Would you drink butterbeer?

Would you drink butterbeer?

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Short for Gabrielle/Gabriella?

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Always remember that the people who try and shame conservatives for their virtues, are literal shit eaters who destroy theirs and their closed ones' lives to pursue the most abhorrent vice.


Sounds delicious!

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Great contribution to the thread and the board as a whole.

Thanks, I try.

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you're not the original blissposter. I know because that's me

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Then why aren't you posting Bliss? Riddle me that, Batman.

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because this thread has nothing to do with Bliss. unlike you, I don't spam her in completely unrelated threads.

These are the pillars of the Left, kike. You will be remembered as the great polluters of the soul.


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You're describing neo-nazis

wtf she's best emma now


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Roofie'd butterbeer is how you get Harvested.

what about buttered roofiebeer?

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Holla Forums is filled with soyfags


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Maybe if I was drinking it straight out of Emma Watson's twat.

This but unironically. Bliss is the best thing about this board.


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That's not very nice of you, sweetie.