This is the thread in which I watch every episode of Dectective Conan

This is the thread in which I watch every episode of Dectective Conan. Currently on episode 3 of the currently 897 episodes. I will post updates as I continue.

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Case 3 Beware of Idols
The killer is Fujie-san himself. It was a suicide staged to look like a murder to implicate the idol Yoko in a scandal out of despair for having thought Yoko rejected him when he was rebuffed in his attempts to reconcile with her. In reality it was the idol Yuko who looked similar to Yoko from behind with whom he struggled and who ran from him giving him that false impression.
A tragic case that consisted of lies, misunderstanding, and coincidences.

Also what the fuck kind of reasoning is that for not telling Ran the truth? It's not like the MiB will instantly know the moment he tells her and hunt them down. This whole premise is silly. Soundtrack is solid as fuck though. I will continue tomorrow.


Case 4 Fish Marks the Spot
The secret of the treasure map is things that could only be seen at night. The assumption that tsukaidori was what the moon represented was a fundamental flaw based on an initial bias derived from Mitsuhiko's inital assumption that "oro" was an initialism for great hidden treasure. This cause Conan to chase down a red herring. When he realized his mistake and return to Tokyo tower he was able to use the neon signs visible only at night to orientate his way towards the treasure.

Come on, if he figured out that the map was for the stolen loonies right off the back he should have assumed that the author of the map, an Italian, wouldn't be familiar enough with the Japanese language to encode his message that way. Also dude your detecting skills are weird as fuck. One moment you can make these immpossible leaps of logic that end up being completely correct but you fumble on a simple thing like a foreigner not understanding Japanese? whaddafuckdude Also good to see Genta get the shit kicked out of him. Fat fuck runs his mouth too much. Why do fat people even exist. You are disgusting and should end your 56% lives. Also Also why the fuck does everyone tell their plans. You were going to kill the kids so no point in telling them anyways. And if you were going to kill some Japanese children in Japan where the cops most definitly would investigate why the fuck did you call the cops on the mob boss that betrayed you? I mean holy fuck he could always tell the authorites in exchange for a reduced sentance AND he betrayed you. The cops are going to give a much lesser shit about some dead foreign crime boss who was on the run than the burned up bodies of 4 upper middle class elementary children with bullets in their heads. Fucking spaghetti niggers can't do anything right. Soundtrack is kino as fuck though. Ayumi is a slut who giving it up like that in the post credits scene.

This is the thread in which I will spam fart pics.

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I don't watch anime all that frequently, and when I do, I find the longer shows like Detective Conan, One Piece, etc. to be intimidating and overwhelming. I applaud your tenacity, OP.

Case 5 The Time Bomb Express
The bomb was in the briefcase of the lady in the seventh car. It was set to trigger when she used her cellphone to call the inside traders for the combonation.

Okay I am not even going to get into how convoluted this shit was. Why pay that much for a case whose contents you can't check and that you have to call in on a cellphone they gave you at an appointed time? This is what happens when women try to get involved in the business world. Also what is up with grown women in this series getting that wet for a ten year old. Dude seriously some kid runs out of nowhere, kicks your shit that you just paid 100 million ricebux for out a window, and so you fall to your knees blushing, atart pawing at your crotch, and breathing heavy?

Case 6 Tragic Valentine
The poison was in the coffee that Katsuhiko's aunt and adopted mother served. Despite Naoimichi's attempt to murder Katsuhiko it was the poison coffee that everyone drank that did the deed. The antidote was servered in the cake knowing that Katsuhiko despised sweets.

Pretty convoluted when it would have been much more simple to poison him alone and avoid the second part of the scheme that risked the lives of others.. Most of the episode was built around the interpersonal drama of the characters and the complex social framework present. Ran a good girl, loyal was fuck to her husubando and patiently waiting for him to return even when faced with a big guy showing interest. I like the gimmick of using Ran's father to explain the cases though. I am interested in seeing how long they drag the joke out.

Case 7 The Case of the Mysterious Gifts
The person sending the mysterious gifts was the father of a patient who had died of appendicitis and wanted revenge on the surgeon who couldn't save him.
Ran a cutie and smarter than she lets on.

