In this thread we summon the Margcuck. May your shitbags remain ever empty

In this thread we summon the Margcuck. May your shitbags remain ever empty.

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get out newnigger

Piece and quiet bothers you, user? You want to unleash chaos and destruction?

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It's a good feel.

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Do you have any smug Jenny's?

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I like how the jennayfag has memoryholed the time he avatarfagged as Shake from ATHF and shat up the board.

I like how everyone shits up the board and it doesn't matter to anyone anymore.

This is now a Jenny thread

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Do you think she still cries when they have anal with her?


Gotta Go FAS

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What a shit waifu.

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At least she can poo in the loo, and doesn't constantly smell like shit.

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Marg is not here anymore, son. You can't use her as a shield. Your waifu is on the line now.

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I'm just throwing fuel to the fire, I have no dog in this fight tbh

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Welcome to Holla Forums!

What did he mean by this?

He tends to pop up at burger nighttime.

That he's a bigger shitbag than Margaret's literal shitbag?

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I've posted Reckless One.

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