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What are they going to do?

Oh shit Yoland Qrumpf is finished!

cry and look like cringy retards when nothing happens

*rushes at you and grabs the end of your rifle with both hands. Starts pulling rifle away from u.*

oh yeah that march was meant to happen today wasn't it
i completely forgot about that
lots of kids gonna be skipping school today under the guise of a walkout

I think you meant synagogue.

It's Saturday.

I keep fucking forgetting about timezones, it's Monday in my country.

Be forced to use clear bags, metal detectors and anal cavity search at school entrance.

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They are interviewing the libshit boomer dad of one of the white female journalists that got murdered on air by their nigger ex coworker on fox news

have you ever ate kangaroo?


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That's lucky, I just got promoted to the security force at an all-girls middle school.




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The people are in the streets, chanting for an end to drumpf


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What's up with America?

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I can understand the fear these students have but why can't they realize that guns can protect you (legally bought that is), isn't it true that legal gun owners are more responsible than fuckers like Amerimutt Cruz?

you are more likely to get raped to death as a male student than even be involved in a school shooting

really makes me think

Which timezone are you in that you're more than a full day ahead?

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Goodbye, guns, you should have been banned over a hundred years ago. Maybe now the USA will be able to join Japan and Canada—two countries that have banned guns and are, not coincidentally, among the safest places in the world to live.

Feels good not to be amerimutt. Why don't loners in america just pay some whores? Every healthy adolescent in yrop does.

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How many niggers and beaners live in those countries?

Canada has not banned guns you brainlet

*storms up to you.*

Listen, Drumphy (note the lack of formal greeting. Not my president, OK?) You have about 30 seconds before that swarm gets through the main door. Now, I may not have voted for you, but I sure as heck respect my job a hellofalot more than you do. And because I respect my job… and the united states (unlike you you russian collaberator) I have no choice but to save you. So listen, and listen good if you want to avoid being devoured by that angry mob…

*proceeds to lecture about the running of the country while drumpfy sits at his desk scared, eyes watering, hands tightly grapsing each other*

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Some cute women there. Maybe if you guys took a stand against guns you could not die alone.

Good job missing his joke, my dudes.

What are you gay?

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Dylan and Eric worshipped Hitler and Trump is a nazi, so..

How do Americans ever bear to write Drumpf jokes? I skimmed throught the livestream and there was like a sucession of five black women yelling, two black guys, two latinas, there was BLM signs, THREE black music performances and a bunch of soyboys. The crowd was clapping for an eleven year old telling them she wasn't controlled by adults. The actual news stations themselves were running ads against gun violence not even pretending impartiality

This is actually worse than any joke I could've written what the fuck America

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Anons here often forget that we have actual cucks, actual soyboys and trannies running interference. People you would actually meet in the street and grimace in disgust at. Fighting us is their act of revenge against the family that disowned them.

He butthurt millions

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Behold your future. This little flare up of anti globalist nationalism is already dying out. They won.

So drup imbeechd nao?

From an euro perspective, it's obvious that americans hand out guns basically to anyone, from kids to clinical nutjobs. It beats not having guns at all, but it's still a shitty predicament.
Is it so hard, to write a decent law that would prevent school shootings and other cases of schizos shooting up the place?

Every single person in that image was paid to be there.

You eurotrash fucking bootlicker would never understood true freedom. Fuck out of my b8 thread okay sweetie?

Really shrinks the raisins.

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Yeah, mindlessly agreeing with everything your girl says is a real panty soaker.

I'm gunna hyuk you up

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Must be really fucking hard getting a part-time job to pay for your degree.

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Raise Awareness. Then pat themselves on the backs for a job well done

The only requirement for gun ownership should be lack of imageboard use. If you post on imageboards then you are not mentally fit to own a firearm tbh.

Dubs confirm. Just confiscate my shit, famalam.

Why listen to these Mexicans when one spic is killed every 5 minutes by the cartel because they can't own legal firearms? I guess the US is really headed for Brazil status smdh.

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Most liberal girls want the trad-chad cock train tbh, they aren't really capable of thinking for themselves and want a strong man to tell them what to do. All this political activism and shit is basically just one gigantic mating call and shouldn't be taken at face value.

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She said "cunt". What a rebel.

Not going to take anything you say on the subject seriously tbh

If the Austin bomber had survived a bit longer he could have demonstrated at this event that guns are not the only highly effecitve method for killing.

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Anti-gun is anti-kino tbh

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This is the endgame of liberal "men" tbh, seriously.

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I hope they all stub their toes!

lul is this shit real?

Jesus Christ, no need to be so harsh.

The Austin bomber was never interested in doing any actual large scale killing.

Wow look at all the white people

Oy gevalt!


Pretty much a Nazi rally. Thanks, Trump.


I hope those scummy fuckers have to wait in a long line for the bathroom after having a big spicy mexican meal to show support for illegals

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When has a march actually accomplished anything in recent history?