Case 8 The Art Museum Murder Case
The murderer was who gives a shit that was awesome. Dude got stapled to a wall with a sword through the throat. The museum director Ochiai did it and framed the curator Kubato that was stealing and selling exhibits.
Ran's dad was strangely competent this episode. It took minimal prodding for him to piece together the clues Conan dropped. He might actually be, dare I say it, good at his job if he wasn't such a drunk. Also I like the way how Detective Mori and Conan are starting to pick up each other's habits and mannerisms.

Case 9 Festival Fiasco
The murder was Sasai but more importantly who the fuck brings some random child to the scene of a murder, especially when the top of the victims head was opened up like it had a zipper? HOLY SHIT I JUST NOW GOT WHY MY DAD CALLED FUCKING VIETNAM SHITS ZIPPER HEADS LOL.

This will be the last one for tonight. I need to watch RAW IS BORE and laugh at how bad WWE is nowadays.

Can this also be the thread where I watch Precure? I am currently on what could technically be considered episode 596 of (as of now) 692. I'm only watching 1 a day currently so it won't be too unobtrusive.

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I was actually saving Precure for next since I have only seen Happiness Charge and I liked it enough to dig full autism into it. You can make your own thread, it's not like there is anything of value posted on Holla Forums.

(nice dubs)
I've been watching them from start to finish, and while I have incredibly mixed feelings about Hacha (it's bad but fun) if you liked it then I'm sure you'll like the others. Most nerds say you can't go wrong with Go Princess or Heartcatch, and I'm inclined to agree. If you're not gonna run the full gauntlet in order, then you should do those.

I suppose I could well make my own thread. You're right in that there's nothing of importance on the board I'd be pushing off anyways.

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Case 10 Deadly Game
Mamoru was kidnapped by No one. Naoki a rival soccer player and friend to Akagi who blamed Mamoru's onii-chan for breaking his leg and stealing the spotlight. Naoki decided to trick Mamoru into writting the "kidnapping" note in order to have Akagi throw the game using a plot element from the latest copy of the vidya Onimaru Quest with which he was playing with Mamoru. The obviously excessively ransacked home and clearly intentional scratches on the lock were all red herrings to convince Akagi and Ryoko that Momoru had been kidnapped for ransom.

Ran is starting to fall into the abusive dragon lady chink bitch trope and it is getting obnoxious as fuck. He whole reaction to Ryoko's announcement was really weird. Like does she or does she not think Conan is Shinichi. Also what the fuck happened with those magic sneakers, Conan? You actually have an excuss to use them when you are running away but you just forgot they existed?

Godspeed you crazy bastard. I believe in you!

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Case 11 My Own Private Tryout

Mia is trying out for a hot new music video and she is ready to take the lead dancing role. After organizing a private meeting to show off her new choreography, she knows exactly how to play it. After getting up close and personal with her private dance show, the situation takes its natural course and she ends up in the bedroom showing off more than a few hot moves.

Doesn't really make much sense. Why would you need to have sex to get a dancing role?

Case 12 The Client List

Samantha isn’t just your ordinary Beverly Hills housewife. She has the house, the car, the looks. But this is all her own work. She hasn’t needed a man to get her where she is. Owning the most exclusive erotic massage parlor in LA, catering to celebrities. When one of her girls cancels on a very important client, Samantha steps in to cover her session - and she will ensure that he is completely satisfied.

Again, really stupid plot. Couldn't she just pay the guy off instead of fucking him? She's rich enough to do it.

Case 13 Cheating GF has anal sex with BBC

It was a rainy day when Mandy was pulling out of her driveway. While she was on the phone with her boyfriend she hit her neighbor’s car Flash. Obviously upset Flash told Mandy to just go up to his place to do the paperwork since it was rainy outside. She didn’t know when to announce it to him but she had forgotten to pay her insurance for a while and she had no way to repay him the damages to his car. When Flash heard that he immediately knew what to do and started spanking her big ass. He then told Mandy to get down on her knees and suck on his big black dick. Mandy had to repay a debt and she did regardless of her boyfriend. She paid with her mouth, pussy and even her ass!

