Can one of the NEETs on this board set up a regular stream? I'm lonely

Can one of the NEETs on this board set up a regular stream? I'm lonely.

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Just use It's saturday so Jesus is probably streaming hentai.

Why aren't any of you even interested in this? It's not like I'm suggesting a discord or voice chat faggotry, just a place to go where movies play, so that there's film-related content to discuss on Holla Forums, so you're not just watching mundane youtube videos on a Saturday night of some eceleb talking to a camera. I know most of you don't have friends, and I know for a fact none of you do anything more productive like reading.

you'll catch more flies with honey than with battery acid

I get enough unfunny autism from the likes of you just posting here tbh

I'm a NEET, but I don't have time to make a stream because I'm too busy volunteering at an animal sanctuary and liberating animals from factory farms.

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At least 5 anons here are involved in the film industry. I'm personally employed at a decent hedge fund. Maybe take that free time you have and improve yourself, mkay sweetie?

GTFO normalnigger

Since when Gahoole having a jewtube channel counts as film industry?

I'm not insulting you apart from the not reading part. A lot of NEETs on here. Even more people with no friends.

I spent 14 hours studying, and tha's probably the most anyone here has done today. Go lift your weights bro you're just like Sam Hyde bro maybe if I watch a Peterson video I'll have friends heh at least I'm Christian!

kek can't make this shit up.

I have a potato disguised as a PC, thats why

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If you're not just veganposting and genuinely volunteer somewhere that's pretty neat user

cytube doesn't require a streaming pc. If you figure out where to host films that's compatible you're set.

I'm saying the opposite, that the bulk of Peterson's failed normalfags who talk about how they're bettering themselves because they follow some tips their go-to internet ecelebs gave them. Whether it's Sam Hyde, Jordan Peterson, or whatever the latest 'ourguy' is, these faggots infest every board with their goal being to pretend as much as possible they're actually alpha Chads irl.
Embed related, runs the largest Peterson clip uploader.


Google drive is best for cytube.

I think they improved the piracy protection on google drive

No. My /just/ stream got justed because jewgle made it impossible to stream the movies.

go to for best stream

We should shill for /bane/x/just/ stream tbh

One of the boards used to do movie night on Saturday. I'm here and can't remember which one. works for cytube

Brettygood is a 4chan-reddit stream, but if you're in a pinch it'll do. Same for suptv. Avoid filthycasuals like the plague, comfyzone is reddit incarnate. Weebcrew is debateably the worst of the streamverse, possibly in competition with comfyzone.
Honestly though the appeal of suptv and brettygood is the same as for any cytube channel. As far as I'm aware there's no endless Holla Forums stream.

I always join in on a /bane/ stream when they advertise here. The last two were the highlights of my week.

I remember going back there in 2016 smh

I forgot magestream. They ban girls on sight. I think it goes beyond 4chan, don't know if it's wizardchan or Holla Forums.

comfyzone literally had two transgender regulars and 'femanon' attentionwhore MAGApedes

Apparently IPFS works on cytube so if there's a good-willed NEET out there with an hour or so to learn how to do it, go ahead and give it a try. should be available

cytube has a few great rooms to chill in and watch movies. a few even poll for movies and play trailers to help u decide. and of course bants

please someone do this

You do it.

Install IPFS
Upload the file via ipfs add -w
Browse to the directory created with[The Hash]
Copy the url there to cytube

Why the -w? Because we want to preserve the file extention.
Why Because plain round robbins each of the planets but that means that it isn't cached in most until several hits. By picking one it will be cached on the gateway once one user requests it. It lowers the odds of one user getting a bad gateway.

You can also tell your users to install ipfs and the browser companion so you get more seeds. The gateway takes care of bandwidth so one seed can serve to 50 people but it adds more persistence to the files if a user or two uses the browser companion.

someone do this

Weebcrew > every other stream site.

why not go to the /int/ khantube stream?