Any kinos about chestlets being put in their place?

Any kinos about chestlets being put in their place?

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they are children you sick f*ck

The one on the left is a child. Children don't have big, round titties.

Daily reminder and this is not bait. Only, virgins, plebs, animefags or indigenous tribes prefer big tits.

Anything over a B cup is trash. A cups, B cups (best) and flat chests are master race.

C and D cups are disgusting.

I see you are also a gentleman and a scholar

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t. literal shitskin

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When are you going to get out of denial and admit you want to fuck twinks?

Then why is she the same height as the other girl?


The red is patrician

Asses are insanely more sexual that titcows


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The Mongols really did go to shit after Kublai died, didn't they?

Tits are just fake asses

Mongolia is a horsefucker country, unsurprisingly
you can see how the mongol blood has affected russia as well

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other way around actually, monkeys evolved asses to mimic breasts

surprising tbh

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This is as old as tetrapods

that's clearly jewish propaganda

On a throne? Or on a pedestal?
Try Konosuba, Megumin is epic.

I want to explode inside Megumin

The negro says he prefers butts, but he actually means the pussy. The idea is to immediately connect butts to sex, while breasts are linked to general looks and figure.

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Poo comes out of there. Literally mental illness.