Same shitty plot as the rest, i'm beginning to think Detective Conan isn't for me gang.

How does this obscure shonen anime I've never heard of have almost as many seasons as The Simpsons? Be sure to tell us when the show turns into unwatchable cancer once you get there.

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Casting couch

This beats out the Simpsons by 200 episodes.
Ever hear of Guiding Light? It has over 15,000 episodes.

What the fuck

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it's soynime, it was always unwatchable cancer

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Sucked many dicks in the fight against capitalism today, tovarisch?

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Case 11-12 The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case Parts 1 and 2
The murderer is Dr. Narumi Asai who was in fact Keji Asoh's son Seiji who had escaped his family's murder. The former mayor Kameyama, the dealer Nishimoto, the new mayor Kuroiwa, the money man Kawashima and their associates had used Keiji Asoh's piano tours as cover for an international drug smuggling operation. When he refused to continuing helping them they tried to murder him and his family. Seiji escaped by being in a hospital in Tokyo at the time and bide his time before returning. The first murder wasn't actually a murder. When Dr. Narumi returned he confronted the mayor who told him everything before having a heart attack. He then spent the next two years ploting his revenge before contacting Mori, and by proxy Shinichi, because in his heart of hearts he wanted to be stopped before he became a bloodstained person.
What tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive. Trannime lol. Seriously the first actual mystery mystery and a little more grounded in reality as the tranny kills himself in the end. This was pretty good and it wouldn't have been possible without a double length episode. Ran didn't have many chances to be cute this episode.

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Case 13 Ayumi-chan Kidnapping
Not much of a mystery. That little slut Ayumi is playing hide and go seek and hides in the trunk of a car which happens to be the vehicle of a pair of men who are kidnapping child murders targeting little girls. She finds a a bunch of money and a severed head in the trunks and lol just kidding they were actors and the head was a prop.

The fucked up thing is that this show has a lot of fucked up situations so the little slut getting raped and murdered for a snuff film and ransom money isn't that hard to believe could happen. No Ran service this episode but it introduced the Shonen Tantei club communicator badges and Marty's Conan's hoverboard. Nice Bullitt style chase scene and the soundtrack continues to be kino.

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I hope you make it through every episode.
Godspeed, OP.

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Case 14 The Bizarre Manhunt Murder
Kenzo Hirota's murderer was Akira Hirota. Akira was Kenzo Hirota partner in crime, along with Masami Hirota (real name Akemi Miyamo), in the robbery of 1,000,000,000 ricebux. Kenzo, the getaway driver, absconded with the money after the heist cheating his partners. The two detectives were hired by his partners to track him down. Akira lost control of his temper and murdered Kenzo and took back the cash. Akemi intended to knock out Akira and steal all the cash with a sleeping drug with a chemical she got from Okita. Instead it turned out to be a poison which killed Akira. Okita was the mastermind behind the entire caper and intended to kill all his partners from the beginning. Conan interrupted his attempt to shoot Akemi.

The glasses from the OP finally made an appearance. They are a tracking device. I want to drag the ol pineapple through Ran to be honest if you know what I mean. I bet she has a really hairy pussy. Also this is the first appearance of Meitantei Hitler-san. Also also another 20 something woman become moist and wanting for shotantei cock.

Man my headache from work is still here. I am going to take a break and drink some coffee. This might be the last episode for tonight.

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Case 15 The Shooter
The shooter was Koichi Yamabe a cop and olympic shooter who was abducted along with his girlfriend Eri by a group of criminals called the Onitora who were caught in a sting operation. Eri was held hostage to force Koichi to assassinate the DA who set up the sting while he was on vacation with his family. The code on the calculator was upside down and referred to a date and train the DA would be on during the assassination attempt.