I hope it burns badly on the way out!

Do these demonstrations ever do anything? Usually Zionists sponsor them in nations they want to "liberate" to justify bombing the country back to the stone age. But does it actually have an impact in the heart of Zion?

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Is this webm from today?

Nah, that's from an earlier antifa rally sponsored by Soros. It's pretty much the same though, paid people going out with placards and chants against their own self interest.

No. Everyone just hopes to be in a textbook some day so they could point to their faggy pink haired selves and go "look how I changed the world"

I didn't even know this was happening until I saw the thread on Holla Forums. I'm pro gun. Should I be worried? Is it really hundreds of thousands?

Why didn't Obama ban guns?

I'm going to ask this question here because I can't get a proper answer from anyone on any board I asked it:

If Trump is a dictator, why aren't these people arming themselves? Why must everyone give up their guns?

Too busy starting race riots and trying to undermine whitey in every way possible.

Because Obama is actually a secret white man who was elected by the KKK to allow them to continue murdering and raping black people. This is very common knowledge, user. Try to keep up.

more like gen soy kek

Even TayTay is for "gun reform" now.

Obama wanted the military guys he hung out with to respect him so he never wanted to touch guns.
t. used to live in D.C and heard some of his obscure speeches ppl haven't heard

Don't get me wrong Barrack was corrupt as fuck but thats legit the reason I think.

I'm not sure if anyone's keeping count but it was that many that was expected to show up.

TayTay was always a golem.

Because if """"assault weapons"""" are banned nobody can get them and Trump won't be able to kill six bazillion innocent illegal gang members.

No. Wait a week and everyone will forget this ever happened.

It's reaching half a billion people. Half a billion people marching and you're STILL a racist piece of shit! WTF is wrong with y'all?

They were supposed to create the first American Reich! They were the chosen ones!

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more like the (((chosen ones)))

Yes its real

There's already half a billion illegals in the US?

20 quadrillion people are here in downtown NYC. It's incredible

WTF? No. I saw her in some what can be called racist photos. She was quoted as saying something or other. It wasn't very PC.

kek I wasn't implying she was that or anything. It's just surprising since she's never (at least to my knowledge) been political.

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for real, all white people need killed, guns banned and communism installed.

Wow check out this FREEDOM buster!

"You're an illegal human being."


t. freedomlover


Dude, girl poop is gross

It's just ZOGbots mobilized by the Jews. Nothing will happen

t-thanks blumptf

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tbh i fucked ur mum m8

I don't know if she is either but people in entertainment always have the stupidest fucking opinions. They get it in their heads that they're important and yet their jobs require no real critical thinking so of course that skill atrophies, they're sheltered from regular life, etc.

Just buy it from the niggers, m8

Surely once they take away all the legal guns there's not gonna be any left on the black market right?

Reported to the FBI :^)

Anyone here want to blow up a federal building? We'll show that trumptard who's boss :^)

Just reply to me and we'll come pick you up. Must be +18

Let's fight guns with bombs, kids.

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Are they protesting to ban guns, or to stop Donald banning guns?
Or did he eat some ice cream again?

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You meant:

Reports are that he had three scoops. Just like Hitler.


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Your just jealous of all the underage pussy he gets. Back to obscurity!

Are you implying I'm jewish?

So what will it be Holla Forums? Will you join Jones in his struggle to defeat the (((goblins))) or will you let Dumftler take your guns?

*blocks you're path*

What do you mean you changed your mind? Theres no turning back. The uber has already been paid for.

As the courts have heard, the accused frequented image boards. Let's randomly pull up one of these image boards and see what kinds of things are discussed there, shall we?

I wouldn't mind blowing up your federal building user.

To entertain hundreds

Talk about being a slave to the media. Letting yourself be manipulated by (((them))) to the point of actively taking away weapons from your own people.

That's normies


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Now, who will flip my burgers when they're all marching on Washington? Damn you, Drumpf! You did it! You ruined the economy! Damnit all to hell!

So, all that shootings was stationed be Shilalry supporters, huh?

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tbh i actually don't care if they ban bumpstocks ;^)

tbh I don't care if they ban guns. current year americans are far too cucked to ever revolt anyway

Is this shit real. What the fuck.

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bernie supporters/commies

Here's a ticket to new york and a box cutter. Follow Ahmed's instructions you'll be fine.

Honestly i would be glad if they banned all guns in murica because im an European and im extremly jelly of american gun laws
If i cant have funs americans shouldnt have them too

I want you to detonate your big package inside this secret rear entrance so hard it will get on the national news~

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Only Grumpf voters have baby-killers ("guns") sweetie. As students we're saying no to guns. We're gonna #MarchForOurLives. We are the generation that said #TimesUp. The generation that dared to #TakeAKnee. This is for all the dreamers and little girls of colour that were told they couldn't. That they were nothing. This is our generation Scrumpftard, and you're on the wrong the side of history. Move or be moved dinosaur.

