Is Daisy legitimately autistic?

Is Daisy legitimately autistic?

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she actually looks cute in this photo tbqh

she looks like a psycho trying to imitate a positive facial expression.

So I agree.

It doesn't look nearly as forced as the mouth of sauron in most pictures of her. Genuinely looks like a girl smiling.

probably her Destruction caused mental issues

nah, just some people have fucked up facial muscles. Daisy always looks cute when her mouth is closed completely.

she would look cuter if her mouth was closed on my dick

Rude. Apologize.


If you can't see the struggle she has to go through to hide those gargantuan teeth, there might be something wrong with you. Just look at her, the effort she's putting into hiding 10% of her teeth, is fucking commendable. If I hadn't known of her teeth problem, I probably would have thought she was shitting her pants.

That she has a lot of surface area for teeth just means she has good dental hygiene and flosses more.

got this from the deepweb

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i ain't clickin that shit nigga

I think she's too autistic to get her feelings hurt. She'd probably bully you.

kek you got me good
I actually almost had a heart attack when I read the filename after clicking it

She doesn't look forced. A lot of the public pictures of her is either creepy or scary.

It's a Mario game

I think she's legitimately cute

I want her to bully my dick

Yea it's my first time to see her cute smile. Too bad she can't smile like that often because of her big teeth.

big beautiful horse teeth

Exactly I wonder why her teeth is big.

She is legitimately a shark.

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Um…I think that's little bit harsh because it's hard to smile nicely with big teeth like that. I doubt if I can smile nicely with the big teeth.

Are you sharksplaining me? I don't appreciate being sharksplained.

Yea I am sharkshitsplaining you.


this is a shill meme tbh