Will capeshit ever die...

Will capeshit ever die? There's been at least two major capeshit releases every year since 1998 and that's longer than I've been alive.

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Not if you fags keep reading comics and PAYING FOR MOVIES

as long as soy boys exist so will capeshit

The last capeshit I saw was Spider-Man 2

You have to be at least 18 to post here.

how i wish that capeshit was only watched by underage b&… the truth is so much worse. 8ch.net/tv/res/1224555.html

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You give shit to Harry Potter fans the harry potter movies actually feel different ane have progression.

Now black capeshit is oscar worthy.

M\Nobody is buying comics anymore.

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As long as we live in a culture OBSESSED with nostalgia, no.

Black Panther is now the highest-grossing superhero film in the US

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I hate americans. Truly a 56% country.

Will movies ever die? We can only hope.

I cant wait till they make an isis film to get back at orange Hitler!

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this is actually feasible.

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You're probably mad about this, Satan

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Action flicks where big. Then died.
Horror flicks where big. Then died.
Cape will also die. Its a rotation.

Then none of them really die you dumb cocksucking Americunt. Fuck you asshole. I hope you botch your suicide.

I hate you so much.




Cape is just a type of Action flick that will never die.

Why are grown, American men throwing their money away at comic book movies?
At least video games have all sorts of stories that range from kiddy shit to serious, adult stuff, american hero comics were always for literal children.
Even japanese make more effort with things like Tiger and Bunny or one punch man,

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You need to stop acting like superheroes are the problem when it's the progressives currently running them that are the problem.

It's only a matter of months now. Marvel will have to give it up eventually, every single progressive comic they've put out has been a flop.

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I'm pretty sure dark angel, bloodrayne and underworld predate sjw shit.

Bitch, what? The french don't give a shit.

Not just Americans, sadly…


And he was a good friend.

If you read superhero comics in europe, people treat you as a literal retard. Not just 'hey what a shit taste', but actual 'that weirdo must be some inbred dysfuctional'. Sales are close to zero.
But america made their bed and chose to turn comics in their sole cultural revenue. Soon, capeshit is going to be an all-encompassing name or all american cinema. Like anime.

Europe has no capeshit and the comic industry is actually well respected with things like pic related selling 300.000 units in Italy alone for almost 30 years now.

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The webm fish is correct.

What if you read manga?

That's not why I hate capeshit. Shit like Faith, America, Squirrel Girl, Iceman, Black Panther and the Crew etc. is actually funny and entertaining to me in how over the top "woke" it is and how badly it fails at humour. I hate capeshit because it's always on at the cinema and it's one less option for something I could enjoy in an already small pool of films I might like.

I rarely see anyone reading a comic book, not even children, and never cape comics. As a kid I used to read the Beano or the Dandy and when I got older I read Viz, all funny. I've always associated comics with jokes and not action.

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There were these comics call Disney/ Mickey Mouse almanac that everyone read in my country, things like Lucky Luke or Asterix and Obelix are also considered normalfag enough for no one to give you shit for reading them even in public.

They don’t have to. Disney is perfectly happy with the way things are. They are making money and engaging in social engineering on a titanic scale. They aren’t going to stop.

This, who reads capeshit comics anyway? I imagine the only people that do are boomers and proto-soyboys born in the 70s-80s.

I also always read funny comics because mature comics (capeshit comics) were too edgy for me, and now that I'm an adult I still can't understand how the edgy comics can be mature at all.

A few selected titles are respected, in virtue of their art and expansive world: berserk, nausicaa, alita, pluto - but that's niche stuff that few read.
The mainstream like Dragon Ball and shonen are strictly teens, and the rest of mango oddities don't even come out in europe.

haha yes

The new rule is you have to be at least 21.

It will never die as long as Holla Forums keeps proclaiming it's death. As soon as Holla Forums accepts that it won't die then it will die. Because Holla Forums


Super heroes are a problem tbh.

Generic anime moe trash.

Still better than capeshit

Is this the anti-rickandmorty show?

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The trend of generic anime moe trash. What's not to understand?

That is fucking savage, this is a children's show?

It's the capeshit of anime, and the cuck /a/ mods unironically ban you if you don't pretend to obsess over it.

Still better than capeshit.

to be honest you have to have a pretty low IQ to appreciate Gumball.

Since it's aimed at low IQ children instead of high IQ adults, I'd say yes it is.


