I am currently rewatching all the Harry Potter Movies

Anyone else think that more slice of life scenes would have been cool?
I would have liked to see what Harry and his friends do in his freetime.

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No the films did exactly what they needed to and are well paced. They have slice of life scenes.

People complain way too much as it is that they didn't include everything in the books, if you want more pointless scenes, then the movies would contain even less important things from the book.

tldr 95% of what is in the movies is required to be in them to make any sense as a story

if they included more slices of life, it would become obvious that Rowling's world makes zero sense

This, but not HP & Co. I couldn't care less about the trio. Fred & George's shenanigans would have been so much more entertaining.

Even the books weren't enough. I just want to see them hanging out and not worry about Voldemort.
Well, good thing the tv series is probably going to include a ton of slice of life scenes, so I guess I'll get my wish. I just hope they won't fuck it up.

Fucking lame, they were comfy.

Kek you fucking mong. Game of shits couldn't even do those shitty books adaptation wise with a ton of episodes.

Most of the movies 1 2 3 and 6 are them hanging out. 6 is their most normal year.


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Immersion into her world is literally the main reason why the books and films were such a huge hit.

It probably still has to be primarily from their perspective though.

The films are very immersive. Even goblet of fire had some normal slice of life scenes.

I watched them except for the last double-parter and it was over way too fast for me.

Yeah, the Brits have a minority (otherwise known as the majority in London) fetish. What else is new?

They aren't fast paced at all they are legitamtely well paced. It probably just means that you want more because you enjoyed it so much. I enjoy it too and wish there were more hogwarts comfiness but the films did what they needed to imo.

An all black/minority cast?

Seriously though, what do you think a magical school in Detroit would be like?

Also OP if you didn't see the first two extended editions do so because they have extra chill scenes.

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Well, I just got done watching Half-blood Prince and you know what I noticed?
Snape was now the new Teacher for defence against the dark arts, since Slughorn is now the new potion's guy.
Well, there was not single scene of him teaching.

I don't want to even think about it, what the Americans would do out of the Hogwarts, if they got their hands on it.
It was bad enough that Ginny is an implicit coalburner, although she most likely was still a virgin.

I did. I watched it on hd-streams.org and they uploaded the extended editions.
I watched Sorcerer Stone as a kid two times. Once with my parents and immideatly afterwards with my school class, when I was in first grade, so I remember the movie very well.
But honestly I didn't notice the extra scenes.

Hmm, don't remember there ever being a scene, where they are near Hermione's bed. How are they even allowed in there?

I wish I could use a time turner to go into the past and force Rowling at gunpoint to sign a magically binding contract which interdicts her from writing one of the dullest franchises in the history of movie franchises. Seriously each episode following the boy wizard and his pals from Hogwarts Academy as they fight assorted villains has been indistinguishable from the others. Aside from the gloomy imagery, the series’ only consistency has been its lack of excitement and ineffective use of special effects, all to make magic unmagical, to make action seem inert.

Perhaps the die was cast when Rowling vetoed the idea of Spielberg directing the series; she made sure the series would never be mistaken for a work of art that meant anything to anybody, just ridiculously profitable cross-promotion for her books. The Harry Potter series might be anti-Christian (or not), but it’s certainly the anti-James Bond series in its refusal of wonder, beauty and excitement. No one wants to face that fact. Now, thankfully, they no longer have to.

The writing is dreadful; the book was terrible. As I read, I noticed that every time a character went for a walk, the author wrote instead that the character "stretched his legs."

I began marking on the back of an envelope every time that phrase was repeated. I stopped only after I had marked the envelope several dozen times. I was incredulous. Rowling's mind is so governed by cliches and dead metaphors that she has no other style of writing. Later I read a lavish, loving review of Harry Potter by the same Stephen King. He wrote something to the effect of, "If these kids are reading Harry Potter at 11 or 12, then when they get older they will go on to read Stephen King." And he was quite right. He was not being ironic. When you read "Harry Potter" you are, in fact, trained to read Stephen King.

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only a brainlet could get immersed in a world that doesn't make sense

You actually cant even follow a harry potter movie and you think you can insult it.

