What are some kinos about white male patriarchy being btfo?


What are some kinos about white male patriarchy being btfo?

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GTFO this is a democrat board.

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What's up, Holla Forums. Riddle me this, if you like niggers and commies so much then why don't you move to SA?

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We own SA. No fun to be had there. Trolling neetsoc virgins is much more entertaining.

I can't decide if you're the best ally of the rich kikes or trying to force people towards nazbolism through making the liberal position so disagreeable that people have to oppose it.

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daba so dem siddeday watatai sobosho whiteboi kanna bayda somba shiba

Why would I leave? #winning

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You're not going to see America embrace communism anytime soon, lad.

Pic one almost works up to the last two images, where it becomes obvious this is just some guys interracial fetish material disguised as political posting. C.K would be proud.

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Sure sure.

I look forward to systems collapse in around 20 years.

What's up, Holla Forums. Riddle me this, if you like socialism and totalitarian governments so much then why don't you move to Holla Forums?

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It won't collapse, it will be held together either by minority whites or Jews disguised as amerimutts.

What's up strawman. Riddle me this, if you like X and Y so much then why don't you move to Z?

Not this shit again. Fuck off.

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Oh sure, if they chain away a few whitebois and clone them for slave labor that'd work. I'm sure the jews pushing for AI the hardest are hoping it will replace whitebois so they can just go ahead with the genocide a decade or so earlier. The fact is though that with a minority of whites you still wouldn't have enough outliers.


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Because they, much like you liberal fags, have forgotten that the most valuable thing a nation possess is its people. "Freedom", "equality" and so on are complete nonsense concepts. Blood is real and tangible.

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it's awfully convenient that the shooting happened right before the month of March, giving the protestors a great name for their movement

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Stop making a joke out of the death of 100s of thousands of children around the United States.

What outliers? What are you talking about? It will be just like pre-apartheid South Africa. You will have an intelligent minority in power ruling the rest of the mutts, except in this case the mutts think they are white and identify with the "ruling class".

Shit, I didn't meant exactly apartheid era SA.

I don't think 100s of thousands of children have died during the entire history of the USA

If white people don't stop being so degenerate God will sort them out.

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and I fucked up this post too

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I didn't say women aren't impressionable and dumb. I said that image was most likely created by somebody with a cuckolding fetish.

For advanced systems, think nuclear reactors or even maintenance of sewer plants, you need an IQ of over 120 at the bare minimum. I'm not talking about the elite class or political rulers as that doesn't require a high IQ only an abundance of wealth and complicit advisers. For these advances systems you simply won't have enough white outliers if whites are pushed into the minority position.

South Africa didn't have nearly the same amount of developed infrastructure or complex systems that the US has.

t. fascist revisionist
I've personally witnessed 1000 school shootings in my life.

When God starts sorting people out, he will start with the kikes (read: You).

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Stop posting Cucklexander Cuckgin I hate seeing his stupid fat face

The US has a population of 325 million, are you saying the kikes in power won't leave at least 1 or 2% whites alive to tend to that shit? Are you saying they can't do it themselves? Are you saying half-whites can't do it? A lot of them can.

This. But you should see his stupid fat face without the beard, looks like a low-T soyboy, no wonder he has one.

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You jews always attack the person, never the ideas. I think everyone knows why that is, you don't stand a chance against the Ideas.

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I mean, it took the jew fooling the rest of the world into quelling the last uprising. Now imagine us being 100 times more pissed off, fighting with our backs against the wall with our whole existence at stake. And this time we won't try and send you to live happily at Madagascar you kikes.

Fuck off.

It's funny that you think the white race has even a tenth of the quality men it had during WW2. It's soyboys and cucks all the way down now. Maybe if they took away the electronic pacifiers of entertainment and such you might get some change but it isn't going to happen. Going right down the cattle chute with a selfie and mobileshit games to distract.

Nice to see Holla Forums has turned into Holla Forums 2.0

It's this kind of over-confident, impulsive nigger mentality that caused us to lose the last world war. Alt-right soyboys aren't going to scare any kikes either.

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That's the silliest strawman I've ever seen. But tell me, if freedom and capitalism is so great then why does it always lead to the same decay as can be seen in France, Germany and America? Both culture and people are flushed down the toilet for GDP. Liberalism is death.

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You know, capitalism is very simple: don't touch what isn't yours. But with all the conversations I've had with these edgy Eurasian Duginist guys, I've never had any of them properly explain to me the ideology they believe in. Why? Because if you can't even explain what it is you believe in such simple terms that even a child would understand and instead keep telling people that it's so complex that they have to read all his books to understand, then it proves that even you don't know the ideology that you believe in, because like I said before, you have been enticed into a cult which preaches the same "За все хорошее и против всего плохого" bullshit that every other cult in Russia preaches.

No shit, genius, we all hate liberals here.

Deal with it.

Well then. The American global cultural and political dominance, the globalist forces and modernism are all bad. This many on the so called extreme right and some on the left already know. Dugin simply came with a pragmatic proposal on where and how resistance to these things should manifest.

Unlike left which can only criticise, never build and the right which fervently try to hold onto what they long ago built and reclaim scraps of what they have lost Dugin wants to build and look forward.

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Why are white "men" so afraid of competition? If you really were the master race, your women would choose to fuck you instead of the other options. White "men" know they are at the bottom of the barrel, so they try to prevent men of superior races from entering their countries.

What does it matter either way when (((you))) flood the place with so many subhumans the natives become a minority?

