Far Cry 5 Ending

Amazing ending btfo leftists and atheists! This either had to be the biggest fuck you of all time or a complete backfire.

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Far Cry instincts - really good
Far Cry instincts predator - really good
Far Cry 2 - pretty good
Far Cry 3 - pretty good
Far Cry 4 - very good
Far Cry 4 valley of yetis - pretty good
Far Cry 5 - _____

haven't played it but what happened?

the crazy guy turns out to be 100 percent right


Daily reminder that in the first Avengers movie, the old german guy who doesn't bown to Loki and mentions 'someone else who tried to rise as God among men', did actually mean Hitler. It was a dog's whiste for Jesus to other kikes.

They viciously hate Him because he denies their special race status, and forbid them to do evil on the gentiles.

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I thought this was Holla Forums not Holla Forums. Fuck off there you mook.

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Why do leftists love feeding christcucks hysteria?
The real kosher sandwich. Both feed off of cumskins worst instincts.

The Jews were completely justified in turning against Jesus.
I love how retards hate jews for the one(and only) reason they should like them.

Because their entire movement was designed as a counter to Jewish solidarity and entrenched power which now also controls Hollywood?

There’s too many fucking jews on Holla Forums now.

That was pretty kino

No one believes you, kike

Unironically this.

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I bet the Russians did this

he was defending jesus, not hitler you retard

Why should I like Jews for carrying out the will of the demiurge?

Don't be a faggy gnostic. Jews do the will of Satan.

That was pretty entertaining, but I can't play another one of these games and rescue 50 identical outposts just to get to the next story mission.

Satan is the demiurge.

That's pretty cool, but at this point is it a surprise when a Far Cry game ends by telling you that you were the monster all along?

That outpost copypaste shit really does get boring. Shame because otherwise exploring Far Cry games is usually fun

dont even have to watch the video to know it will be nra pro drumfp white supremacist meninist nazi bullshit no sane person would take seriously. also the game isnt out yet, so this is piracy aka stealing. Reported & suggest yall seek mental help

get on twitter and boycott ubisoft for right wing neo nazi propaganda now

It's actually Holla Forums

Thats what happen in 4 as well

Different name, same faggot.

That's an absolutely kino ending

That was actually pretty cool I, interesting that Ubisoft actually had the balls to let the "bad" guy win.

Satan approves

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You forgot Far Cry 3: A E S T H E T I C.

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That was the only good one after Far Cry 2.


Polygon hates Farcry 5
It’s been a while since we’ve had a hit piece this hard. Complaints about the game are as follows:

It’s amazing how blatantly this article bashes the game for being a game. I don’t know if Farcry 5 is good or how pozzed it is, but man did it make polygon mad.

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I never played that one


Reported for Jewry

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there's also a movie so its not off topic

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The movie really suck.