They are visiting her in the hospital while she was recovering from the furry.

Get some better rips and don't just stream them tbh, if you have a 4K tv they also remastered the first two and they look fantastic.

Frankly a scene with Snape teaching DADA wasn't needed to move the story along, the scenes that are in the theatrical cut all move forward properly. Snapes scenes all have to do with draco or potter or both. It is just a more personal film, they decided after goblet of fire to focus on harry more and the trio. You know what is very cool about Half blood prince though there are a ton of parallels to chamber of secrets.

Obviously Tom Riddles diary and Snapes potion textbook
In Chamber the school being threatened from within by a monster, in HBP Draco thinks he’s a monster and is threatening the school from the inside.
Both times harry thinks they are Draco
Borgin and Burkes
Harry and Malfoy Duel
Girls Lavatory Potion Making vs Mens Lavatory Duel
Potion making in general is a theme, polyjuice, amortentia, liquid luck, Voldemorts potion
I forget about the books but in the movies fawkes fly from the chamber of secrets to the castle and in half blood prince flys away from Hogwarts at the end
Aragóg is introduced/dies
Hermione repair Harry’s glasses, Luna repairs Harry’s nose.
Lockhart unsuccessfully repairs Harry’s arm, Snape successful repairs Dracos torso
The bathrooms are flooded
Katie cursed, bludger cursed, ms norris hermione colin cursed
There is blood written on the Hogwarts wall when the chamber of secrets Is opened. Dumbledore wipes his blood on the wall of the cave to open the entrance.The only times we see the herbology gardens are in both
Harry and Ron look over Hermione petrified in the hospital wing. Hermione and Harry look over Ron in the hospital wing
Our first introduction to a horcrux, harry destroys one, our second introduction to a horcrux (the ring) harry fails to destroy one (the fake locket)Dumbledore sees Harry under the invisibility cloak in Hagrids before he leaves the grounds in chamber of secrets.
Dumbledore puts harry under the invisibility cloak before he dies in half blood prince
In the films because of Isaac ad libing Lucius attempt a killing curse on Hogwarts grounds.
In half blood prince Draco fails to attempt one but a killing curse is landed on Hogwarts grounds

only a brainlet could miss the point that harry potter is a batshit wizard world that inherently isn't supposed to make sense or be functional. seriously no meme here, kill yourself or stop posting

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can't or won't?

Go back to 4chan with all the people who also don't understand the simplest thing about the time turners not actually changing anything

Please go back to cuckchan.

Well you are supposed to immerse yourself, while you are at the same age as the main characters, user.

Also that is the most redeeming factor of the franchise, so I don't know what you are on about.

Right. I remember now.
Also it's really weird to watch it in English. Really really weird.

You are right, but I still wanted to see more slice of life user. There is nothing you can do to stop this desire.

Neck yourself pls

KEK dude you have the brain of an infant.

Harry doesn't feel like a real boy. Dunno if it's different in the books but he seems to be a woman's interpretation of a boy.

Reading the books before you watch the movies, they feel like they're on fast forward the whole time. Super rushed.
Better to watch the movies, then read the books.

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Harry is way more normal and likable in the films than the books tbh

Seriously how dumb do you have to be to think that Harry Potter is supposed to be realistic?

no one said realistic. however, even a fantasy world has to make sense within the constraints of its fantasy.

We can’t all be PhD holders and intellectuals, user.
Not sure why you brought up the time travel shit though, I certainly never mentioned it. It is kinda funny that you feel superior/bright for enjoying books and films aimed at children, and think that someone who didn’t enjoy the books/films just didn’t understand the time travel.

Yeah, it's kinda weird that he comes across as borderline asexual. Damn, that ball was so akward to watch.

Dude, who hasn't seen and read them both years ago?

But the time travel made sense. Just watch it again, dude. You'll realize that they actually didn't change any events. It just allowed them to be at different places at the same time and everything they did was completly circular.

if you aren't that user then why did you respond to me when I was address whomever posted the pasta with an incorrect assumption about the time turner

It does make sense user.

