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If you are honest, that does make sense.
/lefty/ are obvious and retarded and dont have that much of a reach, Holla Forums is less obvious.

all g*rman and their shills must die

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The BO isn't even from kc.

I haven't been to KC in months. Is it down or something?

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Why are germans speaking in english?

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It is dead.. forever.

Good. Germans don't deserve imageboards.

I don't understand this joke.

KC /int/

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The board was fine before new BO hijacked the board from old one, he also disabled logs and TOR posting

what happened?

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Good call, here is all the reasons why poleddit is cancer:

Same goes for Holla Forums

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Yep, that's pretty much it.
Imageboards and political/social commentary is a terrible mix.

I've said it for years/ Politics is normalfag tier and you only have to look at the political boards to prove it.

I'd have no real issue with it is the containment boards (should really be one containment board) actually contained them.


with it if' the*

This tbh. Holla Forums is literally the NeoFag of politics.

Normalfags can't be contained. They think they are always the majority no matter the venue and will never respect boundaries.

I was waiting for her to get run over by a car.

Holla Forums here, capped and posted to r/Holla Forums XD

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Holla Forums is also really fond of /interracial/, they make up 90% of the users in the datamining thread.

nu/tv/ everyone

Gee, now why would a nu-male cuck go ahead and lie that he's a Holla Forumsack on a cuck board? I mean, it's not like that's how Holla Forums has been trying to subvert Holla Forums for a long time now.

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Geez, thanks BASED Holla Forumslack. With that piece of hot info all the internet aficionado's minds, hell, all the pure white aryan's minds are altered to see the whole truth.
You alone can redpill the masses.
Gas the kikes 1488 amirite?
God Emperor 2020 MAGA

Holla Forums is just 40 guys trying to keep their dead board alive. I know you mutts want to feel like you're in some ebin (((hollywood))) movie fighting against a fearsome and mighty enemy but Holla Forums is too fucking useless even for that role. Your greatest enemy is in fact yourselves.

This. Both of them are the exact same.
For Holla Forums, just a few minor changes:

I'm not a Holla Forumsack at all, user. You're charging windmills. Just pointing out jew/commie tactic no. 1.


This is from 1953 and hasn't aged a day since it all still applies.

Politics isn't inherently bad if you're discussing it face to face and are educated.

When you use Facebook/Reddit/Twitter/Imageboards to do this, you lose that connection and go to extremes in your statements, because you can and no one can force you to back it up, you simply ignore/delete them.
The lack of face-to-face contact is why the internet shows extremes of the right and left but society at large is much more centred than the internet would tell you.

People on the internet act like Trump is the next Hitler on the internet, but in reality, he's probably more centre-right than Bush was. Because of this echo chamber of radical leftists saying such nonsense, it builds up to a fervour and translates to the real world so you now have moderates claiming the same things, despite how un-terrifying Trump is.

The only way to fix Holla Forums and Holla Forums, and all other forms of extremist hugboxing, is to merge the two. Holla Forums used to be allowed on Holla Forums, both on halfchan and here (for all of a month or something like that). The fact there were lefties running around meant anons were forced to back up their claims and talk rationally.
Now, it's just a bunch of LARPing redditors that think they're the future of mankind, but can't articulate their position on a topic and resort to ad hominem of "lmao numale cuck communist", when Holla Forumsacks of ol' were able to properly dismantle a false claim.

How do we rid our site of this filth?

If only they were more like Holla Forums and let shitposters run rampant, then they would achieve true quality.

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Or, the mods on Holla Forums could enforce rules against spam instead of banning everyone for wrongthink while stickying every single half arsed thread and circlejerking about how the left censors people.

Exactly. How hard is it to find that perfect balance of maintaining a clean functional board, yet still allowing open discussions that can veer off topic.

/a/ does it remarkably well and is probably the best imageboard on the internet right now. Quality moderation from very down to earth and knowledgable mods who care about their community.

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Goon/jew entryism sooner or later destroy all Internet communities.

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/a/ hands out bans like candy for incorrect spelling and grammar, as well as wrongthink for talking about anime the mods don't like.
I don't like Naruto, but that doesn't mean it should be banned on a relevant board just because it triggers the 100% confirmed tranny BO.

It should be like how it was in the olden days of imageboards. Where the community self-polices itself and spams unwanted threads to death with guro and other obscene shit.

