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I really hope they make LotGH into something good, without all of the needless fluff and tedium.

More low-budget cuckime made to sell merchandising to otakus and weebs

>>>Holla Forums

Holla Forums random.

Never forget, you nigger.

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Someone fill me in on Steins:Gate 0. Also super excited for Boko no Hero Academia

Captain Tsubasa for nostalgia points
Cutie Honey because style
Golden Kamui as the mango is great
Haruhi S3 because it's about time
Lupin the III cuz tradition
Megalo Box cause ashita no joe
Persona 5 cause I liek vidya gems
Uma Musume because horsegirls

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You should go back discussing identity politics in your hugbox, soycuck

Steins:Gate is a pretty shitty VN that had an adaptation that tumblr inexplicably bandwagoned hard for. It's pretty fucking shitty but there are a few "ironic" shitposters that waifu a literal faggot and an ugly woman from it on 8ch. They will likely spam pictures of them hoping to start a cancerous circlejerk like the avatarfags on here. Either you can ignore them and they will shove their shit everywhere or you can tell them to fuck off and they will get extremely butthurt and spend the next two to three years spamming their shit and derailing thread trying to destroy the board eventually being driven off the site as their faggotry gets too immense and every board they pop up on gets spammed to death. It's basically the nucleus with which Holla Forums formed. Seriously Kurisuposting and Rukafaggotry was what the circlejerk center of Holla Forums formed from back on /int/ and eventually became cancer prime. Since tumblr is no longer relevant to anyone I doubt the cancer will metastasis, but we can expect "ironic" shitposting from former Holla Forums posters desperate to make friends and advertise whatever shitty website they are on now. Boku no hero Academia 3 should be good, I agree.

High School DxD is back and I am excited for more BOOSTO. I doubt they are going to focus on best girl as much since she was the focus of last season, but it should still be QUALITY. Golden Kamui is going to be fucking excellent. The art could be absolute dogshit, but if they are faithful to the manga they have an AoTS contender. FMP is back but it is way too late for most people. This should be about where the LNs get really really really fucking dark. The new LotGH looks gay as fuck. The art designs a shit and it is going to be compressed as fuck cutting a shit ton of the story destroying the best part of the original, it's vast and sweeping scope. Houzuki no Reitetsu should be interesting to watch like a car crash. I enjoyed the first season of wacky hell based gag comedy featuring an extremely dry witted protagonist. Unfortunately the fojoushi fixated on the series so it will likely pander heavily to them at the expense of what made it so funny in the first place. New Gundam Build and hopefully more fat finnish funbags and mummy's massive milkers. Gurazeni looks good. It features an old, overweight, and unattractive protagonist so it will avoid a lot of the pitfalls sports anime falls into with pandering to fujos so we can enjoy a nice cynical sports series for once. I'll give Omae wa Mada Gunma wo Shiranai a shot to see if it is interesting. It looks like it might be a surrealist slice of life comedy which is my jam. Lupin of course nostalgia plus the last season was really fucking good. Cutie Honey for nostalgia but it is probably going to disappoint.

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Production IG, please don't fuck up the new season of Ghost in the Shell SAC.

No. Change there then. The men in that series were always fujoshi bait.

go tell the anime board

They're lame. we need >>>/nomods/

You have no power here. Get it through your thick skull.

Ha. That's a real board.

Are you fucking retarded? He knows the mods are weebs. He is specifically doing this to fuck with retards like you. Jesus fuck my dude. Go back to >>>/a/ with your faggotry.


Do you feel in charge?


Explain yourself. Why isn't she your waifu?

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Recommend me some animes with coalburning whores, crossdressing fags and other degeneracies my dudes.

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Annoying egotistical skank with undeserved power.

Not since I got my mod powers taken away. This shit is why we can't enjoy weebshit. Low IQ brainlets that get offended that people poke fun at them LIKE LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE ON THIS BOARD and take the boat every time. So now we has an autist on the board who is into weebshit and he will jump into every thread demanding to be taken seriously and of course shitposters that used to be ignored and allowed us to have fun weeb threads will folk to those threads because they know there is a low hanging fruit faggot there they can julay every time instead of simply being ignored like in the past.

Way to go, faggot. You are the kanker that killed anime.

