What did mel gibson mean by this?

what did mel gibson mean by this?

also, what are some kinos about lying about someone's true appearance?

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When Rick dressed up a fisherman Rick to fool Obama.

If you're trying to suggest the King of the Jews looked black, you're full of shit. The first image tries to extrapolate "olive skin" into black, but unless you think Scarlet Johanssan, Natalie Portman, Sarah Silverman and every other Jew in Hollywood is black you really have no basis for that retarded claim.

das rite

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Don't call Jesus a cumskin!

These people making these "reconstructions" sure have a fetish for darkies.

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Do you think anyone saved petrified Jesus dung?

Why do cumskins do this?


shitskins do it as well, no one wants to look like shit.

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I'm glad they cleared up the issue of how chubby his face was. It's amazing how they can figure that out without even bones to work with. The wonders of science.

Yous sayin he wuzn't?

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Aren't modern "Jews" almost entirely of Eastern European descent though?

I can't fucking believe that's real. Well, yes I can.

If you know anything about Indian society, it's not that shocking. Light skin is high caste.

You have no admin priviledges here, filthy kike.

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Palestine was a backwater shithole of the Ptolemaic and then Roman empire. There were no jews nor israel.

He brought it up. I don't give a shit about Palestine. Let them fight for their desert. Whoever wins wins. We can always drop a nuke on them later if we have to.

Flood 'em with toxic waste

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Common over most of the world.

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When will cinema give us a true depiction of our Lord?

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Palestine is the name of the region from antiquity to present, you dumb idiot. There was never a different between palestinians and jews: when israelis ethnically cleansed palestinians, they were really banning their ancient brothers from the land they had never left.

Niggers were never brought out of subsaharan africa until after the discovery of America.
They wouldn't be niggers if they had contact with the outer world: their condition is due to genetic isolation and inbreeding.


who was the queen of Shebah

Stop this tricknology bullshit. Blacks were widespread throughout the world. Your 'discovery' of America is like you 'discovering' electricity, medicine, the automobile. Crackers really think their knock-off versions were the first and best, it's laughable. Learn your history boy, we had yall's as slaves. You were my slave boy. And you best not be talking about inbreeding while you a pale skin cavecracker, you just begging to get roasted.

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Modern Jews are mostly Mediterranean mutts; South Italian/Levantine/Anatolian with some Central European admixture

There's a distinctive African genetic footprint from after the Arab conquests, Irag had a large slave rebellion of Africans there (Zanj rebellion)


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Most modern "Jews" have very little if any middle eastern ancestry though.

das right!

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I have a feeling your IQ is around the nigger level if you unironically believe this shit.

They didn't figure anything out, it has no basis in "science".

I have a feeling your IQ is below the nigger level if you unironically believe this shit.

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1. Jesus was good

2. There are no good Jews

Either Jesus was good, or he did not exist at all?

What part of "Son of God" you dont understand?

All jews are evil except for the magic jew you must prostrate yourself before and pray to, How is this hard to understand?

The kike being the son of god part tbh

Brazil wants my Great White cummies, so doesn't surprise me at all.

tbh, shipping hwhite semen out to the third world is probably the most charitable act we could do them.

But Jews at the time of Jesus aren't the kikes you know and hate today user.


What is with this black and white bs?

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but we have objective proof of what jesus looked like

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muh ancestors :)

jews aren't related to israelites at all though

palestinians are israelites, jews are inbred europeans

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that looks more jewish than anything elseā€¦.

Jesus was a Nazarene, not a classic jew, nor one of the bad ones back then, the pharisees, the levies and the cohens

Here's an accurate reconstruction of Hitler based on new finds in the germanic population. Apparently they were niggers and arabs all along and there was never any white people there. It's amazing such a myth have persisted even now in 2130 of the current year.

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My theory is that God send Jesus to Jerusalem to give all Jews a chance for redemption because he knew that they would become one of the most depraved people of all time and would negatively effect the world for hundreds of years. But most Jews refused and became even more evil than before because they directly chose Satan over God by killing God's son.

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You mean Jospeh's wife's son.

Truely the cuck religion.

My theory is that kikes have been rooking gullible Christians like you for millennia.

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Jews were already lost when they chose Barabbas over Jesus. Ever since they've undertake a crazy metamorphosis, trashing everything they used to believe in when they still used the Torah/Bible.

But to be more precise: the Hebrews joined Christianity and are now part of Europe, indistinguishable. Jews are those who betrayed Jesus to the end, even his memory and teachings.

Why even bother not sucking up to kikes, if you were never Christian in the first place? If you don't believe in Christ, you are a de-facto ally to all kikes.

I wholeheartedly agree, modern Christians suck Jew cock way too much.

10/10 logic right there.

Only a kike would attack Jesus. No one else, not atheists, not even muslims go directly against the man because his life was just too noble. Christianity and its beliefs are often criticized, but to attack Jesus you really have to be the scum of the earth: a jew.

Not a fedora, bone fide kike.

Pick one

um, try again sweety

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