Jews at Hollywood thought Michelle was the main character in All in the family


He predicted the modern day millennial.

It blows my mind that anyone would think mike was likable.

Norman Lear accidentally created a redpilled show.

Norm MacDonald has said this a lot. That if someone who is politically neutral watched the show they would side with Archie because he funny and likeable unlike everyone else on the show.

Its just a parade of annoying people showing up to tsk at Archie. Meathead is the absolute worst
Sanford & Son is pure kino though

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I watched a couple of episodes for the first time a few months ago and found it hilarious how Michael sounded exactly like the average twitter soyboy.

Almost like a reflection of modern pop culture itself.

Have you seen the one where Edith gets molested and the audience laughs at it?

Super youngfag or just somehow missed it this whole time? Either way, good that you've seen some. It's the shit. I've got the whole series torrented and backed up and plan to watch it all again soon.

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Fuck off Holla Forums

I grabbed the torrent of the first 3 seasons, gonna download the rest when I free up some storage space.
I'm 25, but not american so this was never on tv around here.

Norm Macdonald might be a holocaust denier. He jokes about it a lot but seems to mention details of the arguments, which indicates he’s read holocaust denier literature.

What’s funnier is in the show, Michael winds up leaving to go off and do liberal shit (Rob Reiner wanted out) and Archie has to take care of his granddaughter by himself. Even in the show universe he was a better person.

Hey, jungle bunny. Thank God for the sickle cell, huh?

This show has been off the air for decades, grandpa.

It's the jewish mindset. To a Christian, Boyega using a lightsaber against foes armed merely with sticks is dishonorable and overkill. To a jew, Boyega is crushing the enemy because God is on his side and that's all that matters.

They're supremacists, they can't empathize with their victims.

Too bad everything that the sickle cell does for blacks is cancelled out by the prison cell.

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And look how much good it did you, christcucks.

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Was Nietzsche right? Is Christianity a mistake?

written by jews and not redd fox

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Yeah no shit. Redd was out of his mind on Coke and weed pretty much 24/7.
I do remember a funny anecdote about Redd from back in the day

This made me laugh and I don't know why.

John Paul II was the supreme moral authority in the post WW2 world. While Russia butchered their citizens meaninglessly and America turned into a brutal jewish protectorate, Woytila stood as the living avatar of the rightful Jesus Christ.

That the ZOG had a puppet elected, is of no concern to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Plenty of false popes are burning.

Is that supposed to be Cleveland?

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It did pretty well before it pretty much died in the west.

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Where does it live?