The sequel to this epic win is finally coming out in two weeks

It's like Holla Forums doesn't give a shit about kino.

I hope this one has less trannies and more spats girls.

Not interested.
I've said this before, but every sequel, every "finish the fight" type of bullshit that comes out years after the original is always, without exception, a disappointment at best, and it completely ruins the original, at worst.

imagine telling your parents, or a girl on a date, "I watch cartoons about crossdressers and virgin scientists"

wrong board desu~

Prove me wrong oh wait you can't.

My mom is proud that her son doesn't consume Hollywood kike propaganda, my dad and I rewatch manly shows like TTGL while drinking beer and talking about the deep stuff in life.

When I tell girls I just met that I watch anime they instantly stop whatever they were doing and jump on dick.

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For you.

You're on Holla Forums the normies here only know about Steins;Gate, much less more obscure animated kino.

I like Kino, and I don't care what some other fags on here say, but I like anime as well. The amount of different genres, big tits, little tits, no tits, it's all good.

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Twin Peaks. Blade Runner. The Beavis and Butthead revival.

i wanna impregnate her and create

back to Holla Forums faggots

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Anime goes on /a/.

Get out.

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hi reddit

reddit loves them some anime

Weebshit is normalfag tier now. Accept it and move on.

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Imagine telling them that you have slept with a man, or you really feel like a woman inside, and that everything they taught you has now been wiped and replaced with the lessons of a communist jew in college.

Now that's the kind of pain the kills a parent, and leaves your relationship forever severed. We are those parents and you are the human waste we happily let go. You're rotten son, don't ever come back.

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Reddit is always 5 years behind the imageboards, he probably thinks racist is still an insult


No thanks, we're Christians.

who is we faggot?

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Old tricks, schlomo. You're content with anything ranging from sodomy to pedophilia, obviously no one would take morality advice from you.

Your superiors, kike.


Sure thing, lad.

superior in being cucked

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I'm not a leftist tthough, I just hate weebs and all their faggotry.

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Only leftists hate anikino.

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Trannime was a mistake
t. Anime guy


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Christians believe in Christ and there are hundreds of denominations. Shove your fedora if you think the community follows the kike pope.


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You reddit refugees sing all the same tune. Animu is imageboard culture

Steins;Gate 0 was complete bait and switch dogshit, kinda like the original but even more

Hayashi is a fucking hack and the only reason Remember11 is good is because of Uchikoshi. How is chaos;head ?

Imageboard culture is leftist. Teh Holla Forumstard brigade is newfaggotry.

not anymore :)

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Oh sweetie, time to stahp.

Chaos;Head is pure kino. Taku is 100% /ourguy/ and Rimi is a way better waifu than Kurisu. but the ending is rushed


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…I thought you were talking about Moyasimon steins gate has trannies and virgins?