Does capitalism create souless psychopaths?

Does capitalism create souless psychopaths?

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haha yes bump


Do soulless psychopaths create communism?
Capitalism is a code word for Christian.
All leftist uprisings and movements are part of a jewish fundamentalist revolution, similar to what happend in Iran.


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>Christianity supports (((capitalism)))
Your saviour was a smelly (((communist))) Jew.
The Shah was backed by Jews and his secret police worked for mossad.

Yep, Jesus was notorious for buying low and selling high.

Soulless psychopaths have always existed, will always exist, and will abuse whatever system they find themselves in.

Unironically both.
Capitalism creates psychopaths who then turn to communism in an attempt to regain humanity, both are shit for this reason. This is also the reason capitalist marxism exists.

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nice pic sweetie

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Like I said.
Communism killed millions so capitalism could kill billions.

Muh bootstraps


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How many of those are shitskins of various types?

really makes you think

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people dying from lack of action is not killing

Christianity condemns greed and treated banks as usury, that's where jews got their riches from: good Christians were forbidden to practice usury.

Never ever in the Christian age there were talks of capitalism: those started when kikes created the boogeyman, yet they were the ones secretly guiding financial speculation.

Juidaism is unique in being a blend of finance and religious fundamentalism. Christianity comes with no financial talk attached, as it should be.

Easily disproved: no Communist country ever managed to make things any decent for their people - their jewish leaders actually exploited them to the bone.

Notice how propaganda is tailored to the target. To Christians, Jews send a Christian-like message: 'follow us and you'll find christian charity' which Jews actively despise. And also 'you only have one perfect victim, but we have 6 million'. By comparison, when the Jews talk to Muslims, there is only violence: they don't have to pretend, they will only assassinate them with no explanation.

If Capitalism was as good as you say it is would've fixed those problems already. This is fucking basic logic 102. I bet you never even finished high school in whatever podunk backwater you inhabit. Here is a picture of you and your dad, notice how you are both rural retards.

Just like the lack of being able to distribute food efficiently wasn't the fault of the communists. See how this works both ways? Also you are gay.

Not real communism. Sooner you grow the fuck up and realise that, the better. As for that last point, I won't even respond, just don't be stupid and make stupid arguments next time please. I only like good arguments so I won't even respond to that.

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lurk more

Communism create this.

Here we see the communist in action in his natural habitat. He has no arguments, relying solely on accusation and on projection, hoping to sway others to his cause just as he has been swayed.

real capitalism has never been tried

but it was. it was literally caused by the retarded central planning they instituted.

Why is it the duty of first world capitalist nations to fix third world traditional nations? I mean, we already do pump billions in aid to those shitholes every year, what more do you want from us? Outright colonization and forcing them to adopt capitalism?

Your natural habitat is being a nazi who is gay. Here is you and your boyfriend who you have gay sex with because you are gay. Lol.

Wow okay nice cherrypicking there. They had no choice, the russians wrere just too greedy and hungry for food. And if capitalism is so good at being central, why isn't it near the equator? Why is it in America and not somewhere near the equator like the Falkland Islands???

Reparations. You fuck up those countries by turning them into shitholes, you better pick up the tab. And there's a little something called charity bud. Read Richard Dawkin's book 'The Selfish Gene' and you will see the benefits of reciprocal atruism. In fifty or so years, Africa will function like Brazil and other developing nations and be able to pay us back in agricultural goods and migrant workers. It's The Art of The Deal as Drumpf might say.

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He actually said it: fuck off right back to r/socialism, you pozzed cuck.

No. Human nature does that.

They call this projection, but it's actually the oldest pick up line in the homo book. You wouldn't be hating conservatives if they weren't normal men who despise you. No one forced you to throw away what you had to take it up the ass, but now you've done it and there's no turning back.

You traded a family for an infection, congratulations. A jew is teaching class about fools like you, sneering.

Is leftypol just about discussing made up economic philosophies that will create utopias? Because I can't see much value in tearing apart my car, for the promise it will be more performant when I put it back together backwards.


poverty is the natural state of man

Yes. But communism creates soulless genociders.

I think everyone should be able to fly. I propose we all throw ourselves off roofs until it works. The poor should go first because they've been so oppressed over the years, and I don't want to wipe the bloodstains off my middle class suburb in the event of anyone not getting the flying ideology right.

woo lad

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I occasionally browse Reddit, yes. Better than this shithole…

Except it's not projection, you are a gay nazi who loves gay dicks in his butt because he's gay and loves penises. I'm actually beloved in my community. No jews are laughing at me because I am jewish myself and despite not being a perfect jew I take inspiration from the faith and try to be charitable and moral. Also i've fucked tons of white girls. Don't get too mad nazi virgin.

