Remember when the Harry Potter books came out and there was a massive effort to spoil the endings for everyone before...

Remember when the Harry Potter books came out and there was a massive effort to spoil the endings for everyone before the book came out and on its premiere?
Why don't we try to do that for the new Avengers. Maybe some Anons who work at a movie theater or who knows someone who can try to get their hands on the film can leak the ending and we can go around the UK or US or Canada, Australia, whatever and just spoil everything for them while they're in line? It's the most hyped film in recent history and the reactions would be delicious.

probably not. the average Holla Forumsedditor was like 5 when the last one came out

That is way too much effort for the shit tier returns it would generate.

Sounds like fun

the average Holla Forumsedditor wasn't even born when the last one came out

Do people seriously care about the plot of these things? Thought they were there for the wuips.

This guy knows how movie theaters work

i thought they were fap bait

at least the first 2 books and movies

I really hate this place. I was 17.

And yes I remember, thats why I read the sixth book in 23 hours straight with little breaks. So I could live without it being spoiled the next day and weeks.

You know realize that nobody actually gives a shit about the Avengers.

Normies do, I'm sure they'll breakdown if they hear if say Loki or Iron Man dies

They pretend they do, but they really don't, nobody actually discusses any of the marvel films and people still discuss the harry potter films and movies. They will forget about it in a month or less while people are still triggered by getting snape being killed by dumbledore spoiled.

dummeldwarf was gay he killed snape because snape wouldn't let him fuck his ass

Why did user call harry's gf a slut?

redheads are the sluttiest

I had a video some dude on Holla Forums made of him driving to bookstores and yelling that Snape kills Dumbledore



That would require me to care about the Avengers

Some guy that works at Disney then.

The only ones that care about it are you, Zach

whats to discuss?
its a fucking comic book action film. beyond waifu posting and autistic fixation, there isnt much to most of these type films.

Captain America and Thor are both going to die. Captain America because Chris Evans wants to drop this shit and start directing when his contract is up, and Thor because they already destroyed his hammer, cut his hair and gouged his eye out, so there really isn't anything else they're going to do with him.

There, now you can spoil to your hearts content. You don't need prior knowledge to spoil big dumb laser light show capeshit movies. You just need to be slightly more perceptive than the average pleb.

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Get some self awareness

We're talking about because we remember how autistic people were when it came out. The only ones who talk about it on here are faggots like you, Zach. Shitting up the board everyday like the Hapa faggot you are.

Great story.

My fellow channer.

I also enjoy terrible YA novels.

Is anyone here older than 42?

posting based Doge

5 minutes on Google led me to a potential list of the characters who die. These are Wong, Nebula, Vision, Thor, Black Widow, War Machine, and Captain America. I don't know shit about how legit this might be, but at the very least I believe that Thor and Captain America will die so they can be replaced with Whor and Captain Nigger just like in the comics.

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They were good besides the last one

None of you faggots talk about anything here, its nothing to brag about you dumb niglet. Go suck a fuck Gahoole.

How about you go back to reddit, Zach? You'll fit in more there.

Avengers has nowhere near the fanbase that HP had.

How about you go back to cuckchan

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