Seriously does Japanese autism have to affect all aspects of their lives? Even the criminals are retarded. Couldn't they just firebomb the dude's house or do a driveby? Shaking my damned head, fampai. Ran's leg's are really nice. I wish I had a grillfriend like Ran to make mentally ill cuckporn spamming babbies with. I remember when I was in middle school and used used a calculator to spell boobless upside down(55378008) to tease her. She cried and I felt bad about it so I laughed at her to pretend I didn't care, but I did. Also when did Conan go from being some kid that everyone ignores and tells to stop interrupting the case to a guy that can command the full force of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department at a moments notice, with no explanation, and no authority. Like what the fuck. He is ordering helicopters with counter-snipers and gets them minutes later. Then right after one shotting a criminal with a kicked helmet from 30 meters away in 50 knot wind they pat him on the head and tell him to be a good boy.

Dat soundtrack though
Aseru koto nante nai no sa

Next episode looks good. Slashed up corpses disappearing.

Shit I forgot the pic

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Jesus christ

Case 16 Missing Corpse Murder
The body was Kazuyoshi himself. His brother Tomifumi, got pissed at him for being a filthy NEET and murdered his ass. When the cops showed up he disguised himself as his brother and put the body in his room. Tomofumi then climbed down the tree to act like he was returning home. When the cops inspected Kazuyoshi's room Tomofumi played it off like his NEET brother was asleep in his chair..

This show has some pretty good morals and lessons to teach. If you are a NEET your family has every right to murder your parasitic ass. If you are a tranny you will end up causing all sorts of drama before you kill yourself. Italians are lazy, ignorant, greasy thieves. Americans are all blonde haired blued eyed giants that like to say "FUCK" a lot. Women get wet for men that pass their shit tests by smacking them around and telling them to shut the hell up. Ayumi is a filth slut. These are universal lessons we can all learn from.

A Desperate Situation is probably the best part about this episode's soundtrack. I really really liked it's use in the fruit fucking scene. Katsuo Ono can score one hell of a soundtrack.

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Case 17 A Loan Repaid
The killer was Yuji Sawa. Denjori carved a dying message into the chest of drawers which Suwa disguised by shifting the drawers and adding his own marks.

Pretty straightforward case. I like that they did the unconscious Detective Mori gag again. They really played it up by having the killer charge him with a sword while he was unconsious and then stop when awed by Mori's "fearlessness" in not flinching. If Conan ever turns back into Shinichi(wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) his future father-in-law better show some fucking respect for how much his reputation has improved. Thigh-high white stockings on Ran unfunfunf.

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Case 18 Hijacked Department Store
Straight forward episode. The boy's detective club got caught in a department store after closing and stumbled into a robbery in which Ryoko the elevator lady who was held as one of the hostages was the mastermind of the robbery working as an inside man.

Ran has some Doraemon physics going on where she pulls beer out of thin air to keep her dad under control. I really need a Ran in my life. Ayumi is still a little slut and Mitsuhiko is a drunk.

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We all know it will end with childhood friend cucking him with another guy because he spent decades in the form of a child.

your watching 900 episodes of a children's show instead of looking for a job, composing a symphony or having sex with a woman? LMAO

Case 19 A June Bride Murder
The murderer is no one. The bitch survived. The poisoner was the groom Toshiko. The can was switched with Sonoko's and he added the pellet later in order to throw the timing of the poison off and muddy the waters. His motivation was 20 years before when the bride's father, then a regular cop had been responsible for the death of Toshiko's mother in a crash while chasing a suspect. Turns out he was the victim, Sayuri's first love and she knew he wanted to kill her and took the poison willingly.

Ahhh whaddafuck you dumb bit. all you faggots are retarded. I am growing convinced that the nips aren't playing dumb, they are just fucking stupid people that play smart when shit works out. I mean I get the bitch was 27 and no one wants to marry some dried up granny, but letting yourself be poisoned just so you can get married is fucking retarded. Sure he is the millionaire heir to a major corporation and you can JUST him hard as fuck, but you only survived by pure luck.

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Case 20 An Elevator Murder
The murderer is Eiko. She murdered her on the 15th floor and then placed her in the elevator with her back against the door so that when it opened on the 8th it would look like she was murdered there. She killed her for intellectual theft.

I don't know I was going to make some retarded post but I lost track halfway through. I really want another drink. I think I am going to take a break and enjoy it.