An ideology is not defined by something that you are against, it must be defined by a system of ideals. For example, the alt-right is not an ideology because they are united by something they are against and not something that they endorse. Communism is an ideology because they do have ideals and they can explain it very simply by saying that "sharing is caring".

How? By letting Russians, who are apparently mixed-race Eurasians, conquer and rule everyone? Believe me, even I am trying not to strawman here, but these are Dugin's own views. When most of the world is Russia and the other half is finlandized, somehow everything will be perfect.

lmfao, what a pragmatic individual. What a fucking hero.

It's not about competition you shitskin. It's about blood. It's about keeping your bloodlines untainted.

Something you faggots know nothing about, because you're all rootless morons.

"Alt-right" as it is used today is basically white nationalism
Their positive ideology is the preservation of majority white poopulation and eurocentric culture in Europe and North America

Dugin wants to precipitate a third world war in which every single person will die you fucking mong

You act like this is some masterstroke of genius and not a Russian guy who was suckered into both communism and fascism at the same time, making him dumber than both Holla Forums and Holla Forums

He's not an utopianist. It will not be perfect but it will an improvement.
Dasein is the core.

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Good tbh
Dying in a nuclear holocaust is better than living in a dystopia

Yeah, he's literally just some hardcore civic nationalist that shills for the worst that the Soviet Union and fascism had to offer. It's like he wants total 1984, he wants a North Korea for some futuristic Eurasian mutt race.

You have a containment board for a reason.

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Or perhaps he's twice as intelligent.

Extremist liberalism.

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Holla Forums is Holla Forumschan.
You're allowed a containment board here however. Get in.

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dudeweedlmao for teenagers who don't want to identify as leftists?

Liberalism is soft socialism, just like national-socialism. Libertarianism is extreme-right.

How could you let us down like this, Taylor?

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It's a scary ultra-right ideology full of grown ups and capitalists who will eat your neetbux and force you to find a job.

There really isn't any right or left tbh. But libertarianism is pretty much jacobinism and that'd be far left after the French revolution.

Literally lolbergtarian's horseshoe theory
Kill yourself, faggot

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Looks like I win.

Jacobinism was far left in the 1700s, yes


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Russia will die first Dugin

not at the rate things are going

Oh boy I needed a laugh. I'm super sure Dugin is right and Russia will merge into Eurasia and rule the world at the end of history any day now

The only decay we see is your emergence: there are no problems when kikes are not allowed to steal, and degenerate cannot groom and rape as they please. Whatever kind of country is born after the fall, you will be dealt with because you are poison.

Nobody is saying Russia is perfect, but could you see this kind of shit in Russia? no, only in the "free" hedonist west

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No. Jesus.

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Yup. You see, while liberalism was the foundation of the American nation that was far left back then.


Protip, nigger: Just because it's illegal, doesn't mean it doesn't exist and making it illegal isn't the smartest way of solving the problem.

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And what unites you, is the hate for their white nations. You regressed to a state of rationalized cannibalism.

Then why do you allow them to do so? Liberalism.

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You should throw them down from high buildings but for some reason I don't think they can do that without backlash yet.

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We don't live in "back then", now do we?

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Oh yes, i'm sure if we give in to leftism up until this point they will settle down and won't escalate things further

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the fuck you going on about nigger

If your hero is a Soviet, KGB shabos goy, you might as well openly admit that you're Holla Forums.

And yet more and more faggots and bisexuals are appearing among the youth.

Kek, fucking newfag.

>>>Holla Forums
You're in denial, son.

We don't. Jews bend the law and rot the institutions, this is a matter of corruption not being addressed.
Choosing your favorite -ism is just a child past time, all countries are kingdoms internally. Never has a country's ideology influenced their destiny: that is merely the fairy tales told to the people, while the ruling class decides.
You install your people and they decide while fools at large have the illusion of choice, that's all there is.

You are all dumb NEETs who greatly overestimate your limited knowledge of politics like the armchair generals you are.

Why should I conform to the leftist subversions of the past? Might as well join the progressive cucks of today then. I reject all of it.

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Good! Homosexuality does not exist: sodomy is just a sexual practice amongst thousands. Their practitioners, however, use grooming and pedophilia to spread its use through trauma (this is actual rape culture).

Every person who has been sodomized by a gay man, has the right to denounce him as their rapist. And people must prevent this actively, silencing and marginalizing the wannabe rapists.


It cannot be addressed within the framework of liberalism, neither can the flood of foreign invaders. This is the issue.

Are traditionalists in support of ending racism? Otherwise, it's a no for me.

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What am I supposed to be arguing with you about?

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Jews have been living in Europe for centuries but they have never been able to subvert our societies until we had liberalism


Libertarianism is concentrated liberalism and very leftist. Also it empowers jews.



By that do you mean the savages who harm the host nation or those who are JUST immigrants trying to go by without causing trouble(which is kind of rare)

Libertarianism is the most right-wing of all ideologies, whereas national-socialism is right up there next to the commies. National-socialism is just a racist version of the USSR.

Nonsense, there are laws being broken and abuse of authority is happening. But the institutions who should monitoring this, are shut down and subverted too.
Empires fall when their corruption is not kept in check: this is what happened to America. You had splendid laws, but your delegates chose to ignore them and sold you out for shekels - don't blame the founding fathers and don't equate treason with hostile takeover.

It must be fun to live in a paper mache world of intellectuals leading colorful dreamers into ever changing societies. What a childish idea of rationalizing that different groups hold their subject on a leash through drugs, but in the end it's just the inner circle's raw power that counts.

I'm a Russian, believe me, I know my shit.

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Kill yourself, roastie commie cunt.