Tom Green is a meta genius, Jay. His work is DEEP. He mocked his own movie in his own movie...

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Some men are so brilliant that their own stupidity is their source of genius and creativity. These ubermensch embody the true duality of man, defying societal norms and expectations to break new ground like pioneers.

Tom Green would unironically love Holla Forums


10/10 GOAT creator. Tarkovsky eat your tiny black Russian heart out.

Bum on your plant is clearly the superior rear end location.

This is why you fail to understand the genius of Green, Tark.

'member when he got his balls cut off and the next week had them on his tv show in a jar he juggled?

I 'memeber

I dread feeling like a hipster

Uh no he was saying he tried to ruin the movie on purpose and thats why its funny.
Its like people are fucking addicted to taking the absolute wrong interpretation of literally anything anyone says. Prove me wrong you fucks.

>>>Holla Forums

How many of those do you own?

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It's easy to mock, and that part of the point.

For the sake of argument take a look at some of the most popular recent songs, copy their lyrics into a text file and do the same with the Bum Bum song.

Notice shit.

was just the one ball as far as I know.
Green trolled the whole Canadian media by pulling a stunt where he made it seem like he was about to marry Monica Lewinski by bringing her to Ottawa to meet his parents.
I really loved the original incarnation of his show and feel bad for people who think Eric Andre is in any way original

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If I recall the whole thing started because some obnoxious pop song was the #1 song on TRL for weeks and he hated how stupid it was so he made that video and told his audience to call it in to fuck with Carson Daly.

Ghosts are real, though.

Anyone has any personal ghost stories to tell? When I was little, I was watching the ninja turtles on TV when a transmission overwrote the broadcast for some time. The scene had a shrieking naked people (no genitals, with costumes) running down a spiral staircase (in the darkness, like a theatre setup), seemingly infinite in number. It lasted 10 minutes and disappeared. I think I somehow watched a subliminal message, or MKUltra trigger video.

Freddy Got Fingered is honestly a funny film, imagine if 2013-era MDE was around in 2001.

Well, it is a review of an old movie, what do you expect?


Wew lad

'sup newfag

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tom green a shit

Tom Green was always based, if a troll on his internet brought new memes and was creative he'd play along, he'd only get annoyed by kids repeating the same shit over and over, /ourguy/ just wanted new content.

A cohesive explanation or a take on alternative opinions
Not ripping off old IMDB posts and claim it as their own

I thought it was really funny when it came out as I hadn't seen anything like it at the time.
The backwards man, daddy would you like a sausage, whipping the cripple in the legs and then he whips her in the face. His father's reaction to his bullshit, kicking the shit out of him whenever he gets a chance. Not forgetting saying that his father fingered Freddy, Freddy getting taken to a child safe home for the abused. The ark de triumph, getting inside the deer, walking all over the road within the entrails of the deer then getting hit by a truck.
Like I said, it was funny at the time. But Reddit Letter Media reviewing it, what's the point? It's been out for around 13-14 years, who cares about it now? Drew Barrymore even left him.

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Oh, and the skate ramp they build, where his friend the straight laced suit wearing bank clerk takes the first ride, gets his leg fucked up on a nail sticking up, breaks his leg to where the bone is sticking out, screams, cries out in his, his dad comes out shouting what the fuck is all this noise, and throws the skateboard on his friends leg with the bone sticking out. That was actually a funny piece of slapstick.

What if that IMDB posts is their posts?

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death of culture

They're just trying to justify their own ironic "comedy" by claiming a retard with too much money created high art in the same vein as their own work

Don't forget where Tom Green wanks off the Elephant in the desert and it cums buckets all over his dad.

Did you all forget as well? Tom Green encourages his mother to go out and fuck Black men, get into orgies and take on Black cock, so she does, she cucks his father with a Big Black Basketball player who bangs her.
Cuckino confirmed.

Did he lie?