This is what happen when women have power

This is what happen when women have power.

Things were fine before we let brown people in

(((city))) (((people)))

This is what happenS when women have power.

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It's not a good excuse.

democracy was a mistake

I can't wait until they ban guns, and the shootings continue, because it's not that hard to get guns illegally, and the underlying social issues haven't been solved.
Also, I look forward to the stabbings and weaponised vehicles when people absolutely can't get guns.

School shootings are good tbh, they remind the normies to not bully too hard and keep things civil.

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notice how most of the shootings are in "nice" communities. it's because those people are worse than people in inter city schools.

It's not just the brown people. It's also the upside down, topsy turvy culture driving people crazy, and the crazy people being put on drugs to make them crazier.

It's probably because people go to those schools.

Unironically wish I could hang out with this guy.

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t. Samuel Hyde

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The brown people are here because of our women, user. They want all the marxism, always did.

I wish I were an edgy 90's teen.

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They were pretty relatable tbh.

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It's always hilarious to watch people beg for further centralization of power. These fools will be the first to pay the price.

why do you hate roads so much?

Dylan is /myguy/

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That looks like tom cruise, not Teddy.

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ITT massive edge and cringe

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She-Ra was better than He-Man.

Maybe your women nigger mine were fine

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This historical revisionism brought to you by nu/pol/.

Every great thing that has every been done is the result of pussy having power over men.

wrong, it was actually done for that hermaphrodite ass/pussy/cock, not even memeing

epic meme tradcuck, when do you start posting pictures of white women standing in fields of wheat?

I wish Sam Hyde was a cute school shooter. He'd be more lovable that way.

Cruz is pretty cute tbh.

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He's right you know

Well, arabs say the same thing and given the choice between a cuckboi who lets the women wear the pants and a tradchad they always go for the later. Women despise men who can't handle them.

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I know it's mostly just cosplay but you think any of these girls are dating a non-caucasion guy? No.
But keep pretending like they don't exist.

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They also like guys who aren't 80 pounds overweight.

they do exist, but they are a minority, this is literally
you allow this double standard because MUH DICK

Stop being a nigger.

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Certainly. If the guy holding the sign would follow Christ he wouldn't practice gluttony.


Someone make this a banner. It's really the elephant in the room, everyone knows that bullied kids are doing this out of desperation.

But normalfags don't care when some of them die. It's part of being a normalfag, like dying of drugs and alcohol to fit in.

Only fools follow the laws of communists.

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t. Pissed Pablo of the Muertes Putas gang

Women voted overwhelmingly to keep segregation in the south. You are just bitter because you are a loser who can't get his dick sucked.

Fuck you. The only people that are bullied are insecure white nerds.

Is this why Mexicans let the Cartel control their towns and cities?

Dont be scared normalnigger

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School shootings are the occasion insecure white nerds have to get over their weakness and get back at those who bullied them
I for one welcome school shootings, the weak should fear the strong

kys whiteboi you aint eva gettin white booty

Why not?

Who needs white booty when i can have Chad and Tyrone's brain splattered on the wall?

Fuck off. You have no business here.

Who are you talking to? OP or BO?

The janman.

thanks for the news montage

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the last one made me giggle like a retard. God I hate the english.

You rich white liberal faggots will flood the gun shops liike you did during the Rodney king riots, and because of all the commie laws you supported, will get fucked over. for it.

No, I will just move somewhere that doesn't suck. You know, because I'm rich and I can afford that shit.

No you won't. When the san andreas shifts, you'll be stuck with the mess you helped create, and i''ll be laughing as Jerome and his boddies rape you and steal your shit.

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No, I'm pretty sure I will be fine because I'm rich. You poorfags will get murdered in record numbers though. And good riddance.

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Well yeah. That is the beauty of being rich. Consequences are for the lower classes.

Better have cash or gold then liberal. Because your iphone will be worthless by then and can't be used to bribe your way to freedom.

Got plenty of both. I'm rich. I will enjoy seeing your body hanging from a light pole because you weren't actually a action movie hero and got killed despite having yer gun on the news, poorfag.

Whatever you say soyboy

What the fuck somebody saved my webm.

Get used to it newfriend, eventually it will happen more often then not. What will be weird is the first time you see some anonymous shitpost video you made reposted on someone's youtube gaining them unsuspected attention and praise for something you made. It's pretty funny when their fans start asking for more and they either; play it off like it was a one shot thing they aren't interested in doing again, or they attempt to imitate your style and end up alienating their viewers who turn on them. Never ever give up your anonimity.

If they try to ban guns, we're gonna have a civil war on our hands.

Balkanization has been pointed to as the eventual outcome for the U.S. if the commies aren't purged.

They all will get purged sooner or later. If there is a 2nd American Civil War involving the left and right, the right will win because they have all the guns.

You’re not rich.
You’re poor.
You have the poor mindset.