Jesus Christ. I didn't expect Satan to be so redpilled.

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We shipped of our religious freaks, the inhabitans of insane asylums, the work shy and other scum to the USA.

The entire project of the USA was for Europe to get rid of its undesireables.

There was no pioneer spirit. If there ever was, there is nothing left. You are a disgusting mutt race. You do not have any masculine ideals. Your "jock" only has brawns for brains. He does not read books, cannot quote any poems and is depicted as utterly stupid and uneducated. And this is the ideal that "normies" strive towards.

Of course, it's a jewish invention. Like everything in the US. They had an entire century to mold your country into what they want and this is the result.

I feel sorry for the Anglos. Through their language, they get all that propaganda directly shipped to them with no filter.

I miss the time when being born after 1990 meant you were underageb&

CW does this shit all the time but they suck at making political statements.

You are now aware that kids born in the year 2000 are 18.
holy fuck

Meanwhile your race has been a parasite on civilization for thousands of years, Fritz.

That would excluded 99% of the users on this shit chan.

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post-9/11 invasion soon


OP is 19.

We are literally the most advanced civilization in Europe.
We are by far the most scientifically gifted people. If we retained our territories in Poland? They would be leading the charts in terms of human development and not be a shitty eastern european country.

There is an inforgraphic that showed that most of human accomplishments happend in the territory of the HRE. So eastern france, whole of Germany, north Italy.
And the London-area from England.

I really wonder how anyone can possibly call us parasites, when wherever we go we enrich the native people living there.
The Russian imported Thousands of Germans for development in their backwards nation.
The most beautiful romanian cities in Transylvania all had a German background, because of the Germans who immigrated there.

Most noble houses of the european monarchies are actually German nobles.

And look at where we are right now. Despite the abuses of the post-war period, Germans still are naturally conservative and one of the most high trust peoples in Europe. pic related

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The US is gone and any decent whit person should give up on it

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English and Frenc are much more in favour of muslim-european intermarriage, despite the fact that Germany has much more secular Turks rather than the English and French Arabs, who are way more radical.

Jesus Christ, this is so much worse than I thought. England and France cannot be saved.

t. brainlet
He can't be 19 if he was born after '98 retard.

You're full shit, you know that? I have no problem with Germans but little niglets like you should learn to calm the fuck down and properly reevaluate your own self-worth because failure in doing so is what caused you people to lose the last two world wars.

Not being ganged up on by 3 super powers over a minor dispute was escalated by said super powers into a world war (true in both world wars).
I suggest you read about what Hitler and Mussolini did in the 30's to defuse escalation attempts by the British, US,French,etc.

Yeah, they should've try deescalating their own attempts first.

Germany was quite open about their intentions to take land and resources by whatever means necessary from the other Powers. Hitler wrote extensively those plans especially were Russia was concerned in Mein Kampf. Setting aside all other considerations, Great Powers do not become or stay as such by letting their rivals grow at their expense. Conflict was inevitable and no amount of diplomatic overtures were going to make such actions palatable for the other nations.

What's next you will try to shill some conspiracy theory of how ebil nazis are still in charge?

I mean, of those 4 shitty examples, there are still a few books in the medium that are putting out good or at least decent things.
Super Sons was great, for example.

Please calm your Germanophobia. I just defended the claim that Germans are parasites.

The German civilization being great, doesn't mean that other civilizations weren't great too.
Clam down with your implicit Germanophobia.

I think she's done maybe 3 things with computers in any technical fashion, including her introduction where she hacks the drones of the guys chasing her, yet somehow she can't stop them from coming after her.
She's made into a engine repair specialist, though. Everyone on that ship apart from Heatwave can fix the futuristic time machine engine, apparently.
I think that's been mentioned twice, once in her into and in this week's episode where every scene she's in is about her trying to remind Heatwave that she's Muslim and can't eat bacon, but he doesn't seem to care and keeps offering it regardless.

It's lefty pol they are still salty over the fact this board is still getting more traffic than their bot filled cesspit.

Twisting context to create a false narrative….

No one is being Germanophobic, please keep your low-IQ shit flinging in Holla Forums. Holla Forums is a civil board.

I didn't insult every other european country. I just said that Germans were very much tied into their history.

Bohemia and the Baltics are probably the best examples. Germans had a very syncretic relatiobnship with them. Expelling Germans from those places was like a soul getting ripped out of them.

I would say removing Prussia from Germany did something similar to the German people.