Why are hapas so based?

Why are hapas so based?


if you want a job done right, leave it to full-bloods

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This guy needs to learn how to stand up for himself in situations like what he described rather than making a video.

white "people"
hapa "people"
asian master race

School shooters are doing more for this country than all natsocs

He might have been efficient, but no one would think he's cool like Eric and Dylan. In the end, he was a bugman in death too.

Name a more iconic duo i'll wait

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Dylan had a nigger nose.


He was a kike. It’s a kike nose

he was also a faggot, he did a huge disservice to gun owners and nationalists alike with his shitty stunt at that church. Fuck Dylan.


dylan was a based jew that exterminated a bunch of filthy g*yim and degraded the fourth amendement thereby advancing the based ZOG agenda

a real hero

But they made kino and inspired kino

Not only that, he made nationalists look like violent people.

That moment when you see them slowly walking towards you in the distance
Makes you think of all the normalniggers for whom that was the last thing they saw
Pure kino

what afag

Poor Ignis

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never forget

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