If your car was leaking toxic fumes, you would sure as hell do whatever it took to get it working again.

Hard to get a society working when youve suffered hundreds of years of oppresion, slavery and misery by porky, but keep on with that myth of white excellence…

Just wrong. Just shut up dude, nobody cares what you have to say. You're that one guy at the party who everyone wants to just fucking leave so people can have fun.

wow nice meme dude haha…….. NOTTTTT!!!!

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Hey friend, if you're gonna be a regular here, could you please put on a name so we can appreciate your quality posts? And please make cool comics to go with your posts and illustrate your arguments if possible.

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No, sociopaths are part of normal human distribution and appear regardless of political system.

Feel like pure shit just want him back

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No jew would ever admit being one, fam. You're just an average soycuck but this DOES imply that you would practice sodomy due to social pressure.

They stole it from someone else as usual.

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This latest wave of trolling is both too obvious and too verbose.

Obviously a Holla Forums false flag no communist is the stupid

yeah obviously just look at the mods of this board

Yeah it's pretty irritating when you can look at the image, then check to see if there's a wall of text in the post and immediately tell it's b8.
These posts never get that many (you)s either.
Subtlety is a lost art.

kys, commie


You need to go back to r/politics, retard.

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Why are leftists such human garbage? I don't get how they can get so warped. They really are less than people.

You truly are a communist

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Fuck Trump
Fuck white people
Fuck guns
Fuck prisons
Fuck police
Fuck sexism
Fuck fatphobia
Fuck homophobia
Fuck biphobia
Fuck transphobia
Fuck genderfluid-phobia
Fuck intersexual-phobia
Fuck gender rules
Fuck bisexual-phobia
Fuck cisheteronormativity
Fuck HIV shaming
Fuck slut shaming
Fuck adoption shaming
Fuck bullying
Fuck nationalism
Fuck the rich
Fuck religion
Fuck intolerance
Fuck racism
Fuck islamophobia
Fuck pedophobia
Fuck asexual-phobia
Fuck hate poliamory (multilove)
Fuck patriarchy
Fuck capitalism
Fuck gender binary
and if you fuck with and don't call out bigotry and hate whenever you see it then fuck YOU

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So if people died of hunger and diease in feudal economies up until 200 years ago, was it still the fault of capitalism?
Communists went out with clear orders to kill people. And killed more likely 200 mil people.
You're saying that capitalism is at fault for skin cancer for not providing sun cream. See the immensely faulty logic.

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the same soullless psychopaths, you know (((who))) created capitalism, the more classically liberal, the better for them.
absolute free market without any kind of control crushes the common goy as much as gommunism. just with a different flavour.

niggers being incapable of modern agriculture and doing stuff like eating seeds for the following year or celebrating funerals to broken farm equipment has definitely nothing to do with it.

again i know for a fact that organizations giving aid(s) in africa do stuff like digging wells and mantaining them.
apparently the thought that there is little to empower if the people you're trying to help can't into a hole in the ground.

hey, draining swamps and sanitizing still water is government job, comrade. and it was done even in ancient times with very rudimental equipment. what's the excuse?

You guys can't meme for shit

Fucking based

Anyone else know this feel?

Get the fuck out of here, indonigger. (You) are the son of a banker with two houses with an unironic USSR LARP hobby plus a lifestyle that perfectly embodies the worst excesses of capitalism, and yet you are an evangelical communist.

His name is Divar Akbar Erlangga. An indonigger muslim commie fatso who even 4cuck Holla Forums hates for being too obnoxious with a complete lack of self awareness.


Who is Gonlad Brumpf?

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This thread has absolutely nothing to do with the board topic. Why is this allowed?

Why are you allowed? Fucking faggot.

Get with the times man, Drumpf is finished.

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capitalism creates dubs

Answer the question.


Answer the question.

It's on topic, you are wrong.

If he doesn't want to answer the question he doesn't have to, Drumpf cuck. I swear you and the Nazi's are no different.

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It isn't. Answer the question.

It is. That is the answer.

America creates souless psychopaths.

[spoiler]Rise My Fighting Mutts

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No it isn't. The thread has nothing to do with movies or television. It is political arguing. Answer the question. Why is this allowed?

That's what this board is for. How new are you?

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The board is for the discussion of movies, television, and anime. Politics is not in it's remit. Why is this allowed? Answer the question.

This board is for shitposting.
For discussion.

