Now that a Freiza a good guy. Who gonna be Goku Arch enemy now?

Now that a Freiza a good guy. Who gonna be Goku Arch enemy now?


Good writing

Blanco Vegeta negro.

Big Match Jhon

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Good writing is no match for el hermano.

Meanwhile, white people are busy watching the best anikino since H×H.

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What race is he suppose to be?

El hermano is Jiren brother. He the same race as Jiren.

La Creatura…

It's funny that the best Anime since HxH is the best anime ever and it is Non Non Biyori

Shaggy Black


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Dragon Ball in a nutshell

Dragon Ball franchise in a nutshell.


Naruto Shippūden is unironically better than anything DB related.


That fucking ending my dudes, that is the real shit right there. 17 is /ourguy/

Whatching people whatching something.

This character is piss weak, how in the hell is he still fighting?

If Freiza, who got murdered in 15 seconds by Super Saiyan Trunks from the timeline where 17 and 18 bodied everyone (except Goku, of course), can be bullshitted into relevance, I don't see why 17 can't.

why are spics so obsessed with this shit cartoon?

Because everyone else with some juice in universe 7 got SAIYANED he was invited to the tournament. He managed to be the last man standing and act completely selflessly sparing universe 7 from destruction and rescuing all the other universes from oblivion.

Why are niggers
Why are white trash

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Hell, Superman saved more people that Goku in the past 3 years, because Convergence affected thousands of universes.

I miss when dragon ball used to be fun.

Multiverses don't count. It's easy to just expand them to infinity and fuck up calculations, hence just 1 universe with X number of planets.

I know, resurrecting Frieza was a mistake too.

Did he got a new transformation at least?

Dragon Ball Cucker has multiverses.

Didn't Vegeta also blown up an entire planet before meeting Goku, I vaguely remember it, I think its like planet full of bug peoples

same thing happened with Vegeta, Goku is just a faggot(voiced by a woman) that has to forgive everyone.

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Vegita nuked a planet because fuck it. Hell, when he an Nappa first heard of the draggin bawls, they were eating the last few dumbasses of some other race they genocided.

honestly, it's harder to list a character who HASN'T nuked a planet at least once. Frieza may be villainized for nuking the Sayajins, but honestly they would have been just another massive problem requiring another hundred episodes to resolve and most likely ending with the planet blowing up anyway.

a good thread

He should've been in the first place. If the Red Ribbon guys could just make a robot stronger than a Super Saiyan then how did they ever have problems with Goku as a kid? Even pissant low level Cell could've killed them all without bothering to absorb anyone.

I miss when life was fun


anime goes on Holla Forums


only low IQ idiots would disagree.

Don't bother come to 8ch, redditor. We're not joking when we tell you that we despise homos, cucks and low-T males like you.


Sounds like the typical anime connoisseur to me.

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Banned from /a/?
Come to >>>/animu/!

Dragonball is disgusting manchild bait.

I only read the mangas. Barely watched anything from the tv show, except team fourstar, who made a painfully unfunny series.
The new movie with golden Frieza was the worst kind of nostalgia bait movie I have ever seen.
It's completly fucking disgusting. How can any grown man unironically watch this?

Roshi destroyed the moon. He genocided the moon-bunny race. If I don't remember things wrong.

top kek

I always sort by "most replies" user.
It's important some of us, so there is more diversity in which threads get bumped, user.

What did OP mean by this?

He got a wife and a kid

good guy = /ourguy/