Why not? Wasn't I allowed to?

It's actually kind of funny how every single asshole online feels superior for hating on harry potter when its good.

Piss off you fucking shitposter.

How cynical do you have to be, to not had fun in your youth, while watching Harry grow up at the same time as you did?

Nothing produced since Harry Potter has garnered so much discussion, really makes you think.

Whatever helps you get thru the day.

Where is all this anger coming from? Take a deep breath.

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The fuck you talking about?
Harry was way hornier in the book. He thinks about ginny a lot in the first half of half blood prince. In the movie, it comes out of absolutely nowhere

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God damn

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I'm not talking about horniness, I'm talking about him as a human. Radcliffe made him seem like a normal joe, as he was normal aside from being marked for death by voldy, and more relatable than how Rowling wrote him. But i havent read the books in a while.

And only because I started rewatching them a few days ago.
The nostalgia is real dude.

I was talking about the movies.

too predictable

Is that supposed to impress anyone, or make the books/films not shit?

Do you have anything to say besides sound like the biggest, most sore loser you can?

I bet he is incapable of rewatching the movies, because it would make him cry, because of nostalgia and wasted potential.

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Do you?

If Harry Potter makes you cry, there is no hope for you.

it makes you cry, user
it makes you cry


Maybe from knowing that the time spent watching the films is time I will never get back…

Is that why you waste your time posting on this board that is almost 100% off topic and then complain in a thread that is on topic?


He probably doesn't even have a good setup to watch them on.

so you people actually watch and read this trash? lmao this explains everything about the current state of Holla Forums.

Exactly. All that wasted potential and lost time. The films ended in 2011. A time you WISHED you could go back to. But you can't.
You never will. You will only ever get older, user.

And to cry about a series of children's books and movies, user? That is pathetic.


HP never managed to stir up any feelings in me tbh.
I did tear up at some parts of RotK, and the end of Boy A, but that's it.

Everyone watched and read this, when it came out.
Sorry, your childhood was shit. It's not the same btw, if you were to rewatch it now.
What made it special is that you were the same age as the protagonists.

t. tom marvolo riddle

Then you probably have no soul because they are heartfelt and WELL done.

Sounds like a whole lot of projection to me.

user, stop crying please.

Or, maybe you are just overly emotional and cry at absolutely everything.

Seconded. These haters…

I'm not, you're the one who cries at the worst Lotr flick.

I pity the plebs, who are so stupid and blunt, that they actually TAKE PRIDE in the fact that they are unable to immerse themselves into something.

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You and I are on the same page user

I think Two Towers is the worst, but RotK is not the best of the LotR films, I agree with that. The scene of Theoden dying, Aragorn's speech before the battle, and Sam & Frodo on Mt. Doom was powerful stuff though.

I don't take pride in it, I'm just stating a fact. You though, seem to take pride in the fact that you started crying watching a Potter film. Whatever floats your boat though.

Thanks user. It's really annoying to see the knee-jerk contrarianism from cuckchan reappear here.

Nah, I am a man. I don't cry. Some scenes get me a bit teary-eyed though.
And man that ball suplot had me cringe together with the characters.

There's no shame in tears of happiness user. The Harry Potter films have genuine moments.

Sam's speech in TTT at the end is pretty great. Also get goosebumps when Gandalf appears in the woods.

Sure the sam frodo bits are good in ROTK, I think there's some more heartfelt stuff in FOTR and TTT though.

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Yep, the lack of self awareness by these people. Memefried brains

For some reason I never teared up watching Boromir's death scene… I haven't seen the LotR films in ages though, maybe I should give them a watch again.

Sam & Frodo's goodbye at the end of RotK was another close call.

I never tear up when watching Boromir's death either, I get upset when hes getting arrowed though. but the aftermath of Gandalfs death sometimes gets me when everyone is crying.

They don't seem to realize that some of the memes in a few months are going to be regarded as cringy as the kekistani crowd is now.
Did you watch the first seasons of HWNDU? Same principle. It's just unbearable to rewatch now.