But you fucking newfags don't understand. You need mods to constantly wipe your ass and protect your fucking feelings.

I admittedly don't go to Holla Forums often but the times that I have I've never been banned. Maybe it's because I'm not a leftist agitator looking to stir shit?

Nigger please. No one hates nepfag more than you.

This. /a/ is fucking cesspit, I hope that piece of shit mod dies of cancer and the rest of the faggots that post there get aids.

That only worked in that time period. Everyone has seen all that shit and worse by now. You will have to come up with something else to run off jaded young shits who grew up on the internet browsing obscene shit.


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True dat dey don even let a nigga smh at da fam shits messed up tbh like who even gots time for grammer an shit on the internet besides racist ol crackas anyway

This. Mods should only ban spam, low-quality should be enforced by users.

If you even think to mention that Trump isn't fulfilling every single promise, BAN.
If you want entho-nationalism instead of civic-nationalism, BAN.
If you tell Kikefy that he's non-white and suffering from schizophrenia, BAN.
If you want to share information with others in the form of links, books or infographics that haven't been 100% vetted by the moderation team, BAN.
If you want to discuss any form of right-wing thinking that doesn't line up 100% with the mods, BAN.
If you talk about Redditors infesting the board from /r/The_Donald and bringing over their cancer, BAN.

Wordfiltered as well.

That is what happens when Learningcode inevitably worms his way into a mod team. How he does it so often I will never know.

Nah, these fucking kids think they are entitled to a safe space to protect them from every little fucking thing that they disagree with. If they can't even handle a different opinion, then they certainly won't handle being reminded that they're in the asshole of the internet.

Which other mod teams did he get into? I thought it was only Holla Forums.
You know he's delusional when he uses 4 different mod accounts to ban people and has each use different mannerisms.

The entire 4chon


The plane crashed

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Are forced memes kino?

Oh yeah, forgot about that board completely. I did know he came from there first.
He's just very good at sucking up to people. If I had to guess from the way he acts as a vol/mod, he uses fake accounts to post rule breaking shit, then reports his own posts and anyone agreeing with his post on the same IP until the BO notices him and gives him power.

Biggest problem here was the BO just let the shitposting go, so when one shitposter got good and had attention, everyone else wanted to do it so they created little personas, like TS, SC, Bliss, Maisie, Jenny, Marg etc.
Name/Avatarfags killed this place and the BO let them.

Memes are eternal, user.

You think I actually care about anything I post? I literaly say anything I can to stir up shit and see what reaction I can get. I am a shell of a human being who needs constant stimulous and distractions to keep from sticking a gun in my mouth.

Do a flip, fagget.

I think you are very invested in having people perceive you as such.

as a white german i have to agree, Holla Forumsyps are cancer and mostly amerimutts anyway

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I am literally nazi posting, amerimutt posting, cumskin posting, commieposting, fuck I don't even know across dozens of boards at the same time while playing games I hate and watching chink wrestling because the moment I stop mindlessly hammering away at shit I start to go into my head.

Sounds like high school

If you haven't got a job and don't want to get one, I'd just pull the pin and end it.
No point investing in mindless entertainment that you dislike if you're not contributing to anything else.

Making things worse for everyone seems like the best way to deal with shit until I do. I want everyone else to hate everything as much as I do.

Eh, his drunken antics can be pretty amusing. Watching him jerk the /cow/tists around with mostly true but still fabricated gossip is pretty kino tbh

If we hooked up and I'd let you abuse my boipusser, would you stop trying to start shit on Holla Forums?

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Would watch/10.
Autist v Trap

Not just Holla Forums but the entire world would be better off if you and every dumb faggot like you just got it over with already.

He doesn't want the world to be better. He wants you to suffer. I don't blame him tbh

Are you me?

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Not that user but I'd probably get really high and do it then instantly regret doing gay shit like I regret every decision I make and go back to shitposting because I can't focus on anything or be in the moment

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There is no "me" so probably.

Anti-psychotics killed my sex drive a long time ago, even if you were a woman I couldn't fuck you.

You too Gahoole. The trick is to use mostly truth and but make the key component a lie. Also you need to lay your ground work months in advanced. If you look at the Friday Night Alone thread you can see the foundation of Anime Pro being built. Also you ready for SSE tomorrow?


