I don't get it though

I don't get it though
If americans love their 4th amendment so much why do i never hear about hundreds of thousands of people protesting against gun control regulations?

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Who gives a fuck. Burgers will never EVER rise up against their government. They can barely rise up from their chairs. Loss of gun rights is no loss at all when they will never make use of them.

if you shoot them in the head you put a silencer on the people

checkmate bread and circus aficionados


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Is there genuinely anyone on here who doesn't see the value in owning a firearm?

americans also love democracy but elected a nazi, soo… yea

Yes, many people who live in an area where there isn't much danger think this way. It's the whole Zuckerberg types who are for open borders for everyone and ask why anyone would oppose it - and then locks his gates and has security patrol the grounds.

Holla Forums is pretty much the only board where I could see there being an actual population of anti-gun faggots that think troll threads are serious.

Doubt it, Holla Forums promotes suicide by shotgun

Well that's still an appreciation for one of the many applications guns have.

The Nazi party was voted into power, mostly as backlash over the rise in communist movements throughout eastern europe at the time.

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White or American?

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That was my point tbh desu

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1. pretty sure silencers are illegal in the US
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Suppresors universally require a tax stamp, but whether or not they're off limits depends on the state.

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Why even try

So guns are better than people?

because all the people who understand why the 2nd amendment exists are just waiting for the stormtroopers to knock their door down to take their guns. that's when the fun begins.

Fascism means any group who opposes communism. The jews are the only people who fight with lies before arms: enemies are first smeared, then attacked.

If those people don't help each other while this happens, they will be picked one by one. And so far the attitude 'who gives a fuck' seems to suggest this is gonna happen.

yeah. by 'fun' i meant nation-wide civil war.

Can people protect you from niggers?

Maybe but guns do a better job.

it was actually less than 200,000 they vastly over stated them numbers of "people" that showed up apparently ( no surprise there).

Sure if we had a proper government niggers would be exterminated or run into mexico at least.