Because I'm loyal

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Is there anything more pathetic than /cow/?

yeah weebs

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I have high hopes for Golden Kamuy. The manga was one of the best I've read in years.

Mettaton is a flaming gay.

No. they're pretty much the lowest.

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Nope. Actually I was one of them. Then I stopped hating myself.

Wait, what?

It's been in the development since 2014. As soon as I saw the initial character designs and who they were by I turned 360 and walked away.

Anime industry is worse than Hollywood.

Imagine caring this much about anime.

Kill yourself, goon.

Let's see if they'll pussy out and censor (((the earth cultists)))

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They all are, m8.

Well they don't call me the anime pro for nothing.

The biggest problem is that the lead designer, Yoko Kikuchi, while a very talented key artist is a rotten girl through and through and now she only works on projects she can direct or which there will be heavy homosexual undertones. In the books it was an implied but never discussed thing that Yang and Julian had a sacred band thing going on but it was never fucking pandered to or explored.

And of course they are going to play off or completely ignore the jewish earth cultists and the Phezzan kikery.

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you call yourself the Anime Pro tbh


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Don't listen to this cunt, Steins;Gate is a fucking masterpiece.

Stein's Gate was Danganronpa tier trash and beloved by the same people.

Sorry weeb, but eventually all your precious waifus will get a taste of the BICK BLACK DICK

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Perfect for LotGH then.

It goes on Holla Forums my bro!

jealous white boi?

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You shut your fucking cunt mouth, nigger. Go back to enjoying American entertainment.


One Punch Man season 2 when? When will we get our cape kino season 2?!


Not that much of a difference tbqhwy fam.

LotGH is just Gundam for pretentious closet gays, tbh.

LoGH is a manly animu faggots.

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Manly like Jojo.



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Say what you will about anime, at least it doesn't feature Maisie Williams.

That's right, just look at these cuties. How can 3DPD even compete?

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The one on the bottom right actually might be a girl, depending on which timeline.

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Whereas you will be a faggot in every timeline.

I'll fuck your ass in every timeline

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Like I said, gaaaaaaayyyyyyyy.

Who /excited/ for LOGH with CGI ships and Netflix leftism?

Those bastards really did it! Damn them! Damn them all to hell!

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Your pics suck faggot, but what can you expect from weebs who learn how to draw from chinese cartoons?

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I'm excited for ships that move, unlike the five still frames we got in the original series.

Are there any good new traps this season or can I safely write it off?

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Please be joking. I'm not expecting anything great, but they wouldn't do that, right? Right user?

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It's 2018, shitlord. You're not allowed to portray a German-themed monarchy as anything other than a horde of cartoon villains.

You can always chop off your own dick and become the little girl, like any weeaboo eventually will.

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Biggest problem I had with the portrayal in LoGH was that they won in the end. Everyone knows that Germans never win.

So… there aren't any? Bit disappointed tbh

Since it's Japanese, and nothing to do with Netflix, I don't see why.

You can't see your dick either so who cares?


Dude in the bottom right of the post you are responding to is the faggot from Stein's;Gate, Ruka.

When Germans lose a war they lose a war. When other nations win a war they still lose in the long run.

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Because nipnip studios are gonna start cramming as much leftism as they can into anime to get those sweet sweet gaijin bux out of Netflix.

You say that like germ man land isn't halfway to becoming Turkey 2.0.

Japs genuinely don't understand a lot of this stuff. Tell them to include "strong female characters" and they'll just throw in more waifus. They haven't had the years of conditioning to even understand the newspeak.

Yes, because they lost the war and as a result have been bombarded with propaganda for decades and don't even have a true sovereign state. What's the excuse for the rest of the western world? I thought they won the war, why are they all shit now? I wonder (((what))) happened?

He did say Germany lost, didn't he?

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Mango to anime is a highway of the same industry, you blackest nigger on the planet

Otakus take what miyazaki said as a badge of honor. Anime is not naturalistic, it's an autistic mental exercise. That's why it looks like drugs.


Normies can go fuck themselves.

What's better?
- 10 successful ZOG kids who don't care about christian values and will fuck each other in the ass for shekels
- 1 bullied autist mowing them down at school
You have the numbers, but we got the strength.

You shouldn't hate yourself.

[email protected]

are waifu pillows christian values?

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MadThad is getting out of jail soon. Little girls of the world beware. The nigger chid rapist will soon be loose.