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Don't speak your heathen scribblings tbh


If only they had written it in english instead of a language that doesn't matter, then I'd know what this was.

omlette du

The only good cops are dead cops.


It checks out.

Speak American you fucking nigger.


cop killer
let's kill the cops tonight

i like eroge too

I don’t speak Arabic, the national French language.


Here's an off-hand translation from my limited knowledge of French.
Since I keep up with the French news, they're spinning the story that the Gendarme was "shot" through the throat.
This person evidently is saying his throat was cut the verb égorger specifically means "to slit/rip out the throat"

feels bad man

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I wonder what Hitler would say if he could see France today. Butchered by arabs in France by having their throats cut and the media and elite lying about it. Yet the few natives who yet remain will do nothing.

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I'm more curious to see what his reaction to Germany would be, what with hordes of Turks peddling their wares and touching women.
IIRC, Hitler was never fond of the French to begin with. He liked England more than them.
It is suffering to be a Ouiabou in CY+3

"I fuckin warned you"

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The final redpill is realizing Hitler was a golem and did exactly what his masters desired.


He knew that the German people was lost if the war was lost. The people who he fought in two world wars though, what if he could see them now.

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Jewish rulers during the period of the Second Temple used the title nasi, its also the term used for "Prince of the Sanhedrin". A "holocaust" is also known as a sacrificial offering, one that the priest class always profited from

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this, God Emperor Trump is the only real messiah of the white race.

He brought french workers to Germany, and the SS Charlemagne was one of the last divisions defending the fuhrerbunker from the soviets. Even if he didn't love cheese he wasn't the kind of man who would think monkeys running around Paris are a good thing.

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What's the difference?

The first set of violent foreigners were civilized.

Germ man "civilization" is nothing more than a poor game of monkey see monkey do. If not for the fact that germ man territory is surrounded on all sides by humans, they'd be just as savage as they were a mere 1000 years ago before humans dragged them kicking and screaming into their poor mockery of society.

If that's true then how did they single handedly kick the shit out of most of the civilized world?

If that's true then how did they lose?

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Who did they copy rocketry from? And jet planes (which were still experimental, so never used unlike rockets)?

Are you retarded? Even the best fighter on the planet would lose to a thousand retards.

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lol, I can see I've angered the amerimutt who thinks he's a germ man

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Opinion discarded.

Hitler did nothing wrong.

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The french wish the niggers cannibalizing them were actually germans who kept the place tidy and ordered.

Leftists bring ruin because communism is a weapon against christians. You are jews and goys, in the end you nothing but the hezbollah kids of Israel, dying for a cause you don't understand while the master laughs.

Kikes and goons out