US military monitors 8ch

My final post on Holla Forums.

>>>Holla Forums11409018

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U said that last month fgt

You know that Holla Forums is a public website and anyone can "monitor" posts?

aren‘t you a mod?

I hope they like Maisie.

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Do you know who else monitors Holla Forums?

you lured me in with boobs to tell me something everybody knows

they run the site too

Woah, i literally never imagined that before

oh no
the military will know i masturbate to robots and listen to death grips
i can't believe it

Hahaha that's so funny. Let's shitpost more often to mock them for being cucky!

post your fav robo porn tbh

Yo, CIA, I'll monitor Holla Forums for you for free, as long as you give something to put on my CV.

State your name, so I can check if you are on the flight plan or not!

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Where can i apply to shitpost on internet forums all day?
Can i specifically apply to be the person who says "someone needs to do something drastic about this violence is the answer" in every thread?

Something needs to be done about this poster. Something violent.

Shall we shout at him with red letters?

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Good. Leave for cuckchan and never come back.


please don't go javposter, you're the only identifiable guy on here I don't intensely hate

Are we the chosen ones?

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don't make me ree

You wish, goy

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I totally understand my dude.

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OP's a liar, he posted this on Holla Forums, Holla Forums, /r9k/ and probably a few other boards as well.

How do you survive with so much cancer?

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You're just now realizing this? Half the posts on this site are about Big Guys crashing planes. Of course that's going to attract the attention of the military.

Hi! Just noticed your thread.

U.S military here.


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How does it feel to die for Israel?

who are your favorite posters on the site?

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I don't browse Holla Forums, he crosslinked to it on his /r9k/ post.


the fire rises…

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Holla Forums is also owned by a Freemason kike

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What fun place isn't owned by frat bros?

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Freemasons are so cool.

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forgot vid

You're a big budget spending.

Lmao, the U.S. Military is just another group that works for Israel, of course they monitor websites that name the Jew. This isn't surprising.

for democrats


Do you like to hide cute Jewesses in attic's?

The only wrestler on my flight plan is Ryback.

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I thought Jim was a basic Intelligence lackey that quit very early on after he started selling nude photos of Philippine women.

Not even that. He was a mechanic.

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2b best robowaifu

How odd that this thread should be anchored.

mods doing their job for once