Friendly reminder that Dragon Ball GT is canon

Friendly reminder that Dragon Ball GT is canon

Daily reminder that the Garlic Jr saga is the only canon part of the Dragon Ball universe.

Daily reminder that The World's Strongest is the beginning and the end of DBZ.

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Not watching video, give me a brief summery of how its canon.


It just is.

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It's not canon. None of the dragonball anime are canon.

Seperate continuities are
Dragonball Manga -> Dragonball Super

Dragonball -> Dragonball Z -> Dragonball GT

Caring about muh canon is for boylovers.

Super Sayan 4 has always been, and will always be too retarded to be canon. The eyeliner is still acceptable, but turning Goku into a furry did seriously cross the line.

Nothing wrong with fucking feminine boys in the ass.

One Piece > Dragon Ball series
Look in your heart you know it to be true.


Be that as it may only shitters care about what make believe shit is supposed to have actually make believed happened. Just like what you like and ignore the rest.

boku no pico is all(ah) I need



Also GT is bad fanfic that used bad concept art.

The looks is all there is

at least GT is better than that mistake toriyama calls "super".

I don't need to look into my heart to know that One Piece is superior to Dragon Ball. Too bad America has the worst taste when it comes to anime, even though I'll admit the One Piece anime isn't that great since they've gone the route of one chapter equals one episode or even less than that since a long time ago. That's what you kind of get when you stop doing filler arcs, which only makes the major arcs pacing suffer because of that. They even got rid of ending songs to have just one extended opening for this reason, evening padding out previews up to 2 minutes so they don't catch up. I guess that is the fate of most anime shonen.

Nigga fuck you

Bait. GT is unwatchable shit. All of it.

Where that from?

No it isn't.

Dragonball Z. Frieza Saga.

still better than super

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GT would have been fine if they didn't make Goku a kid again

GT would have been fine if it had never been made.

They anime has been admittedly shit for a long time but they've stepped up their game in the last 5 or so episodes and seem to be doing things bi-weekly.

The writing was shit even before that point.

SS4 was one of the best things about GT, are you a nigger? At least it halfway made sense.

What is this godawful abomination? Is this what you people watch? Get some self-respect. I know good anime is hard to come by but this is fucking rock bottom.

>>>Holla Forums

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