Btw you are a cool dude. Want to stay in contact?
Here is my dropoff email. [email protected]

I think it has to do with him (Boromir) trying to kill Frodo earlier, he redeemed himself by saving the Merry & Pippin, but it tainted his character a bit too much.

Gandalf's death was well done, and the sounds being drowned out and then the music playing was really effective.

With the constant harry potter shitposting I think some anons have realized that the hate is completely unnecessary and "hating just because" but many newfags who don't understand irony in the first place think they are in good company with people who are so angry for others enjoying something, especially something that actually has become classic.

And yes I would like to, I'll email you later today.

Yea when Gandalf falls and they leave moria it's very well directed

I feel like it takes away from the scene when you know he comes back again. It cheapens the moment, and maybe it would have been best if he was killed off.

I didn't know there's an anime of Becky Lynch

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It kind of does….none of the fellowship members but Boromir die. Gandalf dying for real would have had weight.

That does explain the anons who go into the public and espouse their memery there. Some of them seriously lack any self-awareness.

Gonna check my emails tonight then.

A missed opportunity for sure. He didn't have to go all GURM, but Gandalf's death should have been permanent - it makes his last stand more epic, and it makes the situation feel even more hopless.

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I love how Harry Potter has also proven to be an infinite well of memes.

I was never really there for this tbh. I wonder what Holla Forums was like, when the movies came out.

I wasn't there when the films were released either, but HOWEVER posting was a big meme that stuck because everyone knew it deep down, anyone who saw the first film knew that meme from 2001 and on.

I agree, you don't really need Gandalf in TTT and to summon Eomer at Helms Deep (even though its a great moment when Aragorn remembers his words at arriving at dawn and when Shadowfax appears at the top of the hill) and he definitely wasn't really needed to be fucking around with Pippin so much in ROTK. Nor was he a major player…

Yeah. What's intersting is that the only first movie awards any points to houses. Later movies just skip over that. Not sure abou the books. I have to reread them.

It's sort of reflected with the story getting more mature, only the first years actually cared about the house cup and sub-sequentially either cared about getting laid or the huge monster in the castle in chamber of secrets.

I think they do mention the house cups in the books afterwards and the quidditch house cup, something that isnt addressed in the films either besides harry looking in the mirror. Fun fact that Slytherin won the house cup 6 or 7 years in a row before Harry showed up

Seconded. They could have sent some unknown Rohirrim messenger to alert Eomer about their situation as they were evacuating Edoras, then have Eomer show up on the hilltop at dawn as Aragorn looks up.

Gandalf was so OOC in RotK it's not even funny. They butchered Denethor's character too, as well as a lot of other silly things that didn't need to be there - like the army of the dead sweeping in to save the day at the Battle of the fields of Pelennor.

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This board is 18+

>>>Holla Forums

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Now that I think about the house cup was also only a thing in on of the movies.
To be fair, it would stretch the movie out a bit too much. That's why I am curious about a potential tv show.

Fun fact. It seems to be a law that someone always has to mention that fact, when talking about point.

Think very clearly about the demographic who watched and read Harry Potter, user.

Yes, shouldn't they be grown-ups now?

Yes like the people who directed and wrote the movies/books.

The Denethor/ Gandalf/ Pippin storyline was definitely the weakest.

I don't think grown-ups are the target demographic for the books/films, and I think it would be more healthy to move on and explore new books and films instead of clinging to your childhood.

No I mean the films were directed by adults and shot by adults and you are such a pretentious fuckface that you think somehow aging means you have to hate on good movies LOL

Most people were 15-30 when they saw the movies.

I love how this is the argument every time for Harry Potter haters "I think it would be more heatlhy to move on and explore new books and films"

Who says you cant do that an still enjoy Harry Potter?

Most people, myself included, were roughly the age of the characters.
I am 24 now.

I am not even really a fan, but I like it. But only a few days ago I spent any time thinking about Harry Potter, because it felt right rewatching it.

I know what you mean that a lot of people were roughly the age of the characters. I was the same age as the actors. So for the last four I was 17 19 20 and 21 respectively. And I know for a fact there were people much older than me watching them in theaters too. Lots of 20-30 year olds. And then you factor in all the parents who took their kids who also ended up enjoying them.