I'd rather not wait a month for a response when a perfectly good board that isn't a graveyard exists here.

Obviously fucking not.

You said it, ==DRUMPF CUCKS BTFO==

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Slow your roll, drumpfy. I know you're just assmad about being BTFO by based Bart. So you take your anger out on the 15 billion jews who died in genocide during the Roman dynasty. You're just mad Isreal is better than whatever shithole you come from.

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Struck a nerve cuckservative?

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You know that east asians suffered famines, gimmunist made, colonialism,which they actually fought since day one, unlike niggers, massive wars and a couple of a-bombs. And they are still better off than niggers who btw when mao was trying not-real-socialism an starving mllions to death, were not starving. Courtesy of white oppressors.

Lol laughing at you fools

No, it creates egoists.


Smarter than you Pedro


The left is literally identity politics: if you are of a race other than white, you belong to the left.

So as the amerimutt blood becomes more blacked, so leftism advances. And when the whole country will belong again to a single group, then and only then will Israel occupy America by chinese proxy.

It's interesting to watch gommies and porkies battle it out over which side killed more, as if killing hundreds of millions of people is a problem. Quite frankly, god bless the gommies for murdering tens of millions of their own people and god bless the porkies for nuking and raping the world to oblivion. Nature loves a good purge and both groups have proven very effective towards that end.

Gran Autismo

You had me at
But then fucked up by assuming anyone other than "white" is a leftist. That's simply not true, in fact I'd go as far as saying most whites are leftists especially in comparison to foreigners (except those in western countries since they want gibs and vote left for the gibs).
No, the point should have been that the left is all about identity politics, so they draw the imaginary capitalist vs everyone else Marxist paradigm to try and create an 'us vs them' mentality, while also creating an imaginary boogeyman which never really existed to begin with.

Both the commies and capitalists (who support the commies) are kikes, just like both parties in any democracy are run by kikes, even though through the kosher tinted glasses of the goyim (especially nigger cattle) these kikes are perceived as "white".
The left cannot comprehend anything outside this outdated paradigm, they're just not that intelligent, they are essentially the eternal sophist, this is even evident in the first and only sentence of the OP:
It creates a presupposition that:

The OP does not define "capitalism" and he does not return to first principles because he is a sophist at heart and cannot intellectually challenged himself, he is incapable of it.

There are many lazy sohpists not only in this thread but even on this board, many claims backed with no evidence, yet so confident in their ideas; that is the mark of the Marxist, the unintelligible monkey. This lazy board culture fosters degeneracy and destroys any hope of an honest discussion of any topic.

This is the type of faggot that believe in some "national-socialist" economy which is supposedly " the best of both worlds" and fixes all our problems with Aryan magic.

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not, that's just america in general

>When the vast majority of the followers of Islam are pro- gun, sexist, fatphobic, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, genderfluid-phobic, intersexual-phobic, believe in gender rules, bisexual-phobic, cisheteronormativite, HIV shaming, slut shaming, adoption shaming, are bullys, nationalistic, deeply-religious, intolerant, racist, asexual-phobic, patriarchal, believe in the gender binary, and don't call out bigotry (because they are bigoted themselves).

Or maybe he believes that any economic theory can work, as long as it isn't being parasitized by kikes.

There's a reason why we can't hold a discussion, and it's because your entire political identity revolves around strawmanning normal people

Do you think I'm pro-Islam or Anti-Islam?

The post I linked is pretending to like it, posing as a right-winger. Who would never use a salad of leftist buzzwords like that, though.

I was pointing out leftist hypocrisy by showing how the followers of Islam fit easily into most of the buzzwords presented.

that's not true though. central planning cannot work outside a fictional world where the central planners have perfect knowledge

See anything Ayn Rands ever wrote.

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Those kind of people come into being regardless of the prevailing economic system. The only thing that changes is in what manner best exploits the framework in order to indulge their cupidity. A robber baron would slide right into the role of a corrupt Party official if circumstances were different. It's a means to an end.

Why does leftypol keep shilling this meme?

I can do that too.

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The capitalist edifice is a parasite on the economy and society. Sitting between those who do the work and the work they produce, it siphons off most of the wealth for an elite whose true economic contribution is conspicuously un-examined and just assumed to be vital.

Much as the psychopath doesn’t contribute to society but exploits its weakness, the capitalist has created a niche that is said to be crucial, in fact said to be the fount of wealth, but, in reality, the capitalist creates neither the capital he owns or the wealth that is produced with it. That is all done by someone else, the capitalist just owns everything.

You are profoundly ignorant of the realities of creating and growing a business from the ground up.