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Yes see>>1229114

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He knew Trump would do it for him.

Noone of importance cares.

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Maybe with a paper bag

report the cp and walk away


How will the momentum stop?!?!

IT WONT! Game over, Trumpfags! This is headline news north of the border!

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lel she's like 22 you blind retard.

shes in high school

And further more, we don't give a fuck what Jewdeau's cucklings think.

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She was held back lmao.

Weren't there marches just as big as this to get rid of Blodip Dunt?


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She's pretty cute for a brown goblinoid establishment shill tbh.

And just like the Women's marches, didn't do a damn thing beyond a giant circlejerk for status points and pats on the back.

Saigas got banned during his presidency. They were all imported in a sporterized configuration, too, which meant 10 round proprietary magazines and no pistol grip. They were very reasonably priced, too. $350 for a brand new, high quality rifle available in 7.62x39, 5.45x39, 5.56x45, .308, and .30-06, and a shotgun in 12 ga. Obama passed an executive order banning importation of Russian made firearms. These were really nice rifles, that allowed most anybody the ability to afford a firearm, and they were all complaint with the previously expired assault weapons weapon. Literally hunting rifles on the cheap, and they were banned because of Russian intervention in Ukraine. I guess the US has a monopoly on invading other countries.

10/10 body. With a proper hairstyle she could be Miss America.

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citynews dot ca among others.

Just as big! Several millions!

is that like the Canadian WaPo? kek


And I'm sure he's saying "That based black man wouldn't have hurt my daughter if it weren't for GUNZ"

Just buy Vepr

You can get a decent American made hunting rifle for around $350/$400/$450.

Personally I like the Mossberg Patriot Vortex.

Kek, right here. Between paid actors and suspicious camera angles, it's hammed up as much as possible.

I have an old Savage 250 that still serves me well.

Women's marches didn't have a coherent goal and they can't get more rights for women because they already have them all, but this match is against gun ownership, there is a coherent goal, so it does have somewhat of an effect


They're all kikey national post is extra kikey Toronto star has shree padakar (sp?) a.k.a shrill padakar with her opinion pieces. Google that name if you want to feel rage.

Wow. And where was the mainstream coverage of this shitfest?

I dont see how communist would be anti gun
How an idea of stateless, classless, money-less society against guns?

Fucking shit. Thanks for the source.

Didn't veprs get banned recently, too?

I dont know, im not an american

You can buy veprs here. Just went to and looked.

t. American

Fuck off goblin. This is a white man's board.

Trying to support antifa as much as possible until they kicked too many trashcans to retain public support and that's when they dropped them.

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have a good rally children
in a few days you will get your bribe money

That's worked so well before, hasn't it?

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It's funny because even Benjamin called out Soros.

This is great for the democrats, who utilize the mentally ill for political gains. The rally is basically one giant virtue signaling festival and any useful narcissist worth their salt will be there. The second amendment will never be gone, not the efforts of those without power utilizing Machiavellian and Marx to get what they crave. Carry on.

Abolishing the 2nd is not the goal, civil war or separatism is. Most blue states are already in violation of the constitution in many issues.

Not necessarily, Parkland shooter was a Trump supporter.

Breaking apart the United States would be excellent for the rest of the world.


Try harder next time, ok sweetums?


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He didn’t say anything about Jews in that post, Mr. Shillstein.

What are they going to kill them with?

Someone needs to call in a fucking bomb threat.


It's just the one right, actually. And most of the dipshits don't want that right taken away anyway. They want laws that already exist.

He isn’t. He’s even attacked by neocohen Boomers like on Breitbart and Infowars and Fox. Israelis can’t stand him either. He’s that big of a piece of shit regardless of being a Jew.

Aren't the majority of US school shooters ex-students or kids that take the day off then come in during class time?
What is a clear bag at the start of the day going to achieve?

So you can watch them as they take the gun out of the bag of course!

Seriously though, it'll stop some kind of really short shotgun or rifle. I'm pretty sure unless you're a complete dummy you can find a way to conceal a handgun and some ammo on campus even with a clear backpack.

I'd hate to be a student and have other ppl see what was in my backpack. I used to buy food coloring from the grocery store wich is like 80% percent alcohol then buy soda at school to pour it into. Yellow food coloring for mellow yellow. Orange food coloring for Orange sodam Each small bottle was equivalent to about a shot. I would take the soda into the bathroom stall to mix it in secret. Just be careful if you drink too much ppl will smell it so make sure to use a soft cologne or scent that doesnt bother ppl to mask it. Or conversely be a cigarette smoker like I was. I had a few ppl say (i swear something smells like alcohol a few times) It made me pretty nervous but they would always wave it off after a minute. I never got caught. So if there happens to be any highschool friends here. You're welcome.

Things you could hide a gun while carrying a clear backpack:
Gym clothes
Clothes on your body
Rolled-up poster for a presentation

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Florida is shaped like a gun, we need to annex them.