That fits very well, because most actors in Harry Potter are more or less 30 now.

I think your taste in films and books ought to change as you grow up and become more mature. Clinging to whatever you watched and read growing up isn't healthy, and certainly not something to take pride in.

My taste has changed and guess what the Harry Potter films have grown on me. Just because I like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter doesn't mean my taste hasn't changed. I've watched and liked tons of different things in the last 10 years that I never would have liked.

It sounds like you haven't grown up that much if you still go back to whatever you saw and read in your early teens. I am reminded of the Alec Guinnes quote where he told the kid to let go of Star Wars lest he would end up forever clinging to childhood and become a manchild.

IMHO it is only acceptable to watch or read Harry Potter if/when you are a father and you are introducing your young children to it.

Where's the drawings

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Shouldn't that be Ginny getting rammed by that nigger instead?

How is Harry being a cuck? He is fucking Ron's sister.

You post like a 4chan bitch tbh. I'm not even going to try to respond since you are very very blinded.

The HP films are legit.

It bothered me that she actually kissed a black dude.

What part of me seeing the last four films when i was 17-21 didn't you understand. More importantly what part of "I dont just watch Harry Potter and watch a ton of things" didn't you grasp either?

user just stop, think about your heart

If you don't want to appear like a manchild whenever someone calls you our or questions your obsession with something from your childhood that you can't let go of as you grow up, calling them bitch and refusing to respond, calling them ignorant is not the way to go about it.
It comes off as you wanting to live in an echo chamber where refusing to let go of your childhood is acceptable.

Look mom I posted it again. Get some self awareness you fuck

What part of standalone films don't you grasp? You realize most adults today only watch capeshit and Baby Driver?

Quite ironic, because rewatching the movies would make you cry like a little bitch, user.
So who can't let go?

You can't even bear to immerse yourself in your past, because it hurts too much to think about all that wasted time, wasted development, wasted youth and wasted potential.

He stinks of superiority complex. Like most 4cucks.

What a mature response! You don't sound hostile to anyone challenging your childhood nostalgia at all.

And? Does that excuse your own inability to grow up?

Your constant projection doesn't affect me. I'm not gonna "immerse" (ie refuse to let go of the past) or cry because of some films I watched (some of) growing up.

I saw most of the films when I was an adult. You need to grow up matey. Look around at this very board and the internet and all the shit adults do like tweet all day about nothing.

And again. Stupid and blunt enough to actually take pride that you are unable to immerse yourself into a medium that makes it extremely easy (like you said, even children can do it).

You are a salty cunt, user. That's all. I already repeated myself 2 times.

You are right. God, these fags get less self-aware every year.

Tell em

I dont know why Holla Forums attracts people who really seem like they don't enjoy anything (unless its ecelebs and anime cartoon garbage of course)


I just watched this. I can guess why they didn't put it in. lol

The 4th movie is so consistently crazily directed lol



The central theme for the franchise is an anti racism anti prejudice message. The death eaters are a crude allegory for reactionaries Nazis and nationalists. Should have seen this coming.

Yes, a point was that the wizards are prejudice towards the muggles just as the muggles who know about witches are prejudice towards them as well.

However, plays do change gender and even race all the time. Dan Radcliffe was in Equus and Charles S. Hutton played the same role on stage too, he's a big black man.

Did you get my email bro?

No these movies are pleb trash already

My god that is so overacted that I love it

Look in your mailbox. Should be there.

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I don't really like the religious stuff in LOTR.
Gandalf is an angel that has an auto-respawn?

Shit like that killed the magical mystery for me.
Tolkien was great at worldbuilding, not so much telling a coherent story.

Look here, you pseudo-psychoanalyst, all I want is to see Emma Watson fucked by a pig.

Oh.. wait

He didn't have auto-respawn. It wasn't a foregone conclusion that he would be sent back.

Why is this thread so shit? post more hermione porn.

Where was it confirmed that Gandalf died after the Balrog? The story as he tells it is that he chased it up the mountain, killed it, passed out, and got picked up by thr eagles.