little jaw-jut and completely drops the speech problems various times.

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"there would be no more hungry people if we killed them all"

*laughter abruptly dies*

I think the simplest explanation is this:
Karl is an MC
Ricky is an NPC


Damn, they nailed it.

Soy is not a beverage, soy milk is.


Based Harry

This. Stephen Merchant was actually the writer and brains behind basically anything decent that Gervais was involved in, everyone of Gervais' solo work is total shit.

holy fuck that was perfect and I cant believe I haven't seen it before, enfield always will be a complete lad

The worst instance I can think of is when Karl mentions he doesn't wear his slippers outside and Ricky mocks him for it. Like he can't comprehend why you wouldn't want to absorb the dirt and grime of the outside world in fluffy slippers and bring that shit inside to soil the floor in your house. What an absolute tosser.

The whole point of slippers is you don't wear them outside.

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