What does your family think about television and movies, user?

What does your family think about television and movies, user?
My parents like to pirate everything on a shitty firestick and watch it in bootleg quality the day it comes out, then rewatch it two weeks later once better rips have been uploaded. It's quite bizarre to me.
On the bright side, she tried to watch the new Tomb Raider and the one with Angelina Jolee started playing instead. Fun movie tbh

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Sometimes I watch bollywood kino with my mother, the dance sequences are fucking great.

My grandma has kino taste. Everyone else likes capeshit, romcoms, and action flicks.

What software is that

Plug in that makes womyn have unrealistic expectations for romance. It's Java.

My dad banned television when I was young, pretty based TBH, I think all wholesome households should destroy their tv and prohibit all viewing of movies and television. It's nothing but propaganda and brainwashing that destroys society.

Please leave this board. You have no interest in the topic.

The topic is random, fag boy. This is a shitposting board.



Does anybody actually enjoy watching that shit? It's the worst way Hollywood has helped young people form the worst expectations about relationships and significant others. Nobody would actually want to be with the protagonists of a romcom because they're usually stupid or socially maladjusted in some way.

my parents are gen z (they were born in 2008) so they are hip to the EPIC memes

But what does that have to do with television and movies?


movies are like only for like watchig to like make like epic like memes out of, like?

Do you have a problem with discussing the topic of the board, user? If you want to slightly deviate from what we're talking about, you can just post somewhere else entirely. This isn't an inclusive board.


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Right on man, so were mine

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Sir, this is Holla Forums. We discuss television and movies here.

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This is Holla Forums with a flavor of television.



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This thread can still be on topic if you make it so, user.
Does your family like capeshit as much as mine does?

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I wouldn't know since both of my fathers are in prison for life after they got caught raping dozens of elementary aged boys.

Don't they let people watch TV in prison, though? I know some prison niggers are allowed phones so they can upload videos to Instagram.

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they're not allowed tv or internet because they tried to contact my wife's black son and get him to break them out

You should show them this when they get out tbh

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Any more? Asking for a friend.

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This is very lewd.

My dad is a fan like most people are. He wanted to pirate on a fire stick as well. Is that an old people thing?

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Your parents are 10 years old?


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Yours arn't?

I don't really have much close family other than my mom, and my aunt and grandmother (both on mom's side). My mom pretty much just watches shitty movies that are on TV all of the time like those horrid Jennifer Lopez ones for some reason (no, we're not hispanic/from the US). Without exaggerating, I can promise you that she's seen "Monster In Law" no less than a dozen times in her life (and that's just from when I've been around to see her watching it) - also she watches those shitty Lifetime movies (you know the ones: cute chick has first class problem, moves to small town, fish out of water, meets cute guy, falls in love, roll credits). I have no idea what my aunt's taste in movies are since I'm not often around her other than for holidays and we don't talk outside of that. My grandmother has been crotchety for as long as I know and anything that isn't of the meat and potatoes style of entertainment (actually that goes for food, too) is "weird" or "stupid".

As for TV, all three watch those terrible reality game shows every season like The Bachelor(ette), Survivor, The Voice, etc. Fortunately, none of them watch shit like Keeping up with the Coalburners or stuff like that (my aunt might secretly or something but I've never heard her mention it). All three watch Wheel of Fortune and only my mom watches Jeopardy (my aunt thinks it's stupid coincidentally she's the one in her mid-60's who basically lives at home.) I don't think that my grandmother really watches any sort of dramas or anything, my mom watches stuff like Bluebloods, NCIS, CSI, Heartland, etc. All really basic shit. No idea what my aunt watches.

Your mom sounds like my grandmother. It's either Lifetime movies all day or 60's western shows. She's depressed because she doesn't have anything to do except watch TV. With her taste, I'd be depressed too.

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As a girl, of course I do.

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My mom likes to datamine thread on television imageboards. Crazy I know.

Is it a job or a hobby?

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