Price check on Vagiclean, aisle five. I repeat, price check on Vagiclean, aisle five

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Love this movie solely for introducing me to the band Cake.

I miss the old Jim Carrey when he just didn't give a fuck.

unfunny movie

nah one of jim carreys best

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I saw this mobie
He literally raises of 3 his wifes sons
And eventually the toll of being the cuck that he is causes him to snap and produces a split personality
I forgot everything else except for an albino kid I think

wasn't the albino a serial killer or something?

The fuck should I know

no need to be an asshole about it

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Read my first post nigger

fuck you. I do what I want

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Talking about cuck movies.

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Eat shit and die in a hole

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Just share her at that point. Jesus.

This tbh
The future offspring would be less inbred

kill urself cuck

t. bitter autist
go watch your Trump videos on youtube and stop posting in film threads

oh sweetie, your NEVER getting laid 😏

lol literal cuckoldry


Stay virginal sweetie 😏 I'm sure that cute shy girl you like definitely isn't banging Chad 😂😂

Literal cuckino

Is price checking a personal hygiene item supposed to be humorous? Are right wing guys this uncomfortable with their sexuality?

Well terrible troll it has nothing to do with sexuality unless poop jokes are sexual to you. Which they probably are.

I tried to watch that because of the interesting setting but had to drop it at some point since the main character was such a cuck it stopped being enjoyable.

No, the right move is to kill the other guy. If she falls for you he'll kill you, if she falls for him you'll have to kill him, so the only rational option is to kill him from the beginning.

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get out communist

Wasn't the logical solution to just impregnate woman and then the men trade daughters and ficki ficki them?

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Actually they survive, because he destroyed that facility, so they are going to fill earth with mutts.

I like foofighters as well, good song wishing to break out. Shame they play at the Democratic National convention, if they stayed politically neutral I'd still buy their stuff but when a band go political, I don't care which way, instantly dropped.

this movie is really, really weird

so's your face

Didn't he blow himself at the exact moment It happens, killing himself and shit getting fucked but jumping dimensions just like the first time?

Jim Carrey is legitimately dogshit

As much as I understood, when he destroyed that facility, that jumps that happened during movie, stopped.
But he killed himself in process and transported himself somewhere.
First jump made all people who weren't dying in that moment disappear.