Meanwhile, all the real Aryans are trying to distance themselves from Holla Forums, because in an age where every nigger out there is an Aryan, calling yourself an Aryan would be the same as admitting that you're some mutt with only 6.25% European genes.

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Please post pictures of her dick. She is cute.
Best trap I have seen in years.

There's going to come a day when pretending to be retarded online isn't going to be enough to sate off those suicidal thoughts of yours.
You're going to find yourself with a gun in your mouth at that time.

Only does lewds, sorry

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That penis is to feminine for a he

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Kikes are pathologically xenophobic, hating eternally whoever is stupid enough to harbor them. Russia and Germany used to host their largest communities: receiving war and genocide in return.

But even after they seized power, the kikes didn't stop hating them. Any success fuels their hatred further, in their eyes it justifies it. So the russians had to be tortured on a daily basis, and even now the muh russia narrative feeds on that belief. Germany had to be split, brainwashed and now overrun with arabs: but even this is never enough, the jews will hate them eternally until they have murdered every last one of them.

Shut up or I'll suck your dick.

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I've let myself get molested by another man just the other day, I don't even feel anything, no remorse, nothing.

Stormnigger logic, everyone. Daily reminder cuckchan and now Holla Forums went to shit when retards started treating politics as serious business.

>>>Holla Forums
>>>Holla Forums

Take your political arguments and circlejerks back to Reddit.

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Wait was it unsolicited like some random dude on the bus or you got all dressed up and prepared?

No wonder you can't beat them, you're still at the namecalling stage even when it literally doesn't make sense.
What kind of brainwashing do you have, to believe Holla Forums and reddit can overlap, when the whole site if liberal cancer? Oh wait let's call them cucks since conservatives hate it, while it's the left's hottest trend.

Be self aware. If you ever accused anyone of toxic masculinity, just send your women ahead to fight in your place. You are a petulant bitch that any actual man will dismiss in a second.

Russia is still being tortured to this very day user, Poland was historically quite kiked too, and Poland was a battleground for both Germans and Russians, but they seem to be doing quite good in recent years.

Yeah, I didn't want to do it but I didn't want to stop either so I just went along with it.

This is really making me start doubting my sexuality. My brain says degeneracy but my dick says inseminate.

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Your dick only begs for the end.

This. Chans were great without all these soyboys turning them into their personal safespaces.

No thanks.

You have a lot to learn, stormweenie.

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Just go with it user, as this thread has proved, we chaosmode now, anything goes

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Don't get memed on, user.

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This. Remember Dostoevsky's law: If Holla Forums doesn't exist, everything is permissible.

Isn't that inherently contradictory? Would Holla Forums not be permitted?

we /liberty/ now, authoricucks BTFO

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I refuse to bend my principles no matter how much hot boy butt you damn Greeks post!

Yeah, irl all you're getting is some fat Holla Forums dweeb.

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BO never ever rulecuck


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No wonder the board took such a nosedive in quality in literally under a day.

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Is libertarianism getting fucked bareback by all the people who come when you've destroyed the border or is libertarianism selling your wife's son to them as a sex slave?

Attached: 4452d8ac7b375ed23440d8bcc95198eec7d33223fbcddcffb36941383a374f6f.jpg (1280x1393, 460.72K)

You can actually thank me for that. I specifically organized a raid on it. Serious discussions are anathema.

Excuse me as the sudocuck, or what I have taken to calling sudocuck+funposting, the preferred nomenclature is reddipol. poleddit poster is someone trying to force a different unfunny meme.

These semen demons will not lead me down the path of the wicked! Because even if I got me some boy booty it could never last. Just like God created AIDS as a plague on the wretched he has put a curse on traps that make them age like milk.

Attached: 726787cb4cce39115287257d888b5c69ba60a4301544856b386f388efe93839b.png (657x527, 167.89K)

How do I meet traps?

Libertarianism isn't about destroying the border.

Libertarianism isn't about selling your wife's son.

Libertarianism isn't about sex slaves.

Then what is it about? Muh freedom?

Kill yourself and go to hell.

Lots of traps there?

Borders are required to protect private property, people who cross borders are known as trespassers. Selling people as slaves is against libertarian principles because again, if you respect private property, then you wouldn't sell people because every person is their